Are You Ready for Illegal Alien Lawyers?

If you thought the DREAM Act was the end, get ready for the DREAM Bar Association. Just imagine an entire bar made up of Illegal Alien lawyers who wait at truck stops and sue people for only 3 dollars an hour. Unfortunately they don’t speak English.

I’m joking of course. Except the DREAM Bar Association is a real thing.

A group called the DREAM Bar Association is lobbying every state in the union to grant law licenses to illegal aliens. The Washington D.C. group boasts that it’s the first and only bar association representing “undocumented lawyers.” President Jose Magaña encourages all 50 states to pass legislation and promulgate rules to ensure that graduates of accredited laws schools are able to obtain a license and “fully utilize their legal education.”

His group has filed legal briefs in Florida and California, where state courts are considering cases involving illegal immigrants who graduated from law school but can’t obtain a license to practice.

Sooner or later we’ll have Illegal Alien lawyers and since lawyers become politicians, our first Illegal Alien Congressman can’t be far behind. One day the Governor of California will celebrate the amazing milestone of the first Illegal Alien to represent California in Congress. And after that, what’s left except an Illegal Alien Governor. Illegal aliens already run California so it would be a small step.

And one day, perhaps, in the near future, or the near past, there will be an Illegal Alien President of the United States. The young folks will cheer and send telepathic tweets while the Chinese invasion fleet repossesses all the White House furniture.

  • OIF2009

    Amazing. These people break the law and now progressives will be chomping at the bit to inject every law breaker in sight into our legal system. Yeah that should clean it up.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Oh, isn't this just peachy?! It would be easy to discount this possibility, but the direction our country has turned in the past three decades makes it all too likely. The U.S. has allowed enough immigrants (both legal and illegal) inside her borders, and there are enough 'minority rights' advocates, including a mass of citizens suffering from White guilt, that any such 'Dream Bar Assication' will be seen as proper and legitimate.

    We are starting to feel more and more of the consequences of allowing massive amounts of illegal invaders into our once great nation. Americans need to recognize that Mexico and the Mexican people are no true friend to America – especially White America. Not only are our laws being violated in the most blatant manner, but there is a strategic effort to displace Whites with 'minorities' who, for the most part, have no deep-rooted love for our country, it's culture or values. The new America is quite different than the old America indeed!

  • riverboatbill

    Bar them.

  • Mary Sue

    Um, what would lawyers be doing getting in illegally? Shouldn't they be ineligible for the bar just on that basis alone? Shouldn't they be easily able to get in legally?

    Sorry, I'm injecting common sense into a topic where the powers-that-be in the United States that are making such decisions clearly have none.

  • Cat K

    I'd say I feel like leaving the country but I don't think there's a country left here to leave.
    What is a lawyer but one who works with the law? What is illegal but outside the law? Therefore from outside the law one could not represent that same body of law. How could they argue any case when their very presence refutes any lawful precedent or constraint. Sounds like illogical chaos to me.

    See, I need to leave. I do.

    • Mary Sue

      just come up here to Canada. :)

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Did I really read this, is this a spoof or is America on a fast track to complete incompetence
    and virtual lunacy?……….I am tired of being insulted and at some point Americans must stand
    up for their honor and put and end to the wilful destruction of our way of life…………William