Egypt’s Highest Islamic Authority Throws Morsi Under the Bus

This is significant because it means the chief Islamic authority in Egypt is no longer all that confident of a Thousand Year Caliphate under the Muslim Brotherhood or that Morsi will even stay in power. If Al Azhar really thought Morsi was a sure bet, they wouldn’t be hedging their bets now for fear that Morsi will be overthrown.

Morsi’s Islamist constitution turns Al Azhar into a virtual supreme court, but Al Azhar is now no longer certain that it will ever reap those spoils.

Egypt’s top Islamic body on Thursday called on President Mohammed Mursi to suspend a decree in which he claimed sweeping powers and demanded an unconditional dialogue between the president and his opponents.

The Al-Azhar institution said Mursi should “suspend the latest decree and stop using it,” in a statement a day after deadly protests between Mursi supporters and opponents, AFP reported.

That comes as Morsi has been forced to call in the Egyptian army to protect the presidential palace. Being forced to use the army is a sign of weakness and reverses some of the Muslim Brotherhood’s victories over the military. It reminds Morsi that his activists are not enough to stay in power. He needs the military and that gives the military power over him and over Egypt.

  • David G

    It just makes me laugh. The Muslims want to consolidate under a Caliphate but everyone with even a shred of power thinks it should be themselves. They would be truly formidable if they could stay organized for more than 5 minutes. Thank God they can't or Israel and all of Jews worldwide would be toast.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "They would be truly formidable if they could stay organized for more than 5 minutes."

      Although the harm caused by Islamic imperialism and Islamic supremacism is still real and urgent, their chances of actual success are clearly about as good as they are that they will successfully launch a rocket to carry them to the land of their god of cheese, where the American flag is already planted (on what we call "the moon"). Even if every plan they laid was executed successfully against the West, they still need to deal with Iran and Shia contingents. To say that a global caliphate will never happen is an understatement. They might get far enough to declare one who is a regional tyrant dominating most of the important oil fields in the region. We need to proceed with caution and open eyes, but that doesn't mean their dreams are practical in any sense.

      They are lunatics, literally and figuratively. They are dangerous and incompetent in most respects, but their political savvy should not be underestimated as long as the liberals suck up to them.

  • Mary Sue

    Thank goodness for inter-extremist infighting!

  • xkn

    This is just a tactics to calm the kafir. Al-Azhar is Morsi is Brotherhood.

  • JacksonPearson

    Presently, Obama's white house Muslim Brotherhood staffers are nervous. IMO, Morsi overreached in his grab for dictatorial powers. Credit the Egyptian people with knowing better. True democracy and freedom are Islam's greatest enemy, because the two will never be compatible..

  • Shari

    Morsi taking refuge inside a Pyrimid would be great. Get a feel for the Pharaohs that have gone before him. Deep inside every heart is the longing to be free. Except those that were raised under the Indoctrination of strict Shariah or Marxism. Then, the leaders only wish to be free to subjugate the proletariate. Like all good Totalitarian Dictators, Morsi is no different.