Al Jazeera Attacks Paul Ryan over Women’s Rights

Al Jazeera, the Muslim propaganda channel operated by Qatar, for some reason decided to attack Paul Ryan over abortion, running an op-ed which accused him of extremism and victimizing raped women.

For some context, let’s look at how friendly Muslim Qatar is to women. Under Qatari law, abortion is punishable by five years in jail. Meanwhile there’s Prince Hamid bin Abdal Sani who is still wanted in Czechoslovakia for statutory rape.

The State Department’s Human Rights report stated that, “the application of Sharia denied women equal status in certain civil proceedings such as marriage, divorce, and witness testimony. In such instances, a women’s testimony was equal to half of a man’s.”

Women are generally happy in Qatar. “A 2007 Qatar University study found that 63 percent of 2,778 surveyed citizen and noncitizen female students reported they had been victims of physical abuse, with 52 reporting cases of “strong violence,” such as rape, and 120 reporting sexual harassment. Approximately 50 women reported they had considered suicide because they were afraid of the repercussions if they notified authorities.”

Some kinds of rape are acceptable in Qatar. “The law criminalizes domestic violence and rape but does not address spousal rape. ” Beating your wife is also fine. “There is no law criminalizing domestic violence.”

And this is how Al Jazeera treats its female staff. “In May five Arab women presenters resigned from al-Jazeera after complaining that they were harassed by senior managers for not dressing modestly enough. An internal inquiry cleared the al-Jazeera official and asserted that the channel has the right to dictate how its presenters appear and that it held Arab and Qatari women broadcasters to much higher dress-standards.”

If Al Jazeera is going to run attacks on Paul Ryan, they may want to skip the feminist angle.

  • John Kelly

    Al Jazeera Attacking Paul Ryan over Women’s Rights !!!!

    You must be joking.

    These creeps support the world wide proliiferation of malignant Islam which is the most evil, death-glorifying, murderous, rape espousing organization in 6000 years of recorded history.

    These rabid hypocrites attacking Paul Ryan over Women’s Rights is akin to Charles Manson attacking Mother Theresa over her use of violence or Obama attacking Mother Theresa for being a liar.

  • southwood

    "Mother" Theresa was not a mother. And she was a friend of dictators such as Duvalier in Haiti. She wasn't the saint she is supposed to have been. But I agree Muslims cannot attack anyone over women's rights

  • Silver ScumbAG

    AL Jazeera, Press TV and RT. I really cannot see big differences between them. I watch them everyday. All three are a forum for every left wing wackjob loon; often academics and "intellectuals" from California or Great Britain ( two bankrupt locations I am proud I am not from) or "journalists" such as Naomi Wolff or PEPE ESCOBAR and , others who run their own web sites that have zero or little traffic despite being financed by Saudi or other lying muslim group directly or indirectly such as and mouth off uncontested stuff that CIA and Mossad are financing and assisting the "rebels" in Syria, etc..

    Given that McCain refuses to even question the integrity of the MB plant to assist Hitlery Clinton, I am not surprised that he has praised Al Jazeera.

    RT is the most entertaining of all three. Al Jaz and Press TV are usually boring.

    PS I am from another bankrupt location: Montreal, Canada. Bankrupt for the same reasons all other Western govts and banks are bankrupt.

  • Omar

    Hi Everybody,

    I will not glorify the achievement of Aljazeera or compare it to the manipulated and misleading entertainment focus media without content of the US. The summary of US media is mainly who slept with whom and how we can get some pictures of this women naked….
    Anyway, I have sensed a lot of hate in your comments mainly about Muslim and a religion that you are fare to understand. As a Muslim, I dont want you to follow me in my belief but to leave us alone in peace. Your hate will only bring more hate and please save your soul by being a good Christian and preach love as Jesus did.

    • Iron Yank

      Is it hate to point out the Hypocracy of Al Jazeera Omar or is it just truth? If you believe in Sharia law how can you possibly be interested in womens equal rights? Please save your soul by being a good muslim & telling us the truth.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Hi Omar, if US media is so bad, then why is Al Jazeera working so hard to imitate it?

    • Chuck Upster

      Go live in a Muslim state. we will notify you if we need you. AND take all your kind with you. Leave US in peace. Go away.

    • glpage

      I will gladly leave Islam alone in peace when your co-religionists will leave us alone in peace. Demanding some expectation of me that your religion will not grant others is hypocritical.

  • USAPatriot

    So basically the point of this article is that Sharia Law supporters should like Paul Ryan because they have common views regarding the rights of women. OK.

  • Domus Canus.

    I had thought the women of the Middle East would by now have concocted some form of resistance against their tormentors, but no, it would seem they either cannot formulate a plan to do so or they have chosen to continue to accept their lot in life. Fair enough, but what is stopping them from breaking away from such rubbish when they enter the West, after all, is that not the reason they left the failed, primitive countries they hail from and start a new and better life and live as we do in Western society, and if not, then what are they doing here? The flood of muslims to the Western world is frightening, and even more so when they continue to make us aware of their numbers as they float down the street dressed in a tent. It is beyond time our governments put a stop to this idiocy. The rumblings against them here in Europe is becoming louder and I think it is now a matter of time before the indigenous European citizens reach a breaking point with this monstrous problem.