Assaults on Women Increase with Muslim Brotherhood Takeover of Egypt

“Egypt’s sexual harassment of women ‘epidemic’. Campaigners in Egypt say the problem of sexual harassment is reaching epidemic proportions, with a rise in such incidents over the past three months,” says the BBC.

What happened three months ago? Oh nothing much. Just a fellow by the name of Morsi, representing the Muslim Brotherhood, won the Egyptian presidency.

Some Egyptian women buy into the Brotherhood’s propaganda and believe that they will be safe if they cover up, but it’s not working out too well.

But dressing conservatively is no longer a protection, according to Dina Farid of the campaign group Egypt’s Girls are a Red Line.

“It does not make a difference at all. Most of Egyptian ladies are veiled [with a headscarf] and most of them have experienced sexual harassment.

“Statistics say that most of the women or girls who have been sexually harassed have been veiled or completely covered up with the niqab.”

When I asked them about a recent case of mass harassment in which women at a park were groped by a gang of boys, they told me the girls brought it on themselves.

“If the girls were dressed respectably, no-one would touch them,” one of them said. “It’s the way girls dress that makes guys come on to them. The girls came wanting it – even women in niqab.”

So much for Islamic modesty. A woman covered head to toe with only a slight opening for the eyes still deserves to be assaulted. The next step after mock Purdah is full Purdah.

Is the Muslim Brotherhood really to blame? Let’s compare current events in Egypt to current events in Turkey.

In February 2011, Turkey’s justice minister shocked the country when, in response to a parliamentary question, he said that there had been a staggering increase in the murders of women, from 66 in 2002, to 953 in the first seven months of 2009

2002 marked the true rise to power of the AKP. Over that time there was a more than tenfold increase in the murder of women in Turkey.

The situation is the newly Islamist Turkey is bad enough that it might almost be called Gendercide.

The number of women who die due to gender-based violence surpasses the number of women who lose their lives due to cancer, traffic accidents, wars and malaria, revealed a study by the Turkish Ministry of Family and Social Policy.

This is what Turkey is like after over a decade of AKP rule. Imagine what Egypt will be like after a decade of Muslim Brotherhood rule.

  • wsg

    Is is one planet but it IS NOT one world ! We are living in time when a 7th death cult is being allowed to re establish itself with the willing help of the Left. The pathologies attached to this "religion" are legion. A fight is coming and the question is , is there enough will to survive in the Judeo-Christian West to extinguish the Islamic threat ?

  • jemaasjr

    Well, you know, not only are they supposed to dress like Casper the ghost, but they are supposed to have a male escort.

  • A. Keen Observer

    I remember watching a Muslim woman comentator (I think she was Egyptian) advocating Muslim men sexually harrass Israeli women. Hmmmm……I guess this is a case of "What you advocate for others, You shall receive." Enjoy your new lives, women of Egypt! Oh and one other thing to the people of Egypt: Next time you decide to hold a revolution, do your homework first. All revolutions in the Arab world merely result in a change in totalitarian regimes. Nothing more. If you want to change your lives, dump Islam, respect the rights of minorities (including Christians and Jews) and be very careful what you wish for 'cause you just might get it.

  • Haida

    WSG: you are a fool for actually thinking about such hocus pocus conspiracies. It is because of people like YOU that misconceptions, misunderstanding and intolerance continue to be rampant. Your narrow-mindedness in perceiving Islam as an enemy and threat is but surely a danger to society. Go out, learn about Islam, ask questions, think and ponder about what goodness is there in the kind of words you use here. It's easy to pick a fight but harder still to reason as rational human beings. I am hoping you can be rational and kinder with your words in the future.

    • poppakap

      …and we are hoping you can be more rational and honest when discussing the anti-woman beliefs in Islam. Is there a rational reason why the words of a woman have less weight than a man's in a Sharia court? Is there a rational reason why female genital mutilation is an accepted practice in Muslim-dominated countries but male genital mutilation is not? Is there a rational reason why a woman would be at fault for being involuntarily groped by boys regardless of what she's wearing? Besides Stockholm syndrome, is there a rational reason why a woman would ignore the endless pathologies perpetrated against women in Islam?

      We in the west humbly suggest the following: "Go out, learn about Islam, ask questions, think and ponder.," and don't use Islamist sources for your study.

      Finally, lecturing westerners about intolerance towards Muslims is the height of irony. It is our tolerance of Islam that allows you to comment on websites like this one. It is our tolerance of Islam that allowed 19 Muslim young men to hijack three American airplanes and crash them killing almost 3,000 innocent civilians. It is our tolerance of Islam that allows organizations like CAIR, MSA, and countless other Muslim organizations to grow virtually unfettered in our country when these organizations ARE NOT POSSIBLE in any country where Sharia is practiced. The simple fact is, Muslims are some of the least tolerant people on the earth and have trouble with other religions and cultures throughout the world. Where there is Islam, there is war.

      So indeed, "Go out, learn about Islam, ask questions, think and ponder.." There world will be a better place when you do.

    • well now

      Haida: Everything I need to know about Islam I learned on Sept 11, 2001 at 8:48 in the morning.
      'Nuf said.

  • Haida

    A Keen Observer: If you have nothing nice or useful to say, why do you need to make a comment as such above, clearly saying that Muslim women are deserving of such harassment? Women all over the world are just as much harassed as the women in Egypt, one need to only look around how much subjugation women have faced in history. Anyone who think Islam agrees and allows women to be harassed as such ought to rethink twice. I am a Muslim but I also believe in the goodnes of all other religions and faiths for they all lead to the same path that speaks of kindness, compassion and good heartedness towards others. All structured religion are bound to have bad eggs and extremists. The world does not need that right now, they need good men to speak up for those who cannot.

    • Lan Astaslem

      your 'religion' is a demonic death cult started by a bloodthirsty pedophile – stay under that burka in whatever islamic cesspool you came from

    • poppakap

      I agree that Muslim women are not deserving of such harassment, even if they support the ideologies that are the root of such pathology. However, it is not at all accurate to say that women all over the world are harassed the same as women in Egypt or other Muslim societies. The problem with the harassment of women in Muslim society is subscribed in authoritative Muslim writings. Women are not given the same legal rights as men in Sharia, and that is the root of the problem. In any society where women are deemed unequal before law, pathological behavior against women ensues and it's irrational to expect otherwise. In other words, the Koran does not explicitly say one can physically harass women, but it does say that women are inferior before the law. It is the writings of the Koran, the Hadiths, and legal decisions by Islamist judges that have taught Muslim men to treat Muslim women as inferior, and as long as that's an accepted doctrine, the harassment of all women in Islam will continue unabated.

  • @kathlena1

    The notion that Islam has been hijacked by a "few bad eggs" is absurd. Anyone who has read the entire Qur'an knows better too. Islam is the only religious governmental system that calls for the murder of all non-adherents. Islam considers women to be chattel in accordance with the prophets teaching. They are to be considered like pets or property. Those who only follow the kindly teachings in the Qur'an are actually the hijackers. There is only one Islam,. there are those who truly follow it and those who don't. True Islam IS what is called Radical Islam.