All Non-Islamists Withdraw from Egypt’s Constitutional Committee

At the beginning of the process, the media hailed the incredibly moderate Constituent Assembly that would include Christians and women. Now all the non-Islamists, not to mention the Christians, have gone, exposing the Islamists for what they are, a supremacist theocratic movement with no wider support.

The withdrawal comes as a reaction to the constitutional declaration issued by President Mohamed Morsy on Thursday, making his decrees above judicial review.

Among those who withdrew are Wafd party leaders Mohamed Kamel and Abdel Aleem Dawoud and Ghad Al-Thawra party. These parties had previously refused to follow other non-Islamists in quitting the assembly.

“The constitutional declaration confirms that there is no such thing as a state for us to draft a constitution for,” Kamel said.

The remaining Constitution Assembly members represent only four parties, three of which are Islamist-oriented: the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Al-Nour Salafi party, the moderate Islamist Al-Wasat party, and the Civilization party.

So now the facade of a democratic structure is done. Morsi has adopted totalitarian powers and the non-Islamists have rejected the legitimacy of the transitional system for a new democratic Egypt. The Islamists will push forward, so the question is whether the West will accept the farce. The non-Islamist parties have rejected the new state. Will Obama accept it?

  • IranAware

    Lets hope the army smartens up steps in n crushes Morsi

  • pattyconservatopia

    Is anyone surprised at the outcome of the "arab spring"? Of course obama will accept the new dictatorship after he helped topple a stable secular Western/Israeli friendly regime. The same will happen throughout the middle east & Africa.

  • @Kenrick66

    One would like to chide Obama with, "How's that Arab Spring working out for you?" But I believe that Obama isn't bothered in the least by Morsi's power grab. He's smitten by men with absolute power, and could be said to harbor "power envy." Observe how he bows to Saudi kings, and high-fives Venezuelan dictators, and slobbers after Putin. And one can't dismiss the possibility that Morsi's power grab is precisely what he'd hope would happen.

  • SoCalMike

    Whether or not the rank and file of the West will accept the farce is up for grabs since many do not pay attention to this part of the world but one think you can count on beyond all else.
    The parasites in media and politics will pretend this never happened and go on their merry way spending other people's money and polluting the information well spring with more lies like "Arab Spring and jobless recovery."

  • Jack_Wisdom

    Yes, Obama will accept it. Kenrick66 above is correct, and this was the expectation from the beginning. The premise that the Tahrir Square demonstrations were originally "democratic" was a public relations position from the beginning. If most of the talk show hosts understood that the "Arab Spring" was just a term to finesse the public, and that it was not democratic at bottom, the experts in the State Department also knew it. Only they had to put the matter in terms the innocent American public (I should say "uninformed") could find it palatable in order to accept U.S. connivance with the Islamist takeover.