Al Gore’s Current TV is Going Out of Business

Al Gore’s Current TV, former home of Keith Olbermann, current home of such stellar cable news personalities as Gavin Newsom, Elliot Spitzer, Jennifer Granholm and every failed left-wing politician who couldn’t get a job as a lobbyist, is “fielding offers from interested buyers.” In other news, Enron is looking to bring in fresh blood and Madoff is looking to diversify his portfolio.

Current TV was supposed to be an even more left wing MSNBC for those who thought Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton were right wingers. Apparently there weren’t many people who thought that and with Keith Olbermann gone, there isn’t much of a market for a video version of the Huffington Post, especially since that already exists.

Current TV functioned as a kind of filter trap for obnoxious unwatchable lefties. It took in people who don’t meet MSNBC’s standards and we’re talking about a cable news network that took in Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton,

Current TV took in Jennifer Granholm, who is either crazy or doing a good job of pretending to be. It took in Cenk Uygur, who formerly spammed YouTube for Huffington Post as a male version of a replygirl and then flunked out of MSNBC. It took in Keith Olbermann and had to dump him. It took in Elliot Spitzer who washed out at CNN. It took in Joy Behar whose voice gives small children seizures. And now Current TV is washed up.

  • Edward Cline

    Did Gore learn nothing from the fate of Air America? Didn't he realize that there's no competition with the MSM, aka The Ministry of Truth? One propaganda outlet is enough. There just isn't enough room or air time on Main Street for more than one self-deluded institution devoted to lies and half-lies and creative fabrication of "news."

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Current TV does seem to be going the way of Air America. There just isn't enough audience to split and the left has a shortage of effective on-air talent. The Current TV and MSNBC lineups look pretty weak compared to the FOX lineup.

      • Cravin Moorehead

        Who won the last election? Oh. Sorry…….

  • Phil

    It might be time to plan the death Current TV on November the 6th along as saying the long good-by to the ONE. No it is not time to party yet.

  • carolyn


  • carolyn

    testing to see if my conservative view would be canceled,,,,,ONE suggestion for the $5 million currently being offered to BO for more identification of his "nobody knows, nobody cares" identity,,,Mr. Trump, would you please buy ANY news station to get the real current news out to people who want to know, and frankly NEED to know all the corruption the current administration is forcing down our American throats?????Maybe the NEW administration, being Romney/Ryan would offer a you position afer 2013. We need ALL the news, FOX and Glen Beck's BLAZE tv (channel 212 on DISH) need more buddies on the air waves.

    • Cravin Moorehead

      I'm sure that many things have been forced down your throat, Carolyn. You have the gift of being a, "swallower."

      You have been swallowing Faux News for years. Why, you are known as the, "Big Gulper", over at Faux.



    Al Gore can always get a timeslot on presstv, of the islamomfascist regime of iran.

  • ntt

    This is great, it's just like blowing up a crack house and letting the denizens scatter to new places. :(

  • ice

    That's one way to get out of paying Keith if he wins his suit….not being n business.

  • Cravin Moorehead