Benghazigate: Security Agents Protecting Ambassador Stevens Were Unarmed

If true this can’t even be put down to appeasement, just plain old SNAFU levels of incompetence, especially in a mission that had repeatedly come under attack in a city run by terrorist militias.

From the accounts I read, those guys were not ready. When the attack came that night, they had to go back to the other room and grab their weapons. Then the worse part about it was they never even returned to be with the Ambassador. One returned to be with the Ambassador with his rifle. The other two went back to where there were [sic] barracks. And two stayed in that same building where there were radios and other weapons and the safe and other stuff was there.

There were no shots fired in return. On the embassy property, just the embassy property, none of those security agents blasted a single bullet from a single pistol or rifle at all in defense of the Ambassador—nothing.”

The Senate hearing was very, very concerned about that and Senator Feinstein (D-CA) was very inquisitive as to what in the Hell was going on,” the source said. “She wanted to know did they issue orders for [the security agents] not to shoot. Now they denied that to her in that meeting and they said, ‘No, we never did that. We never did that. We never issued orders that they should do that.’ ”

State Department Security personnel at the Benghazi embassy were each armed with M4 long guns and side pistols. In October, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Charlene Lamb testified on Capitol Hill to the House Oversight Committee that during the attack, security agents raced to a separate building to get their weapons and tactical gear but only one of the agents could return to the Ambassador, thereafter.

“Gunfire was heard from multiple locations on the compound. One agent secured Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith, the information management officer, in the safe haven, “she said. “The other agents retrieved their M4 submachine guns and other tactical gear from Building B. When they attempted to return to the main building, they encountered armed attackers and doubled back to Building B,” Lamb added.

Either way there’s no real argument that the agents were separated from their weapons. Whether or not they actually fired any shots in defense of the mission, which the source for some reason calls an embassy, the preparation levels were poor and not nearly enough to confront an attack of an even lesser magnitude. If not for the two SEALS the situation would have been far worse.

  • Mary Sue

    *facepalm forever*

    OK, that's………….that's beyond stupid. Not arming the security agents? Then what is even the POINT of security agents?!

    • AdinaK

      Mary Sue, when the goal isn't security, but the absolute transfer of lethal weaponry to Islamists, why in the world should protecting ones own be a concern?
      In fact, doing so can have negative repercussions, especially when their usefulness expires – literally. Thus,…. all of the fallout is duly expected.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • JacksonPearson

    That's true. Disarming Benghazi security was a top level Hilda Beast Klintoon decision. But if you notice, when she or Obama travel anywhere, they're accompanied with a small and well armed army of secret service agents.

    • Larry

      Not just them, bloody Jarret has a full SS detail.

      • JacksonPearson


  • Arlie

    No one has answered the big question. Why was the Ambassador there? The place was not a consulate or a mission. It was a CIA compound base of operations. It did not fly an American flag because it was supposed to be a secret base, a logistic hub for weapons. What happened to the Iranian Red Crescent prisoners that where there? Where are the 30 rescued workers. Not one name has been released. Who and where are they? There have been 3 stories about Benghazi at . I still believe that Christopher and Sean were suppose to be kidnapped and exchanged for the blind sheik. Because everything went drastically and deadly wrong….at least we still have our 1st amendment right to speak out about the EVILS of the cult of Islamic Death and Destruction and Slavery. God Help us.