At the Poker Table with Bibi and Barack

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The AIPAC speeches and the meeting between Obama and Netanyahu both laid out the vast gulf between the two tracks. Netanyanu is on a war track with Iran; Obama is on a diplomatic track with Iran. Both men have done their best to sell their way, not to each other, but to the audience. Neither Obama nor Netanyahu have been talking to each other. They have been talking to us.

The surface pleasantries underlie this basic dilemma, and both men are fighters circling each other and looking for an understanding that will let them move ahead. With far more diplomatic experience under his belt, Netanyahu does a much better job of hiding his dislike of Obama, than Obama does of hiding his dislike of Netanyahu. Obama’s innate arrogance and inexperience, as well as his boundless faith in his own charm, make it difficult for him to compromise. What Netanyahu needs from him is non-interference, but it is not at all clear that he is willing to offer even that much.

Obama’s radical background gave him a false sense of familiarity with the Jewish community, which he assumed was much like his left-wing radical Jewish friends. Once in office he assumed that all he had to do was give J Street equal status, kick Israel around a little, and then the majority of Jewish voters would gather round and cheer for him, while AIPAC would fall into obscurity.

Instead Obama finds himself back at AIPAC, once again promising things he doesn’t mean, and trying to sell opposition to an Israeli strike on Iran, without seeming anti-Israel. Selling the idea that the only reliable way to end Iran’s nuclear program is with the willing consent of the Iranian government would be unconvincing even if the administration had not just managed to get led around the nose yet again by North Korea, which has offered to shut down its nuclear program so many times that its weapons of mass destruction must be mounted on revolving doors.

Nearly twenty years ago when the South Korean president arrived in Washington, President Clinton treated him to nearly the same remarks that Obama just offered Netanyahu, complete with all the right noises about “America’s unyielding commitment to South Korea’s security” and making it clear to North Korea that it faces international isolation and the wrath of the international community if it should go on with its nuclear program.

Netanyahu has no interest in seeing the same “firm resolve” for achieving a diplomatic solution that was applied to North Korea allow Iran to become a nuclear power. That was something he emphasized in both his speech to AIPAC and in his remarks to Obama. And that is the ultimate bottom line.

The only thing riding on this for Obama is his election if some Jews in Florida go rogue in a close race. But for Netanyahu, who has lost elections before, this is about being on the front lines of a nuclear war. Netanyahu is a politician, with all the flaws of the breed, but he also sees the abyss and unlike Obama, he is capable of putting country first.

Netanyahu has the weaker hand, but he also has more at stake. Obama has repeatedly warned American Jews not to believe that he is bluffing when it comes to Iran, but Iran has already called his bluff and won. Now it’s Netanyahu’s turn to do the same.

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  • Matamoros

    Mr Greenfield tiptoes around THE most salient point about Hussein Obama: his Mohammedism!!! ("Islam" is nothing more than the cult of Mohammed masquerading as a "religion.") His "arrogance," his "inexperience" and his "boundless faith in his own charm" are only his most superficial and obvious traits. Hussein is both a Negro (in the ugliest sense of the word) and a Mohammedan…which make him a hater of everything American AND, as with everything mohammedan, a Jew-hater. Hussein's every word and act has been consistent with the goal of assisting the fulfillment of the Mohammedan threat to eliminate Israel and exterminate the Jews…literally Remember, Hussein's only brush with "Christianity" was listening to Jeremiah Wright for 20-odd years and never hearing the filth and vitriol spewed by that disgusting N e g r o against the US and "white people."

    • Jim_C

      Wow, a +8 for this guy? You guys are real charmers, that's for sure.

      Can I point this joker out next time someone tries the old "Liberals don't really care about black people" canard?

      • Matamoros

        After you've pulled your head outta your a**, you may realize the entire world isn't brown. Then, maybe, you will comprehend the difference between Negro race-pimps, race-baiters, and race-haters like Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, Obama, Farrakhan, ad nauseam, from intelligent men of good will like Allen West, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and Herman Cain who happen to have been born with dark skin. However, I'm sure my hopes and wishes exceed your reality.

      • trickblain

        Now a +16 — the highest rated comment on the page!

        I do like the creative use of quotation marks, though.

  • Matamoros

    The second most salient point about Hussein is his endless, almost genetic, mendacity. Every word off his teleprompter is a lie. …including "and" and "the!"
    Let us pray that Bibi and the Israeli military opt first for the nuclear solution to Iran. And if Hussein attempts in any way to interfere with the Israelis or, even, to attack THEM, let's hope the Israelis have at least one extra nuke available.

    • Danny

      And let's further hope that the one extra nuke be aimed squarely at the narrow space between your eyes.
      If we're going to die, at least we can take the scum out with us.

    • Jim_C

      Interesting loyalties you have there, Matamoros.

      • Matamoros

        "Loyalty" to a traitor and a saboteur…and his racist, Communist thugs? Interesting set of priorities YOU have there, Jim_C!

        • Mark

          Good one Mat.

        • mrbean

          A nuke Mr Matamoros kills a massive number of people not just one person. You should heed what Vito said; "Never hate your enemies, it clouds your thinking" And yours is a bit clouded.

  • Tzila

    Hold on to your horses! Stop the BHO bashing because his exceptionalness is going to give Shimon Peres the Presidential Medal of Freedom. See? Obama really does love Israel!
    I pray that Shimon won't accept the award (that'll never happen because his goal in life is to grab as many as he can) or to at least not pander by making one of his fluffy speeches.

  • treetop

    This poker game is long over ! Bibi played his "Jewish vote" blackmail card, Obama called his bluff.

    As Obama heads for almost certain reelection, Likud Israel can at the best now hope for a ride in the back of the bus, if it behaves accordingly. Bibi is big hat, no cows.

    • aspacia

      I hope you are wrong because O is a bad as Carter.

      • kathy

        Worse. O is far more arrogant.

    • Michael S

      And you treebottom are a horse’s arse!!

      • treetop

        Rather a horse's arse loyal to my country, then a traitor putting foreign interests before those of my country and slandering the democratically elected president and chief in staff of its armed forces.

        • reader

          His not the chief of staff he's unfortunately the commander in chief, dumbass. Since when pandering to islamonazis became in the interest of the United States? And since when the commies and socialists decided that slandering of the democratically elected president and the Commander in Chief is a bad thing?

        • Zionista

          calling a klansman like you a horse arse is an insult to horses

        • UCSPanther

          You sound like one of those "America Firsters" who opposed intervention in WWII, even when Japan attacked Pearl Harbour.

        • dirt

          Mr. Netanyahu and Obama are mentioned in this article, since Mr. Netanyahu is loyal to his country, so you must mean that Obama is a traitor to this country?

          Good, it's never too late to admit your supported the wrong person.

    • stern

      Let us, just for a moment, imagine life for the US without Israel.

      Hmm, no more Israeli purchases from the US arms industry. Thousands of jobs lost.
      Hmmm, mo more Israeli intelligence in the Middle East. No more Israel army in the Middle East. Suddenly, the US has to gather its own intelligence and try to ensure stability in a very unstable region. Thousands of lives lost.
      No more Israeli high tech and bio tech advances, thousands of American jobs AND lives lost.

      Great scenario, only viewable from the treetops.

      • treetop

        O yeah? The US taxpayer pays for Israel's arms. And when did the Israeli army ever support the US army anywhere? That is done by our reliable allies like England, Germany, Canada, Turkey, Ausrealia. israel is always far to busy bullying its neighbours or occupying other folks land. Israel is a bpolder around the US's neck.

        • stern

          Can you not read?

          As for the US taxpayer "paying" for Israel, the value you get for your money is almost unmeasurable. George Keegan, former deputy CIA director, once said that in terms of intelligence, Israel is worth "5 CIAs". Alexander Haig called Israel "the biggest, unsinkable aircraft carrier" in the Middle East.

          I've explained (below) why Israeli soldiers do not fight alongside the US, but there's an additional point mentioned by another poster. Not one US soldier has EVER been called upon to fight or die for Israel.

        • stern

          Apologies – I explained why Israel does not fight alongside the US on another page, so as you appear not to be capable of following responses on more than one page, here it is again:

          And can you imagine how friendly the "natives" would have been if Israel had fought alongside the US? Is your memory so short that you cannot recall how, in the first Gulf War, Bush I begged Israel not to retaliate for hundreds of Scud missiles fired at her, in order to preserve the "coalition of the willing"?

          • treetop

            Which just goes to prove how infantile it is to believe that the Arab world would support or condone an Israeli led strike against a muslim nation like Iran.

            And which also goes to prove that Israel and its army are of absolutely no strategic or tactical benefit to the USA or the West. When it comes to the crunch, Israel becomes a burden, unable to fight and in need of protection. This would be the blueprint of an Israei attack on Iran:- Israel strikes and runs for cover of the UNO , the USA and the West clean up the mess with the blood of their soilders.

          • stern

            Who said anything about the Arab world "supporting or condoning" an Israeli attack – at least openly? However, they would quietly – very quietly – applaud with all their hearts and all their souls. They do not want to see an Iranian takeover of the Muslim world.

            And when last did the UNO, the USA or the West spill a drop of blood in defence of israel? Has never happened, probably won't ever happen, nor has Israel ever asked for it. Israel stands alone and knows it, not least thanks to cowards and bigots like you.

          • treetop

            Even the Saudis will condem Israel. If they don't the masses on the street together with the radical mullahs will topple them. Do you have any doubts????

            And when last did the UNO, the USA or the West spill a drop of blood in defence of israel?

            That was when Israel bombed UN positions during its last extravaganza in Lebanon. After the Israels previous extravaganza in lebanon UN and US troops were deployd to clean up the mess, and I recall that over a hundred US soilders died.

          • UCSPanther

            Yes, the Saudis will openly condemn an attack to placate morons like you, but secretly, they will support it. Why? Because they too do not like the idea of Iran holding them hostage either, nor do they want Iran stirring up their Shiite underclass.

            It is going to be a surprise for you when you see how truly weak Iran is. Looking at the Middle East through the "Blame Israel" lens blinds you to the other more important factors.

            And for the Israelis, they can do it alone. Gamal Nasser thought he could take them on with his UAR alliance, and look where that went.

          • stern

            That was hardly "in defence of Israel". Those UN observers died as a result of Hezbollah firing from their position, drawing Israeli return fire. Only idiots like you continue to blame Israel for the deadly tactics of her enemies.

        • Snorbak

          Just as the US military has never supported Israel….ever!
          Many of YOUR allies have supported YOU in past military conflicts when the US believed there was a (in)direct threat even when they should NOT have such as Vietnam, GW1 & GW2.
          Even though I am a supporter of the US, it has at times too pushed around weaker nations when it served its interest to do so.
          Hypocrisy & glass houses my friend!

        • Stephen_Brady

          What is it with you and this "O yeah?" thing? Are you in your early teens? If so, who taught you this insanely-high level of hatred for Israel and Jews?

          You are growing up in a dangerous world, and there are millions of people who rather kill you than look at you. You need to learn this, and make a sane attempt to understand the dynamics of the Middle East before some Muslim puts you on a beheading video …

          • treetop

            Oh yeah? And why should my country be expected to support Israel and its administration of nationalist and religious extremists? What's in this "deal" for the USA? When we finance and diplomatically cover Israel's squabbles, can we expect to get a share of the spoil? A piece of Golan? A few hills in West Jordan? Why is the US always the looser in this "special relations" thing? And why is it automatically always to expected that the US must support without question any Israeli administration and all of it whimseys? Would the US accept this from England, France, Greece, Poland?

            This hijacking of the USA through a foreign administration has now become a major threat to US interests and the lives of US soilders. AIPAC and its crooneys must be declared a subversive foreign agitator and barred from Senate and Congress. Trying to blackmail the US into war must be the last straw.

          • Zionista

            spoken like a true Jew hating ignorant klansman

          • treetop

            I see no difference between Zionist racism and Klansman racism. Both stemm from the notion of superior culture and race.

          • Fred Dawes

            muslims are the real racists but most people are racists only the WHITE RACE HAS DIED FOR OTHER RACES

          • Dennis X

            Tell me what does the term " strange fruit" mean. Black Men have fought and died in EVERY war this country has been involed in for NOTHING!

          • JoJoJams

            Dennis, "strange fruit" is long gone – American men with high melanin content have bravely fought for this nation, and at those older times, yes, apparently "for nothing" – other than a changing America that has grown up past its racism – with the exception of the racism in your OWN heart, that keeps you from thinking clearly. You truly need to cleanse your own soul of its vast hatred and racism. If not for yourself, then for your children, whom i pity, having to be raised by someone as hateful as you.

          • Dennis X

            Try answering the question. It refers to Blackmen in uniform that were lynched and hanging from a tree . america hasn't moved pass anything, just look at some of the post on this zionist web site. And no , my child will never serve in this countrys military! As yo u jews say, " Never Again"

          • stern

            It's getting tired. You keep repeating the same garbage about the "lives of US soilders (sic)" and American blood and Israeli "hijacking" of the US, despite the facts presented against your arguments. You do not provide any evidence to counter our arguments, you simply repeat the same old nonsense.

            You're not just an anti-Semite. You're a boring anti-Semite.

          • Stephen_Brady

            "Oh, YEAH?" …

            "Crooneys"? Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, or Vaughan Monroe? …

        • dirt

          O yeah? You don't know that Israel supplied most ME intelligence to US and all our allies?

        • Choi

          Israel is a CLOSE AMERICAN ALLY ,something the JEW-HATRED. of SHYTTS like you IGNORE!

    • Mark

      Your position as stated is patently absurd. Bibi does not control the Jewish American vote.

      • treetop

        "Bibi does not control the Jewish American vote."

        …which is why he needs a war with Israel as supposed victim.

    • Fred Dawes

      Its all about the game of eat us all alive. see Alex Jones aqnd savage nation open your eyes.

    • artcohn

      The presidential race is not over yet. When the Republican party selects a candidate the itra-party bashing wil stop. all will be concentrated on Obamma's atrocious record as President plus attacks on h is bring America down philosophy.. There will be millions of people disgusted with him helping the campaign against him.

  • Max E Webb

    it is immoral not to resist aggression…whether in matters personal, political, religious or in statecraft, … , it matters not, … , to not resist aggression is to aid and abet the aggressor, and to assure that after your demise at his hands, he will seek the conquest of another. whatever you may feel the worth of the stance to you as a personal matter, by adopting such a stance, you assure the suffering of another: no high blown assertion of morality can escape this essential fact, and to inflict this suffering on another, perhaps less capable of protecting him or herself than you, is immoral, unethical, and unforgivable.and, it is cowardice.
    credit to

    • 11bravo

      What a joke Max!! Do you actually believe that philisphical drivel? It apparently seems as if Bush and Obama and Clinton have resisted agression for about 12-16 years with regards to iran. Doesn't seem like it is working out too well aye?
      Iran needs a good but whipping; lets get it over with and move on.

      • JoJoJams

        11Bravo, i think you misread his statement. Certainly the first sentence could have been constructed better, but he's saying it's immoral to let an agressive person/nation/people get away with it – that you HAVE to resist agression and fight! That if you don't resist, after the agressor kills you, he will go on to someone else – and to NOT do anything about it, when one could have, is immoral. Which has been a point many a philosopher has made. Then again, maybe I've misread your statement? Your third sentence seem to state that the last 3 presidents HAVE resisted agression, which they clearly haven't, and in light of your last sentence stating Iran needs a whipping, I would hazard to guess you were being sarcastic. In any event, due to your nom de plume and last sentence, it would appear that you and Max agree…. Just sayin.

  • muchiboy

    Perhaps the black Harvard Law School graduate can make it crystal clear to the Jewish MIT graduate that should Israel attack Iran to push back that countries nuculear capabilities America will not intervene in any way if Iran does retailiate.muchiboy

    • stern

      Was it really necessary to make this about race? Knowing you, I suppose that's a silly question.

    • Zionista

      monkeyboy, little barry if half white – and his white half is just as much a commie soros puppet as his black half. And when are we going to see his records from harvard, the writing he did when editor of one of their papers, and who paid for him to get there? any answers monkey??

    • Alex

      1. Israel will not use it’s air force to take out Iran’s nuclear sites
      2. Israel will use it’s precision rockets with huge ordanance in the warheads to destroy bunkers and all
      3. If Iran retaliates excessively, Israel will then retaliate 10 fold with their jets and will continue their sorties until the Iran’s sue for an armistice
      4. Any 3rd party becoming involved will be severely attacked by Israel
      5, if any warring party uses unconventional warheads against Israel, whether biological, gas and/ or chemical, and thousands of Jews are killed and injured, Israel will nuke that guilty nation
      6. Israel will also cut off by advanced technologies all of the enemies means of communication, command centers, radar, and computer operations

      These are the facts plain and simple

    • dirtbag

      If the black Harvard graduate is not the head of this great country (going down slope in three short years, who is to blame?), one on one there's no way the the black Harvard graduate can beat the MIT graduate on every aspect, including integrity and honesty.

  • davarino

    We live in a world where cops have to think twice or three times whether to use the taser, bean bag, mase or the gun. Your a bad guy. You decided to do the stupid thing. I dont care how your mommy and daddy treated you when you were a child. You surrender or you get shot, thats all. What is with this second guessing tyrants that say they want to kill. I would take them at their word and not look back. At least with cops, when a perp points a gun at you thats it, you get shot. But when Iran says they want to destroy Israel and develop a nuclear bomb that is just saber rattling. Israel cannot afford second guessing. They balk and their dead, and Net knows that, and thats why Iran nuke program will be destroyed, and soon.

    • davarino

      And thats why Net poked Obama in the eye with his middle finger. Its do or die.

  • jacob


    Your persistence is admirable from every standpoint…

    But whille you mull over my words, would you mind telling me when has an American soldier shed
    one drop of SWEAT, let alone of BLOOD for ISRAEL ????
    Or do you firmly believe anyone in Israel expects good old USA SPECIALLY under such a President
    to como to its rescue????

    • muchiboy

      I don't believe America would hesitate a NY minute to come to Israels' rescue,if need be.That's what friends are for.I think America,and the West generally,is blind to the dark(er) side of Zionism.Alternatively,you might say that America and the West are blind to the simple humanity and suffering of the Palestinian people.Maybe the human capacity for understanding is overwhelmed by the complexities of this conflict.muchiboy

    • muchiboy

      I have to believe that America would come to the support of Israel,come what may.Like it or not,and I for one definitely do not like it,there is a natural support for Israel in America,and besides,the Jewish lobby is very influencial there.Unfortunatey,the west,and America especially,is blind to the simple injustices that Zionism has meant/brought to the Palestinian people.The injustices may not be reversible,given the power of Israel and the support of America.But that does not mean the Palestinian people should roll over and die,like the Diaspora did under the Nazis.And one can ask the same question of the west today,in the case of the Palestinian people,"Where are they?",as Jews may well have asked of them during the Holocaust,and really,where were we?muchiboy

  • richard handwerk

    i pray they bomb the nuke sites in iran.

    • trickyblain

      In the name of our Lord and Saivior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

  • Asher

    Always have admired Prime Minister Netanyahu's Courage, Character, and Strength. Netanyahu said: "As Prime Minister of Israel, I will never let my people live under the threat of annihilation." To be a leader for your people, you must first have a moral conscience to do what is good, not to do what is evil. The rhetoric from the Obama administration, in addition to ( Israel must go back to 1967 borders, and quit building their settlements in Judea and Samaria,) has been less than favorable to the Jewish nation, and to suggest that Israel wait until after the 2012 election to do anything about a Nuclear armed Iran, shows Obama covets his own political self interests over the lives of Jews, or for that matter his own people. So will we now get a sudden caring spirit from our Deceptive leader?

    • Jim_C

      I like Bibi too.

      But you're out of line on Obama. He is not Israel's president. He does have quite a few other things on his plate. The rhetoric you mention is the standard rhetoric of every US president. And it's a little unsettling to hear such vitriol when every US president has done this exact same dance with Israel and said the exact same things.

  • Dispozadaburka

    Obama is here to bring in the Mahdi.
    He has already surrendered our country to Islam.
    September 2009, Muslim Day of Prayer on the Mall in Washington, DC was an act of "surrender."
    You can't leave troops in a muslim country and withdraw your troops slowly "with Honor." as Obama put it.
    Unless you "submit" to Islam.
    That's why he apologized for our soldiers burning the Koran in Afganistan.
    As Bill Clinton said, "Obama needs 4 more years to complete his plan."
    That plan is the fulfillment of Islamisizing the US with the help of Saudi petrodollars.
    Either Israel will submit to 1967 borders (and we will establish our embassy in Jerusalem) thereby Islamisizing it. Or Obama will let Iran loose on Israel. He just has to wait until they are fully capable.

  • Jim_C

    What is up with all the deleted posts? Is it a bug with the system or heavy duty FPM moderating?

  • 11bravo

    I think Bibi has the upper hand. If there is military conflict the price of gasoline will go through the roof. A few critical words by Bibi (post strike), of Obama would be devastating. Make him look like he does not support isreal, and he should have taken action sooner (all this could have been avoided). Bibi could also hit the iranian oil terminal to insure the price of oil goes up. Obama would be toast-especially if he tried to make the case Bibi was trying to influence U.S. elections. That is the behavior we most ascribe to Obama.
    Does anyone really believe Obama will show full throated support for the JEWS against islam? I would bet a paycheck he would never!!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Until Obama calls for a deadline, how can the Iranians conclude that he isn't bluffing? Indeed, if he weren't bluffing, then there would be a deadline.

    Our only hope is for Israel to buy us time long enough until Mitt inevitably wins in November and takes office in January.

  • Jim_C

    Isn't it just oh-so special that you all have FEELINGS about Barack Obama's views toward Israel that fly in the face of his actual record supporting Israel?

    The first genius to comment above, even has to bring up Obama's race a few times. But you guys aren't racist! Oh no!

    End of the day, America's Jewish community, being educated, accomplished, and free thinking, will support Obama. And Israel will survive and thrive. But you guys will continue to make your emotions the focal point, continue to parse the many "hidden" agendas of Obama, and generally, whine like victims–your favorite past time.

  • pierce

    I for one, am rooting for Bibi. Ever since Barack took the oath of office the state of Israel has been a second class nation. For the life of me, I do not understand why Jewish people in the USA continue to back him. And now, all of a sudden, he sees the light. Even I, an unsophisticated know-nothing can see what is going on in Iran. Wake up Mr President, and the best of luck Bibi.

  • Fred Dawes

    Its all part of the government BS And its a plan by the world bankers to take us down to the third world.

    Obama is just a Puppet monkey

    • mrbean

      Ooooohhh,,,,eeeeeee… they are out to get us. It is the illuminatii and the decendants of the borgias. oooohhh ,,,eeee,, ho ho hee hee hah hah

  • Jon Clark

    Barry Hussein Soetoro, is leader of the hate-America movement. This marxist/muslim has got to go. If he is re-elected the country will be ready for a revolution.

  • Len_Powder

    Obama never shuts up in his waking hours. I wonder if he also talks in his sleep? He is 95% constantly moving tongue and larynx and 5% community organizer.

  • Joseph Gwaychee

    RE: Israel,

    After long argued prayer and diligent meditation, let me FIRST say I am TOTALLY Pro-Israel. However, in their political statements and Image, they have not mentioned or glorified the God Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    Their constitution or bill of rights allows for certain things that are not favorable in the eyes of God. Therefore, they are as soldiers dredging their feet on the way to win this battle, which they WILL win. But first, they MUST compare their laws with the laws of God,handed down to Moses and revert back to TRUE Jewish law.

    I also believe that until the Temple Mount issue is finally resolved in their favor, they should make use of the same design Tabernacle that was used before the first temple was built. There, they could resume the sacrifices and burnt offerings that God intended they do, on a daily basis.

    Then all the world will see that Jerusalem is the TRUE dwelling place of God and that Israels' Jews are TRULY Gods' chosen people on this earth.

    I, myself, would turn my back on my comforted life to join the Israeli cause if I were allowed to. I would personally take a sledge hammer to the dome of the rock! AND I would personally burn every Qur’an upon the face of this planet.

    Then, I would simply explain to every single Islamist that Jesus, The Messiah, is NOT simply Prophet MENTIONED in their Qur’an. Jesus ls the Savior and RESURRECTED Son of Jehovah, The living God of Israel.

    Yes, I am aware that the Jews believe He was merely a prophet. However, if you have TRULY read The Holy Bible, from cover to cover, you would know that theirs’ is a different situation that it MUST be this way in order that the prophecy of The Holy Scripture Should be fulfilled. And, it will be fulfilled.

    To those of us who stand on the ROCK of our salvation, that is Jesus, The Christ, know that the Holy Scriptures say, in at least 2 places that we HAVE BEEN grafted into "The Tree of Life" through the crucifixion and RESURRECTION oh Jesus, The Christ.

    We are COMPELLED to pray and fast for the safety of all Jews and Israel!

    REPENT! For He IS coming sooner than you think!


    • stern

      No thank you.

      Your little sermon tells us all we need to know. You are "totally Pro-Israel" only because you believe that the Jews must return in order for your "second coming". In other words, you are looking forward to the destruction of the Jewish people. Your kind of friendship, we don't need.

      • Joseph Gwaychee

        If you have TRULY read the HOLY Scriptures, you would understand that, though we may differ in faith, I would lay down my life for any Jew that comes in harms way.

        If I have offended you, it was not my intention. And for your information, I wear the Star of David to proudly declare total victory for ALL Isreal


      • Joseph Gwaychee

        Also, NOT IN ANY THOUGH OR FEELING OR PRAYER would I EVER call for "The destruction of Jewish people."

        In fact, ALL Jewish people will be the ONLY ones to see God FACE TO FACE, where he will bless and keep you, forever, in His Arms. I'm sure that there is a place for me somewhere in the Heavens. I, myself would be happy, even if it were merely a wet cardboard box to spend eternity in.

        May you and yours be blessed.


        • stern

          And you have no desire to convert Jews to Xtianity?

          • Joseph Gwaychee

            None whatsoever. My grandfather on my mom's side was Jewish. I can honestly say that I know, in my deepest heart, that the Covenant G-d made with Abraham IS an everlasting one.

            Mine is a different belief that DEMANDS respect, prayer and reverence to the descendants of he that was ready sacrifice his only son to G-d at G-ds request.

            I originate from Long Island and I can't even begin to explain to you the burning that wrenched my heart and still does, every time the news reported hate graffiti at any synagog.

            Butt, then again, I cannot fathom the pain that every Jew has felt because of the holocaust,

            I used to work for the TSA and one day, about 6 years ago, I had to pat down a sweet elderly man in a wheelchair because he had a pacemaker I still remember it as if it were ten minutes ago, He seemed afraid and I knelt in an attempt to reassure him. As I did, he rolled up his sleeve and asked me "Do you know what this means?" As I looked it was a series of numbers on his arm. I had to physically be helped from the screening area, because my heart was broken and I was hysterical. Learning about it in school fails to give justice for what the Jews had and still have to endure.

            I still wake up crying, thinking of how traumatized this gentleman had been and I do peril at what memories the whole screening process must have evoked.

            Now, I am disabled due to a severe brain injury I sustained from eating tainted sushi. My days are spent reading the Bible and praying. I ask for NO sympathy. For, mine has been an easy life compared to those who endure hatred on any given day.

            May you and yours be blessed.


          • umustbkidding

            Faith of a mustard seed. I wonder how much prayer has been put into this? What has GOD told Netanyahu to do?

            Forget Prez Zero.

      • umustbkidding

        Spoken like a true Pharisee.

  • WilliamJamesWard

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