Assange Claims America Deserved Consulate Attack

For anyone who still had a twinge of sympathy left for rapist/bigot/foreign agent/civil rights hero Julian Assange, there is his latest stunt, claiming that the UK’s refusal to accept Ecuador harboring a wanted rapist in their embassy is equivalent to 400 attackers striking a US consulate and killing those inside.

A post on the official WikiLeaks Twitter feed, which is generally presumed to be operated by Assange, read: “By the US accepting the UK siege on the Ecuadorian embassy in London it gave tacit approval for attacks on embassies around the world.”

The question is whether this will cause Assange’s leftist American supporters like Michael Moore and Noami Wolf to retract their support for Assange. His sexual assaults didn’t seem to have accomplished that, perhaps this will. Both Moore and Wolf have avoided commenting on the consulate attack.

Glenn Greenwald, who always seems one step away from growing a beard and joining Al-Qaeda, did address the attacks in the usual cynical way by accusing America of caring too much about Americans and complaining that the killings distract from the proper hatred of America that should be practiced by progressives at all times. “One wishes that even a fraction of that rage would be expressed when the US kills innocent men, women and children in the Muslim world, as it frequently does.”

  • Omar

    This is so ridiculous. How can Julian Assange make such comparisons. The UK is doing its job by trying to get the Wikileaks lawbreaker extradited to Sweden to face criminal charges. The rioting Islamists, on the other hand, forcefully broke into an American diplomatic office and murdered an innocent diplomat. How are the two cases similar?

  • gman213

    Assange should be so lucky to catch a big full metal jacketed slug between his horns.

  • Anon

    Well, the Reverend Wright claimed America deserved 9/11. "America's chickens have come home to roost," he crowed.

    • Omar

      Reverend Wright would have supported King George III and the Redcoats during the American Revolution.

  • anon

    Daniel, why do you misinterpret that tweet?
    What are your thoughts, your intentions behind this?

  • Rnnonmt

    Assange; Just another feckless mind and face in the mounting pile of human debris that make up the Left side of thinking on a global scale.