Best National Security Administration Ever Has No Idea Where Syrian WMD’s Are

See that WMD stuff isn’t so easy after all. I think George W. Bush is still waiting for his official apology.

The U.S. has lost track of some of Syria’s chemical weapons, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Friday, and does not know if any potentially lethal chemicals have fallen into the hands of Syrian rebels or Iranian forces inside the country.

“There has been intelligence that there have been some moves that have taken place. Where exactly that’s taken place, we don’t know.” Panetta said, in a Pentagon press briefing.

There’s been intelligence but no one knows what the intelligence is or exactly what’s going on. Just like in Benghazi. Maybe Obama should go the UN and get some kind of resolution to inspect Syria’s WMD stocks. And then impose more sanctions and wait for another 12 years while doing nothing until Russia and China approve of regime change in Syria… just like they wanted Bush to do.