All-American Failure

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When former MSNBC anchor David Shuster complains that a public figure who wraps himself in religion perverts and cheapens that religion, does that only apply to Christian football players or does it apply to Muslim football players as well?

Are we a nation of Islamophobes or Islamophiles? The relative treatment of Coach Zaban and his Muslim players who are celebrated for combining football and religion, and Tim Tebow who is mocked for doing the same thing, indicates that we reward Muslims for the same behavior for which we punish Christians.

But “Crunch Time,” the last and final episode of “All-American Muslim,” is about more than another round of Muslim football. It also tries to wrap up some of the tedious family drama of the Amen clan. In a startling moment of pure patriarchy, when Suehaila Amen proposes moving to Washington DC, her father makes it clear that unmarried women cannot move out of the home of their parents. It’s one of the few authentic moments in a series that has specialized in being inauthentic.

Much less authentic is an exchange between another of the Amens and an Israeli tattoo artist who regrets that they had to leave their countries to be friends. That statement isn’t particularly true. There are Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs who are friends. And many Muslims in America maintain the same resentments and hatreds as they do back in Egypt, Pakistan or Lebanon. The issue is not one of geography, but of attitude. The links between the clerics who have been featured on the show and the hatemongers they have supported are ample testimony of that.

Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, has denied the Holocaust while calling for a new one. “If Jews all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.” All-American Muslim has featured Imam Husham Al-Husayni who is a fan of Hezbollah and has signed the Jerusalem Document endorsing a Hezbollah Jihad against the Jewish state. And Suehaila Amen serves as president of the Lebanese American Heritage Club whose founder has spoken openly in defense of Hezbollah.

For all the football, tattoos and nightclubs, All-American Muslim shows a glimpse of a world that still operates on the old assumptions of hijabs, female inferiority and a wink and a nod to Jihad. Where Islam is king and America is useful only as a provider of material comforts and economic opportunities. And that is at the heart of the problem. There is more to being American than owning small businesses, holding down jobs and playing football.

All-American Muslim failed to explore the contradictions between Islamic values and American values. It also failed to convince Americans to watch a tepid drama which couldn’t decide if it wanted to convince them of the beauty of Islam or to sell them a third rate version of the Jersey Shore. The show’s supporters have managed to gain a good deal of publicity with their smear campaign of Lowe’s, but the ratings show that they still have not convinced anyone to actually watch the series.

The show’s stars insist that there is no word from TLC on whether the series will get a second season. The numbers certainly lean against it. All-American Muslim is a hole in TLC’s schedule and no matter how many companies are willing to buy ad time to show their Islamophilia, the ad rates for a poorly rated series are not likely to be worth the time. Which leaves the series what it was all along: an unserious affirmative action program.

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  • Doris Wise Montrose

    I wonder if riots are going to break out all over the Arab world and the execs at TLC are will have to change their names and go into hiding if they don't pick up another season. Stay tuned.

    • Ken

      You know there will be backlash if they don't.

    • old white guy

      all american muslim is about as popular as canada's little mosque on the prairie. the only reason the canadian show did more than one season is the cbc which gets over a billion dollars from taxpayers refuses to stop running the taqiyya cr-p.

    • winoceros

      Maybe they could drop it but not actually announce it. I mean, who would notice? The advertisers would simply stop getting invoices from TLC.

  • davarino

    All American Muslim is like liberal radio talk shows, they fizzle out because people can tell there is no authenticity to it.

    • topperj

      And, they're boring as all get out. You first have to entertain, then educate.Rush has been successful because he understands his audience. Liberals don't. That's why AirAmerica and similar ventures generally fail.

  • kafir

    Will the terrorist supporters at the terrorist supporting, hamas linked cair and its terrorist supporters will attempt to force the network to continue to carry the show…..or else. Will they attempt to force infidels to watch this horrid show, and to patronize the sponsers, lest we be "islamophobes"? Myself, I'm islamoaware. I know who and what they are. Here's what we do. We don't hire muslims. We don't shop at their stores. We don't shop at stores that employ them, and we inform management why. We don't watch their TV shows, and we avoid their sponsers (to be fair we let them know why).
    It's no different than muslims boycotting companies that haven't adopted dhimmi status. It's no different than muslims boycotting Israeli goods. OK – It is a little different. We just shop with our feet. The muslims just chop at the neck.

    • old white guy

      everyone should be an islamphobe. if you aren't afraid of the evil that is islam you just aren't using your brain.

    • smart

      I am an american and feel ashamed of people like you. Get an education!

  • betwyan

    As a resident of Dearbornitsan, Michigan my view is this: The real issue is not a tv show but the suitability of allowing large numbers of Muslims immigrate to our country. The more muslims, the more mosques are built, the more Islamic "Learning Centers" are built. The more burkas we see every day on the street, the more Sharia Law infiltrates our civic society.

    • Jaladhi

      Muslim immigration has to be stopped immediately!! There is nothing that Muslims bring here is of any redeeming value.They just bring terrorism, nothing else!!

  • randy

    Just like the large amounts of christian immigrates that were allowed to come to north america and put up thier victory churches as the natibe people were being murdered and pushed off thier land

    • joy52

      As the author said, there is more to being American. I hope one day you understand. Christians don't put up "victory churches", but thanks for the reminder. Go visit the national museum for native Americans, the many parks and museums honoring them, or just visit their tax exempt soveriegn territory, many of them casinos and oil producers.

      Yes, Christians have made mistakes, but their religion did not direct them to–in fact, the Judeo-Christian ethic led them to correct them.But, thanks for the reminder.

      Democracy, first practiced in the US by the matrilinial native tribes, is grounded in the Judeo-Christian ethic. It just is. And, as you know, "Habibi, there are no rights in islam."

      • CJK

        "Go visit the national museum for native Americans, the many parks and museums honoring them, or just visit their tax exempt soveriegn territory, many of them casinos and oil producers."

        Not to mention the fact that more than half of the streets and towns here have Indian names, especially in the West. And all the sports teams whose mascots are "indians", "braves", or "chiefs." Native Americans have long been honored here. Try to find the same respect in any Muslim countries for their minorities.

    • reese

      There is some evidence that American Indians had ancient Israelite origins because tefillin (phylacteries) were "discovered" in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in the early 19th century. Their discoverer wrote that this "forms another link in the evidence by which our Indians are identified with the ancient Jews, who were scattered upon the face of the globe, and to this day remain a living monument, to verify and establish the eternal truths of Scripture." True Christians who came to America were loving and wanted to live in peace with the Indians and wanted to help them by showing them the Love of Christ. Then there were those who were not really Christians…did not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ who saved them from their sins. There also were Indians who practiced butchery and murder and cannibalism of other Indians and white people for no reason. There were good Indians and bad Indians. There were good white people (real Christians) and bad white people.

      • Boetica

        Genetic testing has shown that Native American peoples have no genetic connection to Jews. Joseph Smith was a false prophet.

    • Mo_

      Hilarious! Learn how to write and spell before you try and give others a history lesson.

      Show me where Christianity has open-ended commands for believers to do violence against anyone. Then show me where Christians are doing so, on a regular basis, all around the world, in obedience to those commands.

    • Robert

      Randy, As a Native American I resent people like you who use parts of our tragic history to justify Islamic terrorism. Shame on you. Most Native Americans are Christian and I would suffer persecution from Muslims just like any other Christian. We are proud Americans! You are the bigot here.

      • "gunner"

        @ robert,
        well said, i've heard this "native americans are the lost tribes of israel" before but i've seen evidence of early migration of humans into ancient north america tens of thousands of years before there were "tribes of israel" in judea. where is there dna evidence of any semitic genitic link between native americans and the historic hebrew population of the middle east from which today's jews can claim descent. jews can legitimately claim a place in u.s. history from our beginnings as a nation, (as muslims cannot) but american "indians" were here first by many centuries.

      • fritzidler

        Robert, I don't think I've ever read a comment quite like this from an American Indian before. I agree with those who say, no one of conscience can read American history, without feeling heartbroken over the fate of America's first. I agreed with this view long before I took Indian-lit in college (I enjoyed the works presented, more than I did in most courses, by the way). And I liked you pointing out, that you would be persecuted under Islam, like all infidels.

    • winoceros

      Are you saying that Muslims are murdering and pushing people off the land here in America?

    • Sue

      Just like the natives of Constantinople and Egypt were pushed off and murdered and are still being murdered and pushed off their lands and have victory mosques built on top of their church.

    • claspur

      What's the matter with that brain of yours, Randy?
      You unable to pay-attention long enough to learn anything with it?

  • Judah the Hammer

    I tuned into this mess last night for the first, and last time. Mr. Greenfield, the only question is, while you were doing your research and forcing yourself to sit through this drivel, how many times were you forced to vommit?

  • MRobs

    There is no such thing as an all American muslim. Muslims are not american they are just here to infiltrate our society and establish their caliphite. Look what they have done to Europe – look what they have done to Dearbornistan, MI. We need to stop letting these 7th century savages into our country.

  • Dirk Lemmons

    Why isn’t there a show called the “All American Christian”? Think of all the striking contrast such a show would reveal if it was aired in every major Muslim Country. What would the average Muslim think of a family where women are equal to their male counter parts. How could they deal with a message of love and forgiveness instead of Jihad and Sharia Law. If Muslims countries had such a show and their people could watch it free of fear of retribution it would be a huge hit and change the very fiber of the Muslim Nations. Who wouldn’t give up Jihad and Sharia Law for a Religion of forgiveness and Love. Who wouldn’t find is strangely interesting to hear the Leader of the Religion say “Turn the other cheek” compared to Muhammad’s call for Jihad. The contrast of how these two religions prioritize is striking. One loves you into the kingdom and the other Murders you into the kingdom.

    Dirk Lemmons

    • jonmc

      Now that's a really fascinating thought Dirk.
      But of course such a show would never get aired.
      You wrote: "One loves you into the kingdom and the other Murders you into the kingdom."
      That's not quite right imo. It should read:
      "One loves you into the kingdom and the other Murders it's way into the kingdom."

    • randy

      Are u talking about the christians that murdered the native americans as north america was being stolen?

      • James

        No, its about the Christians that were murdered TODAY and every day by Muslim terrorists. You know, the ones who cries you ignore with your faux interest in native Americans. You aren't even one of them anyway. You are just trying to justify murder not protest it. But be of good cheer, the Muslims will reward you and kill you last.

      • Mo_

        Learn how to spell and write.

        Learn some history and facts about both Christianity and Islam as well.

        • James

          I know my history and facts. You should read the news:

          2012.01.07 (Maiduguri, Nigeria) – Two Christian university students are murdered by Religion of Peace gunmen.
          2012.01.06 (Adamawa, Nigeria) – Islamists chanting 'Allah Akbar' barge into a church and massacre a dozen worshippers.

      • winoceros

        See, there was all this land that didn't belong to anyone.

        Ask Native Americans. They didn't claim to own the land, like, ever.

    • old white guy

      guys tim tebow is out there putting his Christanity on display for all to see and look at the cr-p he is getting. fools in their heart have said there is no God and there is no way to God exept though Christ.

    • gsw

      At least we have the Big Bang Theory:
      Sheldon's Mother: Evolution is only a theory, an opinion
      Sheldon: Evolution is a fact,
      Sheldon's Mother: That's your opinion

      How about All American Atheist? Featuring the founding fathers!

    • dvc

      Well, there's "All American Dad"?

    • SteelTownGuido

      Very well said

  • Aziz

    “All American Muslim” – Obama, my Hero.

  • James

    Notice before the football game the players prayed, in Arabic. Earlier one had said that the non-Muslim players had learned their prayers. Where is the ACLU? What if in a public school Muslim players had been asked to say a "Hail Mary?" Did they ever invite one of the Christian players to lead a prayer? You would never have heard the end of it if Muslims were asked to pray a Christian prayer. Good riddance to this exercise in Muslim propaganda.

    • Nynaeve

      The non muslims had to pray muslim prayers? WHAT THE HECK! I have never seen the show thankfully. That sounds outrageous to me, what kind of dhimmified kids are they to learn the muslim prayers anyway?

  • joy52

    The author got it right, "There is more to being American…"

  • Elliott Alhadeff

    Wait! You mean to say there was an American Main Stream Media TV show about Muslims that portrayed them as peaceful, tolerant, lovers of American/western culture and who don't kill their kids if they dated Jews? I'm shocked! Shocked!!!

    • winoceros

      What would happen, do you think, to Suehaila Amen if she chose to move to Washington, DC without her father's approval?

      What Jew did a Muslim "date" in the series? Are there clips to watch somewhere?

  • No Dhimmi tool

    It's beyond "Islamophilia" – it's "Islamomania." The love and mania for this sick cult of woman-haters never fail to sicken me.

  • Tanstaafl

    Muslim prayers before a football game? I’m just surprised a true

    Muslim would touch a pigskin. Haram! Haram!

    • winoceros

      It seems funny, but you bet your sweet bippy that very issue was thoroughly vetted, and a fatwa issued by the local imams that it would be permissible to play American football in high school, since the material used to make the ball was now a synthetic.

      It's okay, now, you see. Whew.

  • logdon

    'America is useful only as a provider of material comforts and economic opportunities. And that is at the heart of the problem.'

    The heart of the problem, indeed, not only in America but anywhere they settle.

    Thanks to our insane policies of multiculturalism we've given them carte blanche to ride roughshod over our culture, values, freedom of language and political landscape.

    When that term, 'diversity' is deemed the pinnacle of Western achievement you know we’re in big trouble.

    Read any account of the vile language spouted by imams in mosques from Cairo to Karachi where cries for the decimation of America, Britain and Europe are the call du jour then compare with our walking on eggshell dhimmi posturing and the disparity is as clear as it gets.

    However I sense that the backlash is quietly building.

    As an example, here in Britain a policy lead by marxist bureaucrats turned the old tried and trusted waiting list queue method of allocating subsidised housing on its head by implementing a need first policy.

    In effect this meant that large families unable to afford suitably enormous homes leaped to the top of the list whilst the more prudent breeders languished for years in some squalid council flat.

    This applied to established British citizens or incomers who had not paid one penny into the system alike.

    So in they flooded. Bangladeshis, Iranians, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Afghanis and Somalians with huge broods in tow and immediately given homes fit for kings.

    This especially applies in London where some are living in £1200/$1850 per week rental homes. All for free.

    And heaven forfend if denied this munificence.

    The wailing about rights and race and religion reaches the rooftop and the tactic is for the 'poor oppressed', usually the woman to scream, refuse to budge and create such mayhem in the housing offices that the beleaguered staff often just roll over, give in and it's next please.

    The next is also highly likely to be Muslim and thus the process is repeated.

    We, as the opener states are mere meal tickets to a life unheard of back in Islamoville and the irony is that they then save money out of the generous welfare dole which is sent back, especially in Bangladesh to fund a second house. These people even have a name in the villages they return to at least three or four times a year. They’re called Londoni’s.

    That's how it got and how classically islamic. A housing jihad!

    As you’d imagine when news of this seeped out, the real Londoners were none too pleased and at last the parasites are being removed from these mansions to suitable areas where the rent is cheap and the neighbours not quite as top flight.

    It’s changing and as more and more information makes its way into the MSM on the ways of these parasitic specimens the backlash builds and politicians with a wary eye on voting trends take heed.

    Apologies if I diverted off the subject but its all of a piece and it’s pretty much universal.

    They are not here to be 'part of', they're here for what they can take.

    • "gunner"

      @ logdon.
      thank you for the insight across the pond, i frequently read the "daily mail" and "telegraph" online, and comment to the daily mail, it does seem the ordinary briton is waking up, and you do not like what you see. you're right, it's all of a piece, here, in britian, and in europe. its an invasion by legions demanding special rights, and trying to deprive others of their rights to freedom of thought and worship while also demanding a free ride on the workers and taxpayers wherever they go, and the invasion needs to be stopped. rome fell when the barbarians stormed the gates, we have let the barbarians in unresisted.

    • traeh

      Logdon, one thing that's troubling about the UK is that everyone there — including people who should know better — refers to "Asians" instead of to Muslims, when talking about the social problems caused by Muslims. That tars all Asians, and furthermore turns the problem into a racial or genetic one, when it's not about race. Hindus aren't causing big problems in the UK. They aren't dreaming of imposing some totalitarian Hindu law on the UK. Japanese in the UK aren't grooming young white girls for rape. This is not about race, yet the media there, and even the people who are with the Islam-critics, speak of "Asians" and so on. That's nuts, not only because it's so inaccurate and misleading, but also because Islam-critics are seeking to preserve fundamental freedoms for all people. Whereas racists fundamentally do not believe in freedom, they believe in genetic determinism and biology above all. So mixing up racism with Islam-criticism makes no sense and is suicidal for the Islam-critics.

      • hammer of toures

        very well said and true traeh. thanks for the post.

    • smart

      Didn't we take this country from the American Indians Are we not hypocrites???

  • lewis

    Practitioners of the cult of Islam are liars that will say whatever is necessary to promote the cult, and make you believe they are harmless, religious folks.

  • Ghostwriter

    This article got it right! "All-American Muslim" is awful! "Iron Chef America" is far and away more entertaining than this drivel. In fact,just about any show is more entertaining than this drivel. It's a shame "Saturday Night Live" didn't parody this show. It DESERVES to be parodied. I hope this show gets cancelled. I've seen a little bit of this show and it's awful. It doesn't deserve five seconds of airtime. There are far better things to watch than "All-American Muslim." Hopefully,this show will disappear quickly.

  • Amused

    In this country there have waves of immigration .In New York came the Dutch , the Germans and the Irish . Then the Scandinavians headed to the upper midwest , the Chinese to California and NYC . Then came the Italians and believeit or not . Lebanese and Syrians as well as Egyptians to NY and New Jersey .
    Why is it that of all those immigrants from all those lands , none had to explain their intentions ? NONE had to prove they were Americans or put on a show . WHY ?
    BECAUSE THEY ASSIMULATED GLADLY ! Even though they kept their traditions , they lived as AMERICANS . It would be shamefull to them and their families to express anything but loyalty to the country that accepted them , fed them ,gave them shelter and the opportunity to go as far as they wished or hoped .They sought not to change the great society that provided these things . NOT SO THIS WAVE OF UNGRATEFULL MUSLIMS WHO SEEK TO PLOT AND DESTROY , TO CHANGE AND OVERWHELM , the traditions and inherent freedoms that have always existed here .There are no "all-American muslims " .

    • randy

      The ungrateful christians that came to america to PLOT AND DESTROY,TO CHANGE AND OVERWHELM, the native people that were in north america. Were the natives asked if it was ok for all the immigrates to come and occupy thier lands. Oh i forgot, most natives had been killed off and the few that were left were rounded up and put on reserves.

      • Sue

        Oh shut up already,Randy. Aren’t you even embarrassed no one is listening to you.

        • Amused

          Ditto Randy , that's all played out .The great Tribes of America , slaughtered one another with regularity , that is simply the nature of men pre-civilised Society .The English had men drawn and quatered for theft less than 150 years ago ….so what , do they do it today ? The Japanese would lop off your head simply for landing on their shores .Name your ancestors and I'll tell you what THEY did .Lets get on Tibetans and Mongolians ,now supressed by the Chines [in modern times ] for they are the descenmdentys of Ghengis Khan and Mongols Hoards , let jump the Italians for descending from the bloody Romans .We're talking about today aresehole , you gettin that yet ?

      • Western Canadian

        This loon has the only mind as weak and obsessive and obamasmama, and he is just as spiteful and ignorant.

  • Luke

    It is my observation that muslims , primarily tribal in their social networking, are loathe to overcome the built -in barriers of islamic groupthink. Many of them seem to relish in it. Thus,they seek to establish themselves into established muslim COLONIES in the US ( such as Dearborn, or in EU, rather then actually let go of the old islamic traditions which are inherently anti-populist in value. They rationalize the differences by placing ideology before civic or national identity. In essence, they live on an island, within a nation.

    • winoceros

      If they socialize outside their Islamic ideological circle, they are punished on many levels. They are told in the mosque and at home not to socialize with non-Muslims. This includes dating, but is not limited at all to dating.

      Therefore, the enclave is a parental and societal creation that allows them to lessen the influences live human beings other than Muslims have on their children's lives. This is true, of course, for many minority communities in majority "other" countries. The difference here is that they don't enclave for their own safety, the way Christian and Bahai communities, for example, must in Muslim-majority countries.

      In other words, but for the isolationist supremacism Islam demands, there would be widespread integration of "normal" non-jihadist-type Muslims in the U.S.

      What I find, is that living in a highly-Somali populated area of the country (proportionally), the integration that happens is a result of low-income housing assignment/opportunities, and not by choice. These people enjoy the neighborhood, but not the neighbors. The kids do, but it only goes so far, and the real sadness for the isolation of the girls is tragic. They could have real, American lives and their stupid religion is choking them.

  • curmudgeon

    There are no Saturday Night Live​ routines featuring Mohammed coming out and telling Coach Zaban of “All-American Muslim” to stop talking so much about Islam, Ramadan and all that and get on with the football part of coaching a High School football team. big surprise. the american media's second most salient feature is its treasonous attitude towards america. its most salient characteristic is cowardice. criticizing islam is dangerous. bashing christians, or conservatives, is safe and easy. they bash christians and conservatives. go figure. is it their ideology or their cowardice that dictates this behavior? both?

    • crankywhitewoman

      Excellent food for thought!

  • Christian Fighter

    Randy you need an history lesson from a real book, and not your satins verse false Religous devil book, I’ve been studying your religion for years, your claims that the old testimant proves the coming of Mohammad, but Mohammad proves he is Allah, A Paigon haratic who killed all who would not submit, his words your book proves he was the false prophet my book has been warning.

    Spread your propaganda back east and may you be rewarded with a 6 year little girl to marry just like your false hero

    In my book Allah = devil Allah = false prophet

  • Lion of Kandahar

    The only time I have or had for muslims was the 17 months over 2 tours I spent in Afghanistan hunting for orthadox ones.

    There are plenty of orthadox ones here but the Government hasn't issued hunting permits yet, but when they do….

    • craig mcmann

      Right on Brother, Right on!

  • Craig McMann

    I live in Austin, Texas. I agree, the real issue is not a TV show but the suitability of allowing large numbers of Muslims immigrate to our country. The more muslims, the more mosques are built, the more Islamic "Learning Centers" are built. The more burkas we see every day on the street, the more Sharia Law infiltrates our civic society. In Austin we have women wearing their full burkas. American's are sick of these people, and how they're taking over every aspect of government, energy and technology. The USA will soon be in a WAR WITH ISLAM.

    • ambur

      i disagree with you this america let people be free wear what they want who r u to judge islam is a peaceful religion not someone who wants war

  • Art

    I suggest anyone who hasn't seen this movie to do so soon. It came out in the 80's called "Red Dawn". I fear it coming in reality.

  • ambur

    i hope they bring the show back i loved whatching the show i live near dearborn and i have been learning more about the arab culture and muslim religion and the language i plan to go to school to learn more tlc should bring the show back ppl need to know that muslims are good ppl no differnt from me and you.