Anti-Semitism Is Racism

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Islam is not a race. Even though Islamophobia has become the great obsession of the politically correct elites of the Western world– there is nothing innate about Islam. One is not born a Muslim and there is no double helix of DNA that intertwines with the Koran. Muslims are followers of a belief system and no belief system should be above criticism or reproach.

Jews however are a race, a fact that has been known for thousands of years and has been backed up by genetic evidence in modern times. A fact that has been dismissed by liberals who are eager to denounce racism except when it comes to the one particular race that they have given themselves permission to hate.

By embracing the Islamophobia narrative, the left prioritized combating discrimination against a belief system over combating discrimination against a race, reversing its past position that racial prejudice is worse than any other form of prejudice because it persecutes an innate aspect of the individual, rather than an external adopted one. And when the two were in conflict over the racist aspect of the ideology, it chose the ideology and its racism.

Leftist and Islamic persecution of Jews and the common alliance of the two groups have made it necessary for the left to ignore or even legitimize displays of Anti-Semitism. The supremacy of these two ideologies over the rights and humanity of the most persecuted racial minority in the world are the toxic ingredients in the “New Anti-Semitism” which has revived Anti-Semitic racial prejudice as a progressive value.

American and European elites have become obsessed with protecting a single religion from any criticism, even when that religion comes burdened with an ugly legacy of racism that believes the Jewish people are its eternal enemies who must be destroyed in an apocalyptic Islamic genocide that concludes with every rock crying out,  “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him!”

The rocks have remained silent, but left-wing newspapers have taken up the call in their place. Jewish store windows are smashed, synagogues burned, schools attacked and children murdered, while the media ignores, justifies, whitewashes and even occasionally praises these crimes. Every other news story from the Middle East is either an attack on the Jewish State or a celebration of the Muslim Brotherhood and its plans for a genocidal theocracy stretching across the region and eventually across the world.

Attacks reminiscent of the work of Goebbels’ pet propagandists regularly make their way into the pages of The Guardian and Time Magazine as part of the Leftist-Islamic alliance against the Jews. Warnings about growing Anti-Semitism are ridiculed or dismissed while Islamophobia is treated as a grave threat, even though crime statistics clearly show a far higher numbers of attacks on Jews contrasted with a fairly insignificant numbers of attacks on Muslims.

The left cannot deny the hate crimes statistics, so instead it chooses to ignore them. The artificial reality bubbles sent up by its media empires clamor about the manufactured crisis of Islamophobia, while claiming Anti-Semitism is largely overblown, a tool that it insists Jews use to silence Muslims and leftists. The same elites who claimed that McCarthyism was worse than the Gulags, now claim that Islamophobia is worse than Anti-Semitism.

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  • Nakba1948

    The author conveniently forgets to mention the Nazi support of Zionism, and the Zionists' collaboration with the Third Reich:… When will your nutjobs realize that you encourage genuine anti-Semitism by conflating it with anti-Zionism?

    • stern

      And this nut job uses the most vilified – even excommunicated – tiny minority within Judaism to prove his "point". And in doing so, he proves the author's point too, trying to excuse his own anti-Semitism by pointing the finger at hatred at the Jews.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      In Mein Kampf, Hitler describes Zionists as worse than liberal Jews.

    • Zionista

      imbecile, it was the grand mufti of Jerusalem who was in bed with hitler and nazis. learn history

    • Bulan Sabriel

      Negotiating with the Nazis to try to save as many Jews as possible, or even to get as many Jews as possible out of pre-exterminationist Nazi Germany was no collaboration.
      And stop quoting the heretical whores for Iran and PLO.


      Nazis hated Zionists, and so do Commies.
      "Jews against Zionism" are Obama bots and so are you.

      Psalm 129:5
      May all who hate Zion be turned back in shame.

      God: BLESS Israeli patriots and CURSE their enemies.
      We satand with GOD, you stand with satan….good luck with that!

      • WilliamJamesWard

        It will all play out and be over, Satan is condemned and his followers also, eventually all
        who are against evil will be removed from it by evil being destroyed forever…until then
        let your light shine………………………………………William

      • flomper

        hm but commies and jews are inseperable – in fact if jews didnt exist communism wouldnt either!

        • Ghostwriter

          Not every Jew is a communist,but you,flopper are an anti-semitic jerk.

          • flomper

            In a recent survey in Israel 80% of respondents described themselves as socialist – and its Flomper not Flopper BTW. Jews are snowblind when it comes to acknowleging their ownership of communism.
            And let me remind you Jewish whingers many many more millions died under socialist dictatorships than died under the Nazis – and not one Russian commie official (Jewish or otherwise) has ever been charged for those "murders".
            That figure of 80 per cent is a recurring theme when it comes to Jews – 80% of the Bolshevik commie leadership were Jews.

        • moshe

          Actually, Jewish assimilationist apostates who wanted to find some way to stop being Jewish are inseparable from other commies. There never was and never could be such a thing as a Jewish Communist. The two identities are mutually exclusive.

          • MAD JEWESS

            Right, Moshe.
            Rabbi Antelman in "To eliminate the opiate' said the exact same thing.

        • MAD JEWESS

          May 1, 1776 in EU was the 1st Commie revolt.
          The Commie Manifesto was written by a GERMAN NATIONALIST, Fredrick Engels who was a NON Jew.

          • flomper

            Not all commies are Jews, just an awful lot of them – so many in fact that one must be very careful when dealing with these Jews. When making contact with them first determine if they are anti-White commies, once youve acertained their status you may proceed from there

          • MAD JEWESS

            We are to be very careful with non Jews, who fight amongst Jews that are patriotic or religious. Usually, that means a closet Bolshevik is among us.

            Looks like you are anti white yourself, since you are here and dumping on sane Jewish people.
            Ymch Shemo

        • aspacia

          Ethnically Marx was Jewish, but he rejected all gods, especially Yaweh.

          • MAD JEWESS

            Marx was an atheist, then.

            It is "YAH VEH" or to be more polite, it would be HaShem.

    • moshe

      You are citing a pro-Nazi website funded by the PA. Hardly a credible source, to put it mildly. The real history of "collaboration" between Zionist leaders and the Third Reich consist entirely of the attempts by Zionist leaders to get the Nazis to deport the Jews to Israel instead of exterminating them. To this end, many covert attempts were made, and all failed.

      "anti-Zionsim" is antisemitism. It is not possible to be a proper Jew without being a Zionist, anymore than it is possible to be a proper American without being loyal to the Constitution.

  • rachaelamb

    Some of the problem with the media, is that because freedom of speech is a right in Israel,the journalists are given free reign to say whatever they want in Israel. Whereras if one of the journalists tried to do the same thing in Gaza or the West Bank,or any Arab or Islamic country, they would be imprisoned or murdered by the terrorists they sympathize so much with. Good example,is that Italian ISM member who was kidnapped and murdered, in Gaza by the very terrorists he supported.

    • Daniel Greenfield


      The media is obligated to maintain good relations with Fatah and Hamas in order to do its job. It doesn't have to maintain good relations with Israel because it's an open country.

  • oldtimer

    The Israelites were a seperate race according to th Bible. Jews, tribe of Judah, were one of the 12 tribes. Therefore, they are a race.
    I abhore the term Islamaphobia. A phobia is a fear, and I don't fear Islam, I hate Islam.

  • dave

    Daniel Greenfield is incredibly articulate. I was unsure about Jews being a race, more an ethnicity but will now look into it further. In any case, we all need to make a stand against the left and islam, it is getting out of control and will end in tears. The irony is that in any post islamo marxist revolution, they will fight each other! Do they not already see this? Or are they just using each other to smash the 'Jewish capitalist system'?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      You can read up more on it here

      • ZionistLibertarian

        I agree with everything Daniel Greenfield says, except for the term "race". A race is something that can be visually identified by means of skin color, hair texture, nose structure, cheekbones and also by blood type frequency (not blood type frequency by itself, but in conjunction with other traits). It's true that Jews have DNA signatures, haplotypes and other genetic traits, hereditary diseases, etc. but this makes them an ethnic group, not a race. Jews are no more a race, than are Cajuns or Greeks. Tay-Sachs disease occurs among French-Canadians and Cajuns. There are also some hereditary diseases that occur among Greeks. No one would claim that French-Canadians, Cajuns or Greeks are a race (at least not by today's definition of the word "race").

  • MikeWood

    dave – I totally agree. We must all make a stand for Israel whenever and however we can. An easy way to show your support for Israel is to wear pro-Israel clothes. I wear a lapel badge or hat, depending on the circumstances. It's a good way to stick one in the eye of the Israel-haters and anti-semites. You can buy high quality hats from Israel and thereby support their economy @: Search the net for suppliers of lapel badges. It's not hard and it makes you feel better.

  • Susan

    I don't agree Mr.Greenfield. There are Jews from different races. Go to Israel and you will see the different shades of colour Jews come in. Jews are a religious-ethnic group. Not a race, got that?

    • Daniel Greenfield


      NAACP president Walter Francis White had blue eyes and blond hair.

      More to the point Jews have a level norm. Intermarriage shifts the norm at the extremes, but doesn't fundamentally alter it.

    • aspacia

      Wrong! Greenfield is correct about the science. I have similar DNA to my mother, but she is blond, now white haired and blue eyed, whereas I have brown hair and eyes.


      'Not a race, got that? '

      Got this?
      Shove it straight up your a$$.

  • Nehama

    There is a problem here, I agree with everything Mr. Greenfield says, except that Jews are a race. If Jews are a race then converts to Judaism are not really Jews. So what are the racial characteristics of Jews Mr. Greenfield? There are blond-haired, blue-eyes Jews from Europe, black Jews from Africa and America, and Olive skinned Jews all round the Med and Middle East? What are the physical signs of the Jewish race Dan, thick lips and big noses? Hey, Yasser Arafat must have been a Jew! Sure, there is a racial component to being Jewish, but it's a tribal, familial relationship spread over thousands of years and thousands of miles of mixing.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Converts to Judaism join a religion and a family. You can marry into a family. You can join a religion. That doesn't mean that there isn't an underlying genetic element.

      And I'm afraid that you are thinking of race in somewhat crude terms. If you want racial contradictions, there's blond hair among the dark skinned Solomon Islanders.

      Jews fall into a med type, much like Italians and Greeks. Not counting converts or populations that heavily intermarried like black Jews or Chinese Jews.

      • Nehama

        Hi Daniel, thanks for getting back to me.

        So do converts to Judaism change race when they come up from their dunk in the mikveh?

        'Solomon Islander' isn't a race either.

        There are no racial characteristics that are unique to Jews, for Jewish to be a race there must be at least one such physical identifier.

        That said, I do agree anti-Semitism is racism, but my reason for saying that is because we are treated as and/or assumed to be a race by those who hate us even if we are not genetically a distinct race.

    • Anne Havranek

      Jews hold the unique position of being both a race and a religion. They are God's Chosen People who brought us both the savior (Jesus) and the Holy Bible. However, anyone can be a Jew by faith. Some ethnic Jews follow other religions.

  • stern

    DNA tests have shown that Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews have much in common – and there is definitely a "Cohen" gene. Even within single families, you can often see wide ranges of skin and eye colour. So yes, Jews are definitely a race. As for converts, if they have undergone a proper conversion, they are Jews, period.

    • flomper

      You cant have it both ways, buddy. Thats a big problem with some Jews, facts and logic are discarded if they cant be bent to suit their desired outcomes. Either its a race or its a religion, make up your mind.

      • moshe

        Dumbass, it's a NATION. The nation has a racially uniform majority and a national religion. It also has a distinct naturalization process, which requires adoption of the national religion, abandonment of all prior identities and loyalties and intermarriage into the Jewish race. At any given time, there is a tiny minority of Jews who are naturalized citizens of the Jewish Nation. This does not mean that the majority of Jews are not a race.

        • flomper

          It cant be a NATION. You can say its a NATION – but saying its a NATION doesnt make it true. Choose religion or race, but you cant have BOTH.

          • Nehama

            Who says we have to choose race or religion?

            Nation is probably the best translation for the word we have always used in Hebrew.

          • moshe

            If Jews can't be a nation, than neither can Americans. A nation, by definition, is a mostly racially uniform group of people with a mostly single religion and mostly a single culture, who recognize themselves as one whole. The Jewish Nation is further set apart in that it has NO culture and NO group identity that is not based on the national religion. Sit down and shut up.

        • Nehama

          Yup, I can accept that definition.

  • Larry

    I have always been led to believe that that Jews are above average when it came to being smart. Boy was I wrong.
    65% of Jews will vote for Obama for no other reason then he is the democratic choice.Forget that he refuses to pardon Pollard from a life in prison because Pollard is a Jew. I would think 27 years is enough time to serve a double cross sentence. He goes out of his way to show his love for Muslims. His domestic policies are horrific. He spends millions on himself and family (taxpayers money). Most Americans are struggling to put food on the table. Every time you put gas in your car it's $50.00 down the drain. Whatever happened to the middle-class?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Intelligence isn't the same thing as common sense. It also doesn't necessarily mean the ability to think outside the box.

      • flomper

        Jews and socialism go together like birds and bees – but we're not alowed to say that 'cause to do so is racist or something. l like Jews that arent anti-White and l like Jews that arent commies. The Jews that are anti-White and the Jews that are commies – l dont like them. You can call that racist or whatever you want to call it but l am completely over the gazillions of whingeing muslim loving anti-White commie Jews that exert power and influence way beyond what their numbers. Those Jews should go and live in Israel, those Jews should be banished from the West.

  • Metal Gear

    In case you are reluctant to posts links, I will post the comment I quoted again without linking to my blog.

    "Scientific research supports the idea that there is more diversity in the Jewish genome than the European gentile genome.

    Scientific research supports the idea that Jews are part of the Mediterranean race, but have lost some of their original blood.

    Scientific research supports the idea that Southern Europeans have Middle Eastern Ancestry (like Jews) and Northern Europeans have Southern European Ancestry (which means they also have Middle Eastern Ancestry).

    Yet political acts, including Quack Doctors, in the Zionist and Neo-Nazi movements, continue to incorrectly push the idea that Jews are a “separate race.” In actuality, Jews are squarely in the Mediterranean race based on autosomal genetic studies and Jews today are not pure. The Mediterranean race is not different enough from either Norther Europeans or Southern Arabs to be a completely different race.

    They say that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

    This may be expanded into an Editorial when I have more time."

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Harry Ostrer is hardly a quack doctor and the The Forward, which ran a positive piece on his book, is about as Zionist as The Guardian.

      Definitions of race can be endlessly debated, but it won't change the basic facts.


      Most JEWS are HEBREWS. From the HEBREW people. They are an ETHNICITY. Like Italian, French, etc.

      Some are converts. Why ANYONE would go out of their way to be part of a nationality that MUST answer to a much higher authority is beyond ALL reasoning, especially since HaShem will punish the Jewish people who strand from him.

      We do NOT answer you you.

      Jews , ALL Jews will answer to HaShem.

  • clarespark

    Calling Jews a race is problematic, as many of the comments above indicate. There are no pure races anyway. Focusing on their status as a race diverts the mind from the many forms of antisemitism, some of which are directed against non-Jews, qualities that are "raced" as vilely "Jewish." I made a compilation here of the kaleidoscopic nature of antisemitism, some of which are directed to America, finance capital, modernity, etc. Here is the link:…. The title is the ABC's of Antisemitism. Qualities held to be "Jewish" may be directed against Mothers, for instance.

    • Bert

      Those who despise Jews tend to treat all those who are called "Jews" as a race to be despised and even destroyed. In different countries Jews often outwardly resemble the dominant population. And yet the Jew-haters among them will sniff out the Jews even when they look like all the others. Thus race is not only and internal self identification but also an identification that is externally imposed by hatemongers for the sole purpose of discrimination and persecution. Either way, and for all practical purposes, the Jews are a race.

      • clarespark

        I am more comfortable alleging that antisemites are racists than I am that "Jews" are a race. If Jews were indeed a race, they would share certain mental characteristics that are handed down in the genes, rather than selected by a particular environment. We need to eliminate the very conception of "races". No respectable anthropologist adheres to the notion any longer. It is also vital, I think, to see how non-Jews can be "raced" as Jews, if, for instance,if they are successful, if they support scientific method, if they study the economy ,or believe that individuals, not groups, are the locus of value.

      • moshe

        Only to an American do Jews "often physically resemble the dominant population". Outside Spain, Greece, Italy and some Levantine countries, this has NEVER been true.

  • Bartimaeus

    Daniel, may I suggest that the religion of the Jews is an extremely important factor? The Jews are sufficiently identifiable as a race and yet without their biblical history and religious nature the whole picture cannot be seen. The enemy knows that without the biblical history of the Jews even Christianity falls. The warfare is far more spiritual than most people can imagine. Paul the apostle spoke of his burden for his countryman (the Jewish people) due to their long connection to God and from which came the Messiah. He also speaks of Israel (the Jewish people in the calling of God) as being the root of blessing to the gentiles. See Romans 9:1-5 and Romans 11:17-18. The enemy would try to destroy the Jewish people and especially the Jewish state of Israel because of it’s relation to the God of the bible. Anti-Semitism is directly and indirectly related to this fact.

  • BobSmith101

    Leftist loons live in a dream world, where facts do not matter. In the past 100 years, numerous attempts by the left to create centralized economies have resulted in mass murder, total economic collapse, and ecological disaster. But somehow these leftist cult members persist in their beliefs.

  • Chaim

    Islam contributes to progressive anti-Semitism by "… painting the Jews as the members of an oppressor group." Daniel Greenfield's definitely got that one right. My poor, deluded rabbi's greatest hang-up is his obsession over "Jews as oppressors." There's no talking with him reasonably on this, but I'm still working on it.

    • moshe

      Find a real rabbi instead!

      • Chaim

        I know, Moshe, but I have to try. It's important, I just can't leave it at that.

        • Alex

          If you know it, then do it. Life is too short to wonder about what could have been. Your concerns are certainly valid. HaShem will help you and if you're interested, peruse either or for any answers to your questions on the Jewish perspective

        • moshe

          Try all you want, just don't call the man "rabbi"

  • gideon

    I was in a scandal, and as a result ran into anti-semitism, and it occured to me that when people called me a "Hebe" and a "Jew", they were implying several things:
    1. My faults were also Jewish faults
    2. My faults were genetic
    3. The Jews shared this gene (presumably for a defective, swinish personality)
    4. Genes determine character
    So anti-semites do believe that Jews are a race. Even religious anti-semites do – otherwise why would the Moslems produce Hadiths like the necessity of kiling every Jew, and that the very stones will cry to the Moslem that a Jew is hiding behind them. The Jews are inherently, genetically bad, and must be destroyed as a result.

  • maria

    Scientists proved using a new technology that Jews are race. Anti-Semites including Jewish one (they exists, alas) don't want to admit it. The most of them believe that invented people "Palestinians" are nations but Jews who were persecuted, murdered, oppressed for being just Jews in any world continents still reject it as it is contradict with their views. The most leftists I met at least (and it is thousands) are ignorant in history, cowardice in their essence and pose whatever to keep their comfortable life and advantages.


    Whatever..if we say 'we are a race', they say, 'NO YOU ARE NOT!!' If we say, we are not a race, they say 'YES YOU ARE!'
    If we are patriots, they do not believe us.
    If we are not patriotic, then we are traitors,
    If we love, they say we hate.
    If we hate, they say, you suck.

    It goes on and on.
    I dont listen to bumf*cks anymore that just hate all Jews.
    Go rot in the gutter for all I care.

    And, you are NOT 'anti semites.' You are straight UP, JEW HATING trash.

    Rabbi Kahane:
    Dear world…


    ^^Jew, Hebe, Zion-nazi, Zog, Bla bla bla…so look the f out

  • Ghostwriter

    We just have Nakba1948 saying his anti-Jewish nonsense. When will the rest of our resident anti-semites come out and spread their filth?

  • Ronald Johnston

    islam is an ideology period. There is nothing religious about people who do nothing but hate!!!

  • Seamus MacNemi

    I find it strange that the worst antiSemites are Jews themselves. Take George Soros for instance, he claims to be an atheist as was Karl Marx and both men are Jews by birth. I am curions to see what it is that motivated them. Is it merely a childish rebellion against any form of social authority or is it something much more deeply evil?

    • Alex

      If there is a G-d then they are completely wrong. No one wants to be wrong. Furthermore, if Jews are G-d's nation, then they too are part of this nation and have this connection with G-d. Bottom line is that they are fighting against their very nature and that drives people to do very destructive things, especially against fellow Jews who do have knowledge of G-d.

  • Schlomotion

    After several weeks of being overtly racist, I am glad that Mr. Greenfield has finally clarified his position that Jews are a race, even if the only purpose of doing so is to say that Muslims are not. He says:

    "Jews however are a race, a fact that has been known for thousands of years and has been backed up by genetic evidence in modern times."

    So my question is: if it has been known "for thousands of years" then why have so many Jews, specifically Zionists, tried so vociferously to deny this and to waffle and call it a religion, or an ethnicity, or a nationality instead of a race. Why all the semiotic embroidery and lying about it? Or are we going to pretend that we haven't all heard or read some Jew strenuously making the case that Jews are some kind of mystical outlier of fuzzy existential value when even Herzl liberally used the expression "Jewish race" as did Josephus?

    • Foolster41

      I'm curious, who is Mr. Greenfield racist against?

      • Schlomotion

        I have read him spouting off about white people losing their place of supremacy. I have heard him talking about the degeneracy of African Americans. And he operates a racist website about Arabs that has been listed as a hate site.

        • Foolster41

          Sorry, but Loonwatch is simply not a credible source.

          Those are very serious claims. Could you point to specific articles in Sultn Kanish that are racist? I'm not really familiaur with the blog, and I don't feel like reading the blog to prove your point.
          Who has said it is racist? The poverty law center? Did you know they have been known to have a very strong anti-right bias and has labeled Jihad watch (which is most definitely not a hate site and has never called for violence or mistreatment of anyone) a "hate site"? Do you believe telling the truth about Islam, as Mr. Specner does constittues hate? If so, why?
          when and where did he talk about the supremecy of white people and the degenercy of black people? What is the context?

          These are all "reporter questions", that a thinking person should ask, that sadly the sorts of questions our modern media aren't really asking.

          • Schlomotion

            Yes, I have pointed to specific instances in specific articles by him already, and the contexts are in those articles. You can go read those articles. I know you are playing dumb, because you know about the Southern Poverty Law Center. Yes. That left wing interest group keeps tabs on this purportedly right wing interest group, and the two kinds of cancers are at odds with one another. Why is Loonwatch not a credible source but Jihad Watch is?

          • MAD JEWESS

            Ah…the SPLC, who hates America with a passion..Recently has said that they are 'not in the business of dealing with left wing terror.'

            Biased much?

          • MAD JEWESS

            Jihad watch reports on what is happening in the dear, sweet, kind and thoughtful Islamo world.
            "Loon watch" tears down reporters that are defying them.

            Loon watch;
            BS site of Bolshevik insanity, your cup o tea, Schmuck-motion ;)

          • Foolster41

            Why are you expecting me to do YOUR research for you? I don't pertinaciously feel like reading through an entire blog to find the points you are making. This is very basic rules of discourse I suspect you can't show it, and that's why you don't answer any of my questions above.

            I'm not playing dumb, since I was the one to bring up SPLC. I also noted their history of mis-branding people as "haters" (such as Spencer and Gellers) who are merely telling the truth. Thus, they have a POLITICAL AGENDA, and so that defeats the reliability of a so-called "civil rights organization,". Are you saying that it is acceptable for a group to brand another group as haters merely because they disagree with them? If so, why? (Sorry, more reporter questions that you seem to dislike).

            But instead of showing how they are actually haters and how the SPLC is correct you say I'm "playing dumb", which is completely pointless.

            "Why is Loonwatch not a credible source but Jihad Watch is?"

            I've already answered this question. telling the truth about Islam is not hate. Mr. Spencer has never smeared or called for violence or mistreatment of anyone. He has shown sources for the source of hated and the calls of violence and subjegation in the Islamic teachings. Mr. Specncer is a scholar, but the "reporting" in Loonwatch is very shoddy and amounts to little more than hit pieces against Mr. Spencer. Again, you don't bother to show how Mr. Spencer is in fact a hater.

          • Foolster41

            I realized that your "playing dumb" comment was because I missed the fact that it is loonwatch that called Knish racist, which you linked to. Still, my point stands that LW and SPLC are not credible sources.

          • Foolster41

            A reply by Mr. Spencer about Loonwatch (and its ally, DailyKos)

          • Schlomotion

            I love when you guys want to claim what the basic rules of discourse are. I noticed suddenly, you know exactly what we are talking about and suddenly you know how to type. You tipped your hand. If you are satisfied to make an argument that "I failed to prove it" then I am satisfied with your low standards. It is late in the game. The time for showing that Mr. Spencer is a hater is past. The time for dealing verbally and literarily with Mr. Spencer as a social blight is now. You are a pawn trying to take the front line. Judging by Mr. Spencer's videos, he is actually quite unable to handle a face to face debate. When they occur, he flips out. He likes a controlled environment with lots of bodyguards where he can verbally snipe college students like fish in a barrel. He draws a $350,000 salary to be a bigot. His pamphlets are incendiary tripe. But we were talking about Mr. Greenfield, who has been waxing racist in nearly all of his recent FPM publications. I have already said where and why.

          • Foolster41

            Doing ones own research is a basic rules, it's not my fault you don't like it.

            "If you are satisfied to make an argument that "I failed to prove it" then I am satisfied with your low standards."
            Fine. It's laughible that you descide proving a statemnt is a "low standard", but people who make accusations they don't want to back up with facts can simply be ignored, what they say is weightless fluff.

            I wonder, if "The time for showing that Mr. Spencer is a hater is past. " then how does one deal "verbally and literarily" with someone
            ? shouting at them? If truth on your side, shouldn't facts never be in the past? What does "literaly" dealing with someone mean? (Sorry, more hard questions you seem unable to answer).

            Once again, you don't show any specifics of how Mr. Spencer is a bigot, after I've asked. I'vee heard many many accusations of this, but never anything specific to show HOw he is. Citing everything a person wrote ever is hardly a spefic example.

            "But we were talking about Mr. Greenfield, who has been waxing racist in nearly all of his recent FPM publications. I have already said where and why." This is false. I asked you where and why. You cited an entire blog, but once again you post without giving specific examples from the blog, execting me to do your own research for you. I also asked about your speficis of the "where and why" behind your claims about statements about white prominence and black degeneracy of black people." You havn't given either, so I really don't see how you can say you've given "where and why".

          • Sage on the Stage

            Hey, Shicklgruber(that is your name, right?), there are a number of videos on Youtube,
            that show Robert Spencer debating Muslim spokesmen, and Robert cleans up. I've yet to hear him sound uncertain or hesitating, and he always has irrefutable facts that show how shaky and generally false the Muslim arguments are. And how do you KNOW he draws a $350,000 salary? That's a laugh.

          • Schlomotion

            I read the DHFC tax return. Spencer has it easy. His opponents aren't articulate and he broadsides a lot of people who mistakenly took his open academic bait at face value. I watched some of his YouTube videos. I saw a high strung and whiny bear of a man with his hand on the mic volume and throwing women in the way whenever somebody tried to challenge one of his points. Then he would cackle barbs from behind them and his bodyguards. It is academically organized weakness.

          • Foolster41

            "I read the DHFC tax return"
            Once again, that's not evidence. A tax return would be private information, so conviently you've seen it, but no one else has! I question how you would have seen it in the first place without fraud.

            The rest is just silly OPINIONS about Mr. Spencer's speaking style and not facts about how Mr. Spencer is either wrong or hateful. Your still making things up. I would like to see an example of Mr. Spencer "throwing women in the way" but you've already said you hate to actually provide specific examples of your accusations (probably because that's what honest people do).

            And now you'll attack my writing skills as an ad honim red herring instead of answering my challenge to actually present facts, as you've done before.

          • Schlomotion

            See it too if you want to see it. Tax returns for organizations are not private:

            Page 2, Section 4c.

            You can also see footage of Robert Spencer throwing women in the way when the debate gets too hot if you scroll back a few Glazov postings ago.

            I can't actually read this website for you, you know.

          • Foolster41

            I see, I guess I didn't understand you got it through a public org tax return. I'm curious what the context is for a news site (the tenesean) to post it. I can't find it either way, but that's off topic. Thank you for once actually providing evidence. At any rate, it's misleading to say Mr. Spencer is making the money as a part of a salary, as if he pockets the whole money, it is the budget for the operation of his website. (Unless you are accusing Mr. Spencer of Embezzlement, which would require proof)

            "I can't actually read this website for you, you know."
            I really can't understand how this is so hard to understand. It's called presenting evidence. You are still expecting me to do your research for you. You at least gave a vague notion of where it is, but something more specific would be nice. Generally when people make arguments on the internet, they generally link to proof of what they are saying.

          • Foolster41

            So I know if I'm in the right place, do you mean this episode?

          • Foolster41

            Oh, Spencer's not even in this episode nevermnd. Still looking.

          • Foolster41

            The latest episode was in April, more really than a "few ago". Did you mean this episode?

            This way I at least know I'm on the right track.

          • Schlomotion

            I think the motive is that the newspaper keeps tabs on goldbricking islamophobes:

            Spencer probably doesn't take all that money home, but on the other hand, that's got to be some clever expensing and/or some costly blogging.

            The video I was referring to is this one:

          • Foolster41

            Yes, I read that article, and much like how do so here (once again with "goldbricking islamaphobes"), it presents no real proof of "Islamaphobia". It is nothing more than a shoddy hit piece, devoid of any real journalism, mish-meshing critics of Islam with genuine haters as if they are somehow closely related, or as if the scholars have ever called for hatred against Muslims (Which of course, you can't show, because it doesn't exist).

            For example, the article makes the absurd claim, Quoting from Brannon Wheeler that "There's no text that is entitled The Shariah," Wheeler said. "It's not a code of law. It's not like you could go to the library and get the 12 volumes of Shariah law." This of course is true, there is no book with that title, but the Hadiths and Quoran give pleanty of rulings that command subjugation of non-muslims hatred and killing of Jews (in the last days, so no set place and time) and mistreatment of women. Of course, the article refutes none of the claims by Spencer or Gaffney. So to say "there is no book called 'sharia' is just dishonest deflection.

            That you think this is real journalism is sad as says quite a bit about your worldview.

            I saw this video before. I'm not sure why you called it a "glazow gang" video it is not. Anyway, there were people who were being disruptive and rude, are you saying those people had a right to shout down Mr. Spencer and others during an event he is hosting? Do you believe a person shouldn't be requested to stop if the speaker was a muslim, and you would condemn a muslim who behaved in the same way in Mr. Spencer's situation? Also, when did he "hide behind a woman", by rightly pointing out (As does Darwish does too) that they stand for rights for woman and protection women against harsh treatment by muslims (and there are MANY documented cases of spousal abuse and honor killings by muslims), and pointing out that they are not actually showing how the shouters are not actually showing any proof of hatred, but are using smear tactics by calling them Islamaphobes? You mean that?

            "Spencer probably doesn't take all that money home, but on the other hand, that's got to be some clever expensing and/or some costly blogging."
            Again, if your going to accuse someone of embezzelment, then provide proof. I suspect you cannot.

          • Schlomotion

            Yes, the Koran does has a lot of prescriptions to subjugate and overbear other people of other religions. But I like to bear in mind that that's just their opinion and there are six other major religions in the world and also atheists and we would all gladly pound the life out of Muslims if they try that crap on us. So I am OK with all the belligerence and volatility in Islam, in Christianity, in Judaism, because I know deep down that I can beat a man within an inch of his life and so, I am perfectly safe from conversion. Before that, I have a mind like a steel trap and am not going to convert by apologetics. Also, it's just plain hard to take over another civilization. Have you ever tried it? It's no easy task, especially if someone has a better civilization already. It flies in the face of history to think that Islam is going to take over the US. We have it better than they do. Our ideas are better, and our lives are better. When that is the case, religion cannot get in. Religion needs miserable people in order to spread.

            Robert Spencer wasn't hosting the event. The college was hosting the event. Spencer forgets that the students allowed him to be there and were also paying his tab. In exchange for this, they were cuckolded and insulted by Spencer and when he felt the anger surge, he put Nonie Darwish in to coo for a few seconds, until he told her off, and then he berated people more, and then he put in Pamela Geller to "answer questions" but instead she yammered like a 60 year old teenager a long stream of cellphone/HBO mall gibberish.

            These people don't stand for the rights of women. They exploit the exploitation of women, and are sadists who take great pleasure in saying the word cli.torectomy. It's a sideshow of Zionist evangelism. Let's not forget that all these people have a covenant of male genital mutilation which they think is not only OK but mandatory to distinguish themselves as Jews or Maronites or whatever. It is clear as day that they are no better than Muslim clerics, and at the very least, Muslim clerics have Bedouin ethics and don't abuse their hospitality.

            Regarding Robert Spencer's take-home pay, It's safe to assume his organization is way overpaid. I ran a magazine like this one for four years on a budget of fifty dollars a month. I ran a website like this as well for a cost of $600. I did the equivalent amount of writing and events. There is no way in hell any of it cost a whopping $350,000 dollars for a blog and 5 million for blog aggregator. This site is far less successful on far more money. When that is the case, the money is always going into a toilet somewhere. One frivolous expense is all the money that Spencer pays so that he can have Ann Coulter's personal bodyguard so that he can make a theater about being personally endangered and needing two campus police and a conservative ronin everywhere he goes. Unless he is flying coach class and staying at a Days Inn, he is definitely overpaying himself.

          • Foolster41

            Yes, the college was hosting the event, but it was an event as a forum for Spencer, Geller, Darwisah and the others. Spencer was quite right in telling the man to rent his own time to rant and be disruptive. Again, I suspect that if it were a non-muslim disrupting a Q&A of a muslim event by ranting at the people instead of asking a question you wouldn't treat the people the same way.

            Are you saying that this person was right in the way he was disruptive, and shouting at people? If so, this says a lot about you. I suppose this is the tactic you must take if reason and truth is in the path, as you have said. this is a perfect example of what you meant should be done.

            " until he told her off,"
            who is 'he'. Mr. Spencer? You're saying Mr. Spencer or the shouting man told Nonie Darwish off? Were you watching the same video, because your description is totally off. He didn't put anyone on, Geller and Darwish chimed in on their own. Your gross mischaracterization shows how dishonest you are being, They were trying to run a Q&A and a few times attempt to ignore him and take other answers while the man's still shouting.

            "These people don't stand for the rights of women. They exploit the exploitation of women, and are sadists who take great pleasure in saying the word cli.torectomy." Fallacy. How do you know their motives? Can you provide proof this is their motive?

            " It is clear as day that they are no better than Muslim clerics, and at the very least, Muslim clerics have Bedouin ethics and don't abuse their hospitality."
            Yes, yes, because pointing out violence by muslims and mistreatment of women makes them just as bad as the muslim clerics! And shouting at people is such good manners and hospitiple! Ridiculous!

          • Schlomotion

            You don't need signed affidavits from a-holes to prove what their motives are, you just observe them in action. No, I don't necessarily support the shouting down of paid speakers, but it was Spencer who tried to censor the discussion first, who hurled the first invective at the audience, and who repeatedly goaded and verbally attacked the guy who was yelling. In fact, when the guy stopped yelling, Spencer instigated him to yell some more in the hopes of having him violently evicted. When even this failed, Spencer loudly asked for the man to be violently evicted. I don't need a notarized paper from Robert Spencer to prove what he was trying to achieve there. It's plainly evident. He wanted to violently evict a man from the lecture so that he could report it back here on FPM that a crazy Islamic terrorist attacked his meeting. Spencer's tactics are beginning to approach the tactics of Irv Rubin, and Irv Rubin did not turn out well.

        • MAD JEWESS

          White people in America have lost their identity, not 'supremacy.'
          Bla bla bla, you're a waycis… Jews are baaaddd, tell your Dad.

          The last time I looked, I am allowed to BE a racist, it I choose to. ACTING OUT on racism is another sort of thing, which satan-Obamas 'people' do every day, and EVERYONE knows it now.

    • moshe

      Hey, dumbass, maybe it's because Jews have been persecuted by racists like you for 2000 years and couldn't defend themselves except by obfuscation! What would have happened to the Jews of France if the Judenrat Napoleon called to answer the question "Are Jews a religion or a nation?" answered the question truthfully? From their effort to escape an imminent pogrom by telling a lie, we have the "Jews are a religion" canard. Ever though of that?

      • Schlomotion

        Your indignation sounds as ignorant as these people clobbering old ladies and calling it "Justice for Trayvon."

  • Foolster41

    "Your ability to communicate seems to have degenerated again. "
    The issue isn't my communication skills, also this seems a tad hypocritical from someone who spelled literally "literarily".

    Once again, you don't feel like answering my tough questions (what you mean about "verbally and literally" dealing with people), and pretend that what you've said is undoubted fact as plain as the temperature, and that you don't need to prove it (the height of arrogance!), and once again insisting people do YOUR research for you to prove what you are saying for you.

    Fine then.

    • Schlomotion

      I meant the word "literarily." That's why I used the word literarily. How can I type to you? You can't even read. How dare you make demands of me?

      • Foolster41

        For some reason my spellchecker here said the word when copy and pasted was incorrect. and thus my confusion.
        At any rate, this makes just as little sense. How does one deal with someone literarily (according to a dictionary search,dealing with lititure, i.e. written works) when, according to you "The time for showing that Mr. Spencer is a hater is past." (i.e. presenting evidence to show the case against Mr. Spencer)?

        Really, how dare I "demand" you actually bring forth evidence to back up your assertions and treat you as being childish when you refuse to! The nerve!

        • Schlomotion

          How does one? Isn't that a fun brainteaser? Aren't contradictions stimulating?

          • Foolster41

            Not really, it's a sign of mental weakness or hypocracy. Also, I notice you really can't ever answer my questions.

            It's apparent you don't really mean it when you talk of dealing with people "literarily".

            I still believe truth and discussion should never be "in the past". Maybe you do somewhere in the back of your mind too.

    • Schlomotion

      I meant the word "literarily." That's why I used the word literarily. How can I talk with you? You can't even read. How dare you make demands of me?

  • Foolster41

    Also, "I noticed suddenly, you know exactly what we are talking about and suddenly you know how to type. You tipped your hand"
    Yes, yes, it was all a clever rouse to lull you into a false sense of security (or something), because it's impossible for someone to misread a post.

    Also, who is this "we"? do you belong to the royal family? Are you multiple people using the same account? I think you are the one who maybe tipped your hand.

    • Schlomotion

      You and I. Wow, but your reading ability suffers.

      • Foolster41

        Ok, I misread that, though I notice you still are failing to make any coherent arguments against Mr. Greenfeild (or the side issue of Spencer), or answering any more questions that pertain to what you've said. I notice your critiques are done so generically (like your criticisms of Spencer and Greenfeild actually). I think from your replies that you understand perfectly well what I'm writing, but you don't want to actually address what I'm saying. If something is unclear, then please tell me what is unclear and I will try to clarify. Though, while I don't think I'm a great writer, I think I am being clear enough and you are stalling and distracting.

        • Schlomotion

          It's not about "making coherent arguments" anymore. It's about stopping these people. The time for making arguments and constructing theses is past. Convincing one of Greenfield's advocates that he is a racist is a waste of time.

          • Foolster41

            As I thought. if discussion and coherent arguments are in the past, then all that's left is violence. How else would one "deal with" someone? You are both disingenuous and dangerous.

            Truth and discussion should never be in the past.

  • Youssef

    During yesterday’s National Constituent Assembly plenary session, opposition members were accused of vote fraud. “While voting on one of the articles concerning the complementary budget, 162 votes were counted, while there were only 146 members present in the session,” said Constituent Assembly member Jawhara Ettiss, from the Ennahdha party.

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  • Ain't No Dhimmi

    Spiritually it is a very high honor to be born Jewish.

  • Jonathan

    The term “race” is a very dubious term scientifically. Neither Jews nor “Black” people can be described as a race and anti-Semitism is not the same as Racism although there are clear similarities.