Allen West “Democrats are the most racist party I’ve ever seen in my life”

Speaking at a meeting of Black Republicans, Congressman Allen West said that the Democratic Party is “the most racist party I’ve ever seen in my life”.

The RNC Convention coverage has been an elaborate testament to that racism. That bigotry has been under the surface and above it. It’s there when minority speakers get ignored or moved out of sight so as not to offend liberal viewers on MSNBC. It’s there when the racist vandalism of Mia Love’s page is vandalized and that vandalism is ignored. It’s there when Allen West is depicted beating white women.

And here is what Allen West had to say yesterday about moving African-Americans out of the D plantation.

“There’s no other group more conservative on a Sunday than the black community. But someone’s got to tell me, Lucy, what happens Monday through Saturday? And that’s what’s got to change,” he said. “For too long this community has invested its political capital in one political party and what are the dividends that you have gotten back from that?”

He pointed out that the unemployment among blacks is significantly higher than the rest of the country, particularly for teenagers, and that the median income for black families has dropped 11 percent since President Barack Obama took office.

  • Questions

    Rep. West doesn't get it. The Democrats are anti-white, not anti-black. They oppose blacks only insofar as they are insufficiently anti-white (a la Sharpton, Waters). The Democrats are the party of the free lunch — affirmative action, the welfare state, ghetto lottery lawsuits, slavery "reparations" shakedowns; i.e., the things blacks are for. It's time for white conservatives to recognize that their own race comes first. Let the blacks do their own p.r.

    One ought to oppose the Democrats, but for entirely the opposite reasons that West does. As for West himself, he's shaping up as a crank in the mold of Alan Keyes.

    • Debra Harrington

      Speaking just like a true Racist, right Questions. It's easy to talk junk when you hide behind a fake name and a fake picture.. Congressman West is EXACTLY RIGHT, the liberals are the most Racist people on the face of this earth, and your comment just proves him correct.

    • Omar

      You just sound like some KKK member who is desperate for attention. We don't tolerate racism and bigotry.

    • Elena Welch

      What Colonel West is saying is absolutely correct! Dems are the most Racist party. They are spreading and fostering the hate. Thats how they will “Divide and Conquer”! The Uneducated to the very educated are only not harming themselves, but the very fabric of our country. They are begging to be enslaved again and dont see it. Its under the guise of ” for the good of all people”
      DEMOCRATS….Stop feeding the animals for they wont hunt for they will no longer hunt for themselves!

    • Gina Hoppis

      West is correct….dems started the KKK…fought against the civil rights…wrote the Jim Crow laws….was against freeing the slaves…It was margaret sayer (democrat)who started planned parenthood to rid the world of black babies….You think the dems like you but all they are doing is controling you…and ya don't even know it…..

      • Michael

        19th Century Democrats absolutely were the party of Racism and were associated with the KKK and Jim Crow Laws. But the 19th Century Democrats were a conservative party and are also the complete opposite of what the party is today as is the Republican party. 20th Century Democrats fought for Civil Rights (the shift really started around the time of the New Deal). Saying todays Dems are any of those things is just incorrect.

        • Med

          20th century democrats fought against civil rights legislation in the 50's. The democrats say racism 'switched sides' as if it hasnt been steadily fading over the years. And honestly what makes the GOP so racist? Seriously just try to think up an argument in your head that demonstrates their racist tendencies. The KKK was created to intimidate blacks into voting dem. Today the KKK is gone but have you noticed how the liberal media viciously attacks black republicans. Guess more things change more they stay the same.

  • amused

    Yea Allen , and what about those 31 card carrying commies …all democrats . In addition , I live in West's district , didn't take too long to sell his asss and his constituent consumers out to a big buisness interest .Shaping up as a crank ? LOL….you dont know Allen West .

    • Debra Harrington

      Amused: Your name says it all. Did West say something that hurt your feelings? He is only saying what No one else has the courage to say. Liberal Democrats are the most RACIST group of people EVER! No other country is more Racist than Democrats. Each one is out for themselves. They 'USE' people, and have little else to do with them until it is time for their vote or their money.

    • Omar

      Amused, I wonder what you think about Rep. Charles Rangel's comments about former President Bush when he said "George Bush is our Bull Connor!" This "analogy" is ridiculous, considering the fact that Bush had the most diverse cabinet in history, while Bull Connor tried to physically suppress civil rights demonstrations in the 1960s. The truth is that they have nothing in common. What Rangel said about Bush was a lie and truly reprehensible.

    • Rick G

      Your a P.O.S Amused. I'm sure your Liberal ass can figure that out what P.O.S stands for.

  • Bot Communisty Punishery

    wrong demoncrat was founded by white people before most blacks / african or what ever dark skin claimed democrat for your racist info im black and i am Republlican so get off your southern racist horse. because of you foolish white slave master who beaten blacks/ africans which started racism and all you can do is point you middle finger at blacks you know what I will vote for obama so then you can point your finger at muslim that jihad and behead your racist family. lets see then if you point fingers at blacks/ africans point at muslim and find your hand missing.

    • just some guy

      please try again, but make sense this time. thanks.

  • Bot Communisty Punishery

    kkk was the first demoncrat watch the video and get scared because kkk hate you and colored people

  • mike G

    Hmmm, Bot. Sounds like you were voting for Obama the whole time…..

  • andrewclunn

    I don't think West is pointing out something racist about the Democratic Party. Rather he's pointing out a bigotry within the black community where one's 'blackness' is tied to their political and ideological beliefs. Being a black Republican is sort of like being a white Southern Democrat. You're seen as a traitor to your own 'kind.' Yeah it's racist, but saying that it's an issue with the Democratic Party is a bit of a stretch. It's an issue with the black community, or rather with those who claim to represent all blacks and speak as though the black community is single ideologically unified entity, rather than just a bunch of individuals who happen to share African ancestry.

  • Don & Cristina Smith

    Allen West should run with Dr Ben Carson for President. Either one would make a great President! Does choosing 2 of the same race make me a racist? Waiting for a liberal response… :)