Being Black in the Muslim World: “When I’m Just Walking Down the Street, People Will Call Me a Dirty Black Man or Slave”

African immigration is quite controversial. Not so much in Europe, as in the Middle East, where slavery still exists and racism remains part of the culture. It’s a topic that most Western liberals have no real interest in discussing because it cuts against their preconceptions and their ideological posturing. But it’s quite real.

Morroco’s Maroc Hebdo magazine is running a cover story about the “Black Peril” and French media outlets have stories on what life is like for Africans in the parts of Africa controlled by Arab Muslims. And it’s not a pretty picture.

“Often, when I’m just walking down the street, people will call me a “dirty black man” or call me a slave. Young Moroccans have physically assaulted me on several occasions, for no reason, and passers-by who saw this didn’t lift a finger to help me. All my friends are black and they have all had similar experiences. Even the girls get insulted in the street. To avoid getting hurt, I now try to ignore the insults. But if someone starts to hit me, what can I do? I have to defend myself…”

Maroc Hebdo had a cover story entitled “the Black Peril,” accusing sub-Saharan Africans of living off begging, drug trafficking and prostitution. The cover featured a close up shot of a black man’s face.

Morocco is the African gateway to Europe, giving it a role similar to Mexico, but without the financial incentives that Mexico has to encourage illegal immigration. And as African migrants stream into Morocco, we are reminded once again that the West is far less racist than the east.

  • Cerise Rowan

    I've often wondered why black Americans want to be muslim. I hear so much hate toward "whites" for slavery (as if all whites had anything to do with it, most of us arrived long after, most whites never had slaves and the Civil war is proof that most did not approve, and consier the whites who risked everything to eradicate slavery, to help slaves escape and those 700,000 who died to free them?) when in fact muslims were worse slavers. Slavery was still legal in muslim nations until 1932, and then only officially illegal (brought about for the most part by the pressure of Christian nations and Christian groups, it was still cool then to think of your duty as a "Christian", to see to the poor and free the oppressed). Many of the slavers were muslim, most whites avoided the African coast, read the writings of sailors who did not want to land on the coast for fear of the diseases that kill large numbers of them. Most slaves were sold by rival tribes men and professional slavers. Black Americans, when talking about slavery, never seem to include the millions of White Europeans taken to be slaves in the middle east, even before the jihad enslaved entire populations. Napoleon actually reinstated slavery to make money from captured Europeans, and sold them to the muslim states.
    I've also been surprised they want to embrace a culture that seems to hold them in contempt. I've worked with quite a few middle eastern people, for the most part women from Iran. They avoided black customers and made very insulting comments about them and comments to me about dealing with them. I have no idea how typical their attitude was, but, over years in different companies, it seemed common enough to make we wonder it is never mentioned. Event the nicest women I worked with made it clear, they would not interact with some Americans.
    After one black customer left, a Persian coworker grabbed my arm and dragged me toward the ladies room, "wash your hand before you touch anything else" Why? "YOU TOUCHED HER"… the others grumbled, "why do you let them mumble mumble….." scowling as I turned to look at them. They told me “it is different in Iran”.
    Would it not be a sad truth, some of those who support the muslim power growth in the USA, will find themselves the worst losers… in their attempts (guided by the most part by power grabbing leaders) to make white Christians pay for "slavery", they may find themselves not allowed to ride the bus.
    The cost of ignorance, ignorance of the facts, could be high indeed.

    • Suzanne

      Your comment was very interesting and informative. Thank you.

    • Mary Sue

      wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. Man, it sure is amazing to see just how much more racist the Muslim country people can be than Whitey is accused of.

      This reminds me of someone I knew who worked at a Canadian department store. This was in the 50s and 60s. Instead of blacks though, the majority minority was East Indian, to wit, turban-wearing Sikhs. The other clerks avoided helping them, as well they avoided assisting the "hippies" that came in. The person I know always assisted everybody, and found that the assumptions people had (like that the hippies didn't have money) were incorrect. And they were consistently the highest scored salesperson in the entire store.

      I think the problem with organizations like the Nation of Islam is they have their own thing, which doesn't have contact with a lot of the really anti-black Imams of the East. So they're in a sort of cocoon. The truth is Islam is no more their "natural" religion than Christianity, as BOTH qualify as the "religion of the Master"! Please to note that neither designation applies to whether one or the other is the "true" religion, but in a race between those two I'm betting on Christianity.

    • Zeek

      Seems blacks have this never-ending complex that causes them to run to those who enslave them, instead of learning from their tragic past and running away from their captors. Maybe their tribal past is so deeply embedded they must live in collective groups and have "leaders" who tell them how to live.

      The jews are somewhat similar. They too are from tribal roots The majority of American jews run to the very groups and tyrannical politicians who enslave them. A majority of both groups just cannot seem to see the light of what true, God-given liberty is, and how very precious it truly is.

      I hear blacks talk of being "taken care of" on a daily basis as of late. I listen to conversations in restaurants and public places, and that is exactly the type of conversation that rules the days of a majority of the American black population. "He's going to give us this… they're going to give us that… he's going to get us reparations… gas for my car, rent for my apartment, food for my table, free care for my babies (because the father definitely isn't anywhere around, in most cases).

      On, and on, and on it goes. Never better. Never a sense of personal security. Always someone else's fault they're failing in life. Never a sense of personal progression in their lives. Only personal dependence on some entity other than themselves. Always voting for or supporting someone they perceive to "care" about them and/or who wants to "take care of them".

      There are blacks who get it. I actually see occasional instances that give me more hope than American jews, who, consistently vote to place themselves back in Egypt's captivity. It's comfortable… it's familiar… Pharoah looks better to them as a leader than those who would instead fight for their individual liberties first, so they can be free to pursue whatever it is God created them to accomplish in life. They run from the very God and principles that blessed them and gave them their independence to begin with.

      Samuel the prophet, and God, told the ancient Hebrews (jews) they didn't need a King… they would open themselves up to possible future tyranny and governmental enslavement. Samuel begged and pleaded with them. Ahh, but they refused sound judgement and advice… they demanded their king like the other [heathen] nations — who looked so appealing to them — had.

      So god gave them what they wanted… he gave them kings! Some so bad they actually ended up leading the jews into Babylonian captivity for hundreds of years.

      They had freedom, personal liberty, riches beyond imagination, blessings seemingly never-ending, wonderful families, lands, houses, vineyards… everything people in those heathen nations they so admired became envious over. The rest is, as they say, history. Over and over again, people seem to eventually vote themselves those who would destroy them rather than those who would fight for their personal liberty. Over and over again, they eventually become enslaved… it never seems to change.

      Is total enslavement what Americans have to look forward to?

      Of course, in the case of most American jews, I think their God-rejecting guilt is what drives them to allow big government to enslave them. The need to be liked because of their seemingly never-ending persecution throughout history causes them to vote for tyrants in their lives.

      A majority of blacks however, simply seem to need others to lead them… others to take care of them. Yet, like the jews, both seem to have this deep-seated need for others to "care about" them… whether others do, or not. Both seem to want to force others to care about them, even if it means electing some tyrant who forces others to do so.

      Both instances are of monumental proportions when it comes to finding solutions… finding ways to get them to value their personal liberty more than valuing how much someone likes them and/or will care for them.

      Indeed, it will take something along the lines of a miracle from a sovereign God in heaven to bring either group out of their propensity for self-blinding political ignorance and capitulating personal enslavement.

      • Mary Sue

        reminds me of why I thought the description "Children of Israel was so apt (from all their kvetching), when they whined about how they miss being back in Egypt with the melons and the fish and the cucumbers AND OH MY GOD THE HORRIBLE SLAVERY WE FORGOT ALL ABOUT.

  • Guest

    The Blacks attitude: better to be a slave to a "religion" that hates Whites and Jews, than a slave of the White and / or Jewish religions.

  • Hegel

    DNC's Marxist divide-Speak.

  • erica

    muslims are extremely racists.
    Part of the reason they scream racism against negative comments about islam is because they are trying to establish themselves as a separate race from Jews,Indians ,Asians and Africans. They want to be a protected minority and pretend they don't have any Jewish blood. They need to use physical attributes to prove their self proclaimed superiority .

    Which is completely impossible since muslims have forced millions of people to convert and raped every female they can find for 1400 years . muslims are the genetic trash cans of the world.
    They are part African ,Asian ,Jewish and Caucasian .

    And it really angers them that Jews and whites have more defined DNA.

    • Mary Sue

      it's worse than that, they're treating a religion as a race. With all the ridiculous assumptions (such as taking a woman with jewish blood doesn't make your kid jewish by default just because the father is a Muslim, that overrules all) that go with it.

  • Johnconrad

    12 million African slaves were shipped to the New World. 13 million were sold into the Middle East. Strange that there are no minority populations of Africans in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, and the like.

    That's probably because the Muslims were such virulent racists that they castrated their slaves and prohibited them from reproducing.

    But, it's far more lucrative to focus on White Racism – the only kind that pays off.

    • Mary Sue

      yeah, come to think of it, the eunuch slaves I heard about in history were almost always portrayed as black. Guess there's a reason for that…

    • ferret face

      I believe the use of castration was not so much about stemming reproduction (because, that would actually give them more slaves) but, about their sexual predilections with the children and teens that were kidnapped.

      • Mary Sue

        specifically, Eunuchs were used to serve and guard harems. The castration being so that they would not be tempted to partake of the forbidden fruit, so to speak.

  • Jackbequick

    According to the U.S. State Department:"
    Saudi Arabia is a destination for men and women from South and East Asia and East Africa trafficked for the purpose of labor exploitation, and for children from Yemen, Afghanistan, and Africa trafficking for forced begging. Hundreds of thousands of low-skilled workers from India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, and Kenya migrate voluntarily to Saudi Arabia; some fall into conditions of involuntary servitude, suffering from physical and sexual abuse, non-payment or delayed payment of wages, the withholding of travel documents, restrictions on their freedom of movement and non-consensual contract alterations. The Government of Saudi Arabia does not comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so.[135]

    • Ghostwriter

      We also have people from India,Indonesia,Sri Lanka,Bangladesh,Ethiopia,Eritrea,Somalia,and Kenya and for the most part the people from those countries who come to America,seem to do well here. And they're not treated like filth as they are in Saudi Arabia.

  • Magdy Attia

    to be black it is a honour in the Islamic world , one of the Prophet Mohamed most close friends was a negro he was called Belal Ben Rabah ,,, many of our sons are named after him ,,,,
    Our Prophet Mohamed Called Belal as a brother, also we all consider that Man ( Negro man ) to be one of our top masters ,, we pray for that negro man every while ,
    In our Islamic world it is a high Honour to have a dark skin or even a black skin , even we do not notice that there is a black or white skin ,, since inside each family there is the dark and white skinned brothers ,, me as a father of 5 sons and daughters ,, 2 of my sons are more whiter than Elizabeth tailor, white skinned ,, yellowish brown hair ,,but , three of them are in the colour of Mr. Obama ,,
    Our Ancient kings & Queens in Egypt were the same , were feeling a proud of their dark skin and were painting their mummies with black colour as a symbol of Courage and honour ,,

    • Fabio Juliano

      Don't waste your time. Nobody is buying what you're selling.

    • Mary Sue

      then why are the Morroccan muslims whining about the Black Peril (the way USA and Canada used to kvetch about the "Yellow Peril")?

    • Ghostwriter

      Mr. Attia,there are Africans who live in America as well as our own black population. The Africans who are here,seem to do pretty well. The Black American population have had problems historically but have begun to do well here as well. And what we've been hearing about how blacks are treated in the Muslim world,I'm afraid that the Muslims have little to teach Americans about racial harmony,considering that there's still slavery in many parts of the Muslim world. America got rid of slavery long ago. I wish the Muslim world would do likewise.

      • Magdy Attia

        Dear Ghostwriter ,, really i was astonished from your fine note ,, at first we have not practiced slavery here in Egypt ( Negro slavery ) 300 years ago ,, before that we were mainly practicing white slavery ,, as the governing crew were buying white male children slaves to grow up as owned army fighters , those white children were brought mainly from Russian Muslim countries ,, those white slaves after a while became themselves the governing crew ,,
        So as i said before we have not knew common slavery as that in the western countries as we always were considering them as a brothers and sisters and we were running to collect money to buy their freedom as it is a part of our belief to re free the slaved human

  • Perseveranze

    Since this website seems to be for Islamophobes, who want to ask why "blacks conver to Islam", I will happily enlighten and by the will of God, sway some of you to do something useful in life; think.

    If the formatting messes up, here's the link –

    “The prophet, peace be upon him, said: “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any “superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves.”

    (Hafiz Ibn Hibban reported in al-Sahih 11 / 203 / 4862 , via his isnad, from Fadalah ibn Ubayd & Baihaqi. Also Narrated By: Abu Nadra In: Musnad ‘Abd Allah Ibn Al-Mubarak – #239 – Source).

    “Narrated by Abu Dharr Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said to him, “You are not better than people with red or black skins unless you excel them in piety.”

    (Declared Sahih By Albani – Source).

    “Narrated Jabir Bin Abdullah: The Prophet (SAW) said: O People! Your Lord is one and your father (Adam) is one. There is no superiority of an Arab over a non-Arab or of a non-Arab over an Arab, or of a red man over a black man or of a black man over a red man, except in piety in the sight of Allah.”

    (Ghayat Al-Maram, 313 – Declared Hasan By Sheikh Albani. Also In Al-Targhib Wa-Al-Tarhib, 2964 (difference in wording) – Declared Sahih By Albani – Source).

    “The Prophet (saws) once reprimanded Abu Dharr for derisively calling Bilal, ‘son of a black woman’, then he went on to say, “Look! Surely you are not better than a brown man nor a black man except by fearing Allah more than them.”

    (Declared Sahih By Sheikh Albani – Source, here and Source, here and here).

    “Narrated Uqbah Bin Aamir: The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: These lineages of yours do not make you superior to anyone. You are all sons of Adam. No one has superiority over another except in piety and consciousness. It is sufficient shame for one to be foul, evil, or stingy.”

    (Declared Hasan By Sheikh Arna’oot In Musnad Ahmad, #17351 – Source & #17482 Source, & Sheikh Arna’oot’s Tahqeeq – Footnote 3 Of #17313 – Source. Also Declared Sahih By Sheikh Albani In: Sahih At-Targhib, #2962 – Source And Declared Sahih In Silsila As-Sahiha – Volume 3, #1038 – Source. Also Found In: At-Tabarani’s Mujam Al-Kabir, #14252 – Source).

    “Narrated Ibn Jarir: The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: Allah will not inquire about your lineage on the Day of Resurrection. The most honorable in the sight of Allah is he who is most pious.”

    (Declared Sahih By Sheikh Albani In Ghayat Al-Maram, #311 – Source & In Silsila As-Sahiha – Volume 3, #1038 – Source).

    • Mary Sue

      some of the faithful haven't done their reading up and research then, apparently. Go tell Omar Khadr he's a bad person for calling a black woman a slave and a harlot.

    • Mary Sue

      also, Islamophobia my a$$. We're "afraid of" the Wahhabist/Salafist/Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas etc terrorists. We don't want our way of life infringed upon by Wahhabis who would tie us up in burkas and make us not eat pork. We don't want homosexuals and adulterers to be stoned; that is for God to deal with, not us.

  • Perseveranze

    ‘Narrated Abu Huraira: The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: Thank God Who has removed from you the blemish of ignorance and its arrogance. O people, men are divided into classes: the pious and righteous, who are honourable in the sight of Allah, and the sinful and vicious, who are contemptible in the sight of Allah, whereas all men are the children of Adam and Adam had been created by Allah from clay.”

    (Sunan Al Kubra Lil-Baihaqi, #19412 – Declared Hasan (Good) – Source & Hasan By Sheikh Arna’oot In Musnad Ahmad, #8721 & Classed Sahih By Ahmad Shakir In Musnad Ahmad, 16/300. Also Found In Sunan At-Tirmidhi, 3270 – (Narrated by Abdullah Bin Umar) – Declared Sahih By Sheikh Albani & Sahih By Ibn Al-Arabi – Source).

    “Abu Huraira said: Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said: Indeed, Allah does not look to your faces and your wealth but He looks to your heart and to your deeds.”

    (Sahih Muslim, #2564).

    “Abu Malik al-Ash’ari narrated Allah’s Messenger (SAW) who said: Among my people there are four characteristics belonging to pre-Islamic time of ignorance which they do not abandon: boasting of high rank, reviling other peoples’ genealogies, seeking rain by stars, and walling. He also said: If the wailing woman does not repent before she dies, she’ll be made to stand on the Day of Resurrection wearing a garment of pitch and a chemise of mange.”

    (Sahih Muslim, #934).

    “Narated By Abu Huraira : A black man or a black woman used to sweep the mosque and he or she died. The Prophet asked about her (or him). He was told that she (or he) had died. He said, “Why did you not inform me? Show me his grave (or her grave).” So he went to her (his) grave and offered her (his) funeral prayer.”

    (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 8, Number 448)

    And finally, to end it –

    Edward Wilmot Blyden, himself a black man and former slave, wrote in 1874:

    The eloquent Adzan or Call to Prayer, which to this day summons at the same hours millions of the human race to their devotions, was first uttered by a Negro, Bilal by name, whom Mohammed, in obedience to a dream, appointed the first Muezzin or Crier. And it has been remarked that even Alexander the Great is in Asia an unknown personage by the side of this honoured Negro.

    (Mohammedanism and the Negro Race)

    • Mary Sue

      That's great, but why did they make so many black slaves?

    • Mary Sue

      I think the ignorance is on the part of your fellow Muslims who apparently either didn't do the research or are just plain ignorant.

    • Ghostwriter

      Tell that to Americans who've been the victims of Muslim terrorism for years. Your kind word don't really mean much when we constantly hear that they want to kill us and Israel merely for existing on this planet.

  • Doc

    I also am aware of tje true history of slavery. That it

    continues to this day in muslim countries and even

    blacks enslaving blacks in Africa. I guess the tribe

    that defeats another tribe considers the people

    they capture , ‘the spoils of war’ !! But what I really

    wanted to bring up is something that I read on

    another site that is absolutely reputable, ‘jihad watch

    .com’, Robert Spencers site. It should send chills up

    any true American patriot’s spine, as it is ‘a clear

    and present danger’ to our freedom ,safety and our

    sovereignty !! The man who wrote this article has it

    pegged! Look up ; Vijay Kumar, I believe he is a

    convert from islam to Christianity. The article is

    titled, ‘The muslim mosque, a state within a state’.

    I believe every word of it. Mr. Kumar ran for the

    House of Rep’s in 2010. I believe you can find it here:

    ‘’. One more thing.

    This is something that’s troubled me for years now. I

    may be paranoid, bit somehow, I think not! I have vv


    • Doc

      I need to continue, as my phone is not cooperating this
      morning. I was going to say, Over the years I have
      noticed that there are, in my town, actually in Jax. Fl.,
      Callahan, Hilliard, well, all over n.east Florida, all these
      little minute markets, quik marts, etc. That are owned
      by syrians, iranians, etc. Who will tell you, ( I ask and
      some of the looks / responses I get tell me more than
      what comes from thier mouth) where they are from,
      they are christians , blah blah blah. They have beer/ wine
      stacked 6 feet high all over the store. Cigarettes galore,
      bongs / papers, blunt wraps, that fake weed, ( selling it
      for incense? ) . I thought in islam, that they were forbidden
      to drink etc. I know they are destroying this coutry’s culture.
      just part of thier insidious plans to destroy America from
      within !! I have proven some of them liars, practicing
      ‘ taqyia’, it’s a thing in the koran that tells them, ( muslims),
      that they can lie, deceive, whatever it takes to promote
      islam !!! I have said things about mohammed , islam, and
      then you see the truth, they come unglued !! We are in troble,
      my fellow patriotic Americans !!!

  • Doc

    I’m curious, did any of you see what happened in Dearborne

    Michigan on June 27, 2012 on any news network

    other than Fox news?? It was a demonstration of the

    ‘peaceful’ religion of ‘islam’. You can google it with

    these words : ‘muslims stone christians in dearborne,

    Michigan’. !! I know this may seem ‘off topic’, but it’s

    actually not, when you see it, you’ll agree wholeheartedly.

    Go to: ‘grand’.

    • Mary Sue

      I think I saw it on the Sun News Network, I think it was also on the Blaze.