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Being Black in the Muslim World: “When I’m Just Walking Down the Street, People Will Call Me a Dirty Black Man or Slave”

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On November 14, 2012 @ 11:51 am In The Point | 31 Comments


African immigration is quite controversial. Not so much in Europe, as in the Middle East, where slavery still exists and racism remains part of the culture. It’s a topic that most Western liberals have no real interest in discussing because it cuts against their preconceptions and their ideological posturing. But it’s quite real.

Morroco’s Maroc Hebdo magazine [2] is running a cover story about the “Black Peril” and French media outlets have stories [3] on what life is like for Africans in the parts of Africa controlled by Arab Muslims. And it’s not a pretty picture.

“Often, when I’m just walking down the street, people will call me a “dirty black man” or call me a slave. Young Moroccans have physically assaulted me on several occasions, for no reason, and passers-by who saw this didn’t lift a finger to help me. All my friends are black and they have all had similar experiences. Even the girls get insulted in the street. To avoid getting hurt, I now try to ignore the insults. But if someone starts to hit me, what can I do? I have to defend myself…”

Maroc Hebdo had a cover story entitled “the Black Peril,” accusing sub-Saharan Africans of living off begging, drug trafficking and prostitution. The cover featured a close up shot of a black man’s face.

Morocco is the African gateway to Europe, giving it a role similar to Mexico, but without the financial incentives that Mexico has to encourage illegal immigration. And as African migrants stream into Morocco, we are reminded once again that the West is far less racist than the east.

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