Benghazigate: They Knew the Attack was Coming (VIDEO)

The information on Benghazigate continues leaking out, even as Obama and Co. stall with more talk of an investigation that consisted of the FBI spending 3 hours in the consulate taking photos of the bloodstains.

The latest information, and this appears to come from military sources, not anonymous posts on bulletin boards, says that there was growing awareness that an attack was coming. 3 hours before the attack, they knew that Ansar Al-Sharia was picking up weapons and mobilizing for an attack. With Benghazi in its current state, such a move meant that the militia was going to crack a heavy target, and there weren’t many other heavy targets in Benghazi. Meanwhile the Libyan police, who were supposed to protect the mission, were actually taking photos of its interior.

3 hours isn’t infinity, but it shows us that this was not an attack that came out of the blue. It certainly was not some confusing situation that took days to clear up. The intelligence picture had already been fairly well developed and the people who needed to know knew that Ansar Al-Sharia was the big threat and that its members were the perpetrators. They knew it before the attack and they knew it after the attack.

  • June Larsen

    Watergate: no one died —– BENGHAZIGATE four americans were murdered – unnecessarily!!!
    There was ample time to evacuate ALL in the cinsulate — IF Obama and his Administration had REALLY cared!! [Treason? Incompetence? Murder?Complidity? – you decide!!]
    NO ONE would have died IF the Obama Administration had really been as concerned about American lives as they are about retaining their power to completely destroy America in the next four years!!!
    NO AMERICAN PRESIDENT should be as incompetent as this one has proven to be; in all areas!!

  • Judy Hunter

    I agree totally with June Larson. Obama is completely responsible for the deaths in Libya. And they have taken the person who made the anti-islamic video into custody and as far as we know he is still "in custody". What's with that? There are so many shades of Hitler's early actions that propelled him to Chancellor. Doesn't anyone see that??? Judy Hunter

  • dannyjeffrey44

    I cannot help but feel that many Americans are like a dog chasing its own tail. Many facts are emerging that indicate what and when Team Obama was aware of a problem and most feel that ineptitude and incompetence was the reason behind the inaction. I contend that the deaths of four Americans was intentional. That intent was to reroute weapons from the Syrian rebels to Gaza for use against Israel. The following link identifies the issue and at the end of it there is another link to a compilation of evidence.

  • Flying Fox

    Well, Barry has form when it comes to gun running, it's all part of his Chicago upbringing, so what was that Turkish diplomat doing there that night? Like Wall St with subprime, hard to resist a free package from that same ideological source…can you imagine being encouraged by the Prez of the free world to traffic jihadist mercenaries? Hey, rock on down to the US consulate and sort out some transit papers for a couple of Che Guevara style freedom fighters, all expenses paid. As to the leak, well, the most you can say is that is one hole in the Intel sieve. No wonder they threw their ambassador under the bus. A useful idiot sacrificed by useful idiots for the great cause, protected by heros caught up in this dark and dangerous revolutionary game, then tortuous coverups to distance themselves from the FSA. Smells worse than the Bay Of Pigs, smells like an islamo fascist pig stye. You tell that to one of your average anti-American conspiracy theorists, the type who think Dubya organized 9/11, and they'll call you…. a conspiracy theorist and an anti-American, and a racist too no doubt. It's like putting a known rabble rouser and felon in charge of all the semi-delinquent kids. No point blaming them for being encouraged to do what they know is wrong, it is exciting when the new hip headmaster lowers himself to your standards. But I'm touched Bazzer was there to welcome home the corpses. He probably had to erase the messages he'd left on the Ambassadors Blackberry, offering more jihadists, whoops, seals, while he was having his afternoon tea at the xxitehouse. You guys are in serious trouble, and if you think he will allow anyone else to win this election, you must be as crazy as me writing this stuff. If it's close he'll cheat, like MIchael Moore projected, or they know they'll all end up in the clink!

    • Mary Sue

      They should end up in the clink anyway.

  • Mary Ryan

    Ambassador Steven's was ravaged, beaten, sodomized and his dead body dragged through the streets…this picture will never leave my mind..We were suppose to watch their back & we as a Nation failed them because of the decision of our president to stand down..he literally handed them over to the terrorists–then sat back in his chair and and watched their deaths play out from a screen in front of him..My God (not said in irreverence) STEVEN'S WAS SODOMIZED REPEATEDLY…TORTURED IN THE MOST HIDEOUS, GRUESOME WAY.. Their deaths deserve an accounting for — there needs to be an investigation & those responsible brought up on criminal charges!!

    • Mary Sue

      watch Biden do his best Sargeant Schultz impression.


  • Mary Sue

    This was probably nothing more than an attempt to keep the Bubble of Everything Is Fine in Libya from popping. Which makes it all the more heinous. The ambassador and the others died for a lie.

  • Eddie Webber

    Question: If the Libya memo was submitted on August 16th that added security was needed at the Benghazi Consulate because of the possible attack, and previoius attacks, then why in God's name would they travel there anyway? Ambassador Stevens only arrived there September 10th the day before. The very fact that September 11th could be a sensitive target date should have raised some red flags. And if the attack was pre-planned they had to have known that Stevens would even be at the Consulate. So the attack may have been preplanned but not the date yet. Then possibly the attack was planned and carried out on the evening of September 11. But then there is a strange coincedence, because just hours before the Cairo Embassy is attacked because of an offensive anti-Islamic video. When they put this odd time line together they can't completely rule out some connection to the video that may have inspired this attack. The trip to Benghazi, 400 miles away, out in a dangerous area far from the Tripoli Embassy may have been unnessary, because the same business could have been conducted in the relative safety of the Embassy Tripoli. And those foreign delegates could have came to Tripoli.