Australia’s Top Muslim Leaders Investigated for Fraud and Embezzlement

You may know the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils best for its former leader, Sheikh “Cat Meat” Hilaly who blamed Australian women for being raped by Muslim men.

The AFIC is the umbrella group for Australian Muslims consisting of local Islamic councils banded together into an Aussie Caliphate. Now the former AFIC President Ikebal Adam Patel, who called for Islamic law in Australia is in trouble, along with other Muslim leaders in Australia, for ripping off the government, which funds Muslim schools.

Now the investigation has gotten properly serious.

Ikebal Patel, the former president and current vice-president of AFIC and the assistant treasurer Ashraf Ali were suspended after an executive committee meeting on December 9, and an external auditor brought in to examine the use of hundreds of thousands of dollars of the organisation’s funds.

Mr Patel was also suspended from the boards of all AFIC schools pending an investigation into millions of dollars in funds being charged by AFIC to Muslim schools of which he was also a board member.

The Australian revealed AFIC had been wrongly charging Australia’s largest Muslim school, Malek Fahd in Sydney’s southwest, millions in “management fees” and backdated rent.

Mr Patel was the chairman of the board of directors of Malek Fahd and president of AFIC at the time the payments were made.

Malek Fahd received just under $20 million, or 80 per cent of its funding, from the commonwealth and state governments, including $5.1m from the Gillard government’s Building the Education Revolution funding for the construction of a school hall.

NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli eventually froze the school’s funding and forced it to repay $9m in state government funds given to the school.

  • Jana

    Please send him back to his country as they do not deserve to be here in what was once our lucky Country

    • Mozzie

      Its pretty lucky for them to get money for nothing

  • Guest

    Where did the money go? A nice, interest free loan to fund their bothers in arms?

    • patch

      yes these scumbags are supplying their armies overseas so they can kill our soldiers while they live here and rip us off,quietly planning ways to overthrow our government and take over the country while they practice their filthy disease called a religion by them

  • http://nil leeanne foster

    Its time to hung up your high heels girl its also time for Abbott to go crawl under a rock. Do you fully understand what you are doing to our country because if you did you would already have those boats turned around and there are plenty of other islands they can start again this country did the same went from nothing to what it is today .. So sorry to your days are up and as for Abbott no one wants him either.. We want new blood and there are plenty out there that will get the job done and yes they will do it as you lib or lab you have no idea . I mean paying for other country’s before looking after you own and also the crime and diseases you have let in .. Please I think this should go federal and im thinking ALL PARLIAMENT HOUSES ON AUSTRALIA DAY LETS GET TOGETHER AND DO THIS ..

  • raymond

    why is it we are funding these schools of terrorism anyway?our own schools are suffering and these idiots in government are funding bloody muslim ones.get rid of the lot of these parasitic pedohiles right bcjk to their own backward countries.australia is no placed for muslims or their fitlhy religion of evil.also put these rip off pigs in our jails before we deport them what the inside of our prisons are like.

  • Kutty

    this news report and the people that have left comments for such stupid article are evidence that aussies are disgusted..humanity has diminished

    • Jilly

      Why do you say this they broke the law and got caught simple! Why is that racist?

  • Marella Harris

    Its a pity, that the $9.6 million due to be paid back to the state government, still has NOT been paid. And that the state government have now had ti take the school to court in order for to have the moneys repaied.