Arab Spring Countries More Corrupt Under Islamist Governments

Islamist thugs are beating and assaulting protesters in Tunisia and Cairo. And the Arab Spring, recently the darling of media pundits, now looks positively toxic.

Among other things, Arab Spring countries appear to actually be more corrupt under their new Islamist governments than they were before.

Transparency International’s (TI) 2012 Corruption Perceptions index ranks countries from 0 to 100 based on perceived levels of public sector corruption — 100 meaning no perceived corruption. Egypt dropped six places and now ranks 118th out of 176 countries.

Following Mubarak’s downfall and Egypt’s first democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, hopes were high. But now, after Morsi’s power grab yielding him near absolute power and a controversial draft constitution in the works, anger has once again consumed Cairo’s streets.

“We know that frustration about corruption brought people out onto the streets in the Arab world,” TI’s Middle East and North Africa director, Cristoph Wilcke, told Reuters. A democratic transition has not easily come to Egypt. Morsi is now facing allegations similar to those that toppled Mubarak’s regime, and protesters are now demanding Morsi be held accountable and step down.

“As far as we can tell, very little has happened on the ground … as far as putting in place systems that we know work to prevent corruption,” Wilcke said.

Tunisia fell two places, now ranking 75th, and Morocco fell eight slots to 88th out of 176 countries.

But I’m sure things will be better under full-on Sharia.

  • Omar

    We should replace all leftist/Islamist regimes with pro-American, pro-Western governments. Those proposed pro-Western governments should protect freedom of speech, establish democratic systems that are identical to America's, Britain's, Israel's and the rest of the free world's. Extremist/totalitarian ideologies like Fascism, Communism and Islamism shall be outlawed. The people should also revere George Washington as their ideal leader, while denouncing Maxwell Robespierre (the father of Communism and who was responsible for the Reign of Terror in France during the 1790s) as the true Great Satan. Bottom line: the whole world needs to run on America's democratic ideas, not Communist nor Islamist ones.

    • Daphne

      That has been tried in the past, but failed. The reasoning behind this is why the rebels in Libya and Syria have been helped by the west in the hopes of bringing in democracy and look where it has led. Morsi is beginning to make Mubarak look like a gentle man.

  • JacksonPearson

    "Arab Spring Countries More Corrupt Under Islamist Governments"

    That's because faux Islam is total enslavement. Islam is similar to, and liken to the "Roach Hotel," once you're in you're stuck and will never leave alive.

  • Hell's Gatekeeper

    More corrupt? Try; more bent. There is no dictatorship more crushing than that of a religious theocracy.

    You cow-eyed knuckle-draggers wanted Islam, now you've got it!
    Just don't poison us with it.

  • Mary Sue

    I know of some people that were so ignorant that they were cheering on the "Arab Spring" and saying that "oh, they're finally getting their freedom!" I have a suspicion that one of their co-workers that they are friendly with is secretly of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Matt
  • Matt

    I come to play and play hardcore.
    matches is your Arab Spring. Matchboxes an slappers.
    Matty's come to party.

  • Matt
  • Matt

    Barry can't stop me.


    My brother…