B’nai Jeshurun: New York’s Most Anti-Israel Synagogue Celebrates Palestine UN Vote

Congregation B’nai Jeshurun is a historic building and not much else. An unaffiliated synagogue, its theology consists of hating Israel and little else.

Hijacked by radical leftist “rabbis in name only” like Marshall T. Meyer and its current clergyman, Rolando Matalon, a product of Meyer’s homebrewed seminary, B’nai Jeshurun is the home of the Anti-Israel left overseen by Latin American leftists practicing their own brand of Liberation Theology under the fake Jewish label of Tikkun Olam.

Rolando Matalon, one of the “Rabbis for Obama”, is affiliated with a number of Anti-Israel groups, including J Street, Brit Tzedek V’Shalom and Human Rights Watch, some of which he had to resign from after their hostility to the Jewish State discommoded some of the older B’nai Jeshurun members. Matalon was forced to resign from Lerner’s Tikkun Community after blowback over a New York Times ad that compared Israel to Nazi Germany.

Jews For Racial and Economic Justice, the radical anti-Jewish social justice hate group, intended to use the B’nai Jeshurun facilities to give Adam Shapiro, of the International Solidarity Movement, a pro-terrorist group that supports suicide bombings against Israel, an award named after Marshall T. Meyer, until controversy forced them to switch to a local liberal church instead. Despite this, Rolando Matalon and B’nai Jeshurun have continued their involvement with the JFREJ hate group.

All this makes what followed after the Palestine UN vote completely unsurprising.

“The vote at the UN yesterday is a great moment for us as citizens of the world,” said the email, signed by the B’nai Jeshurun’s three rabbis, cantor, board of directors and executive director. “This is an opportunity to celebrate the process that allows a nation to come forward and ask for recognition. Having gained independence ourselves in this way, we are especially conscious of this.”

Allan Ripp, a member, said he and his wife were appalled, the Times reported.

“We are just sort of in a state of shock,” Ripp said. “It’s not as if we don’t support a two-state solution, but to say with such a warm embrace — it is like a high-five to the P.L.O., and that has left us numb.”

I don’t know why the Ripps are in a state of shock. They are members of a synagogue whose rabbi was on the board of a group that honored a supporter of suicide bombings.

B’nai Jeshurun is, barring the occasional Reconstructionist synagogue, the most prominent Anti-Israeli congregation in New York. If the Ripps don’t want to be associated with those who want to undermine and destroy the Jewish state, perhaps they should leave behind B’nai Jeshurun, the Macy’s Muqata, and find a Jewish synagogue instead.

One day Congregation B’nai Jeshurun might become a synagogue again. For the present it’s just an organized locating for hating Jews.

  • john spielman

    This is no diferent than in the SS run concentration camps of Nazi Germany where some Jews, in order to try and prolong their lives, aided the SS guards in killing their fellow Jews. In the end though, they followed them into the gas chambers and vanished.
    Islam doesn't care if Jews are Zionist or leftist and anti Israel, in the end they are all targeted ffor death and annihilation by the followers of the Mohammed the demon possessed pedohile pseudo prophet.

  • Mary Sue

    This surely demonstrates what a disease Leftism is when it infiltrates religion.

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Don't get this NYC, born and bred, blogger started on leftist Jewish dementia. Oh…the tales she can tell.

    The delusions found within the confines of New York City's upper east and west side stomping grounds are beyond compare. There is hardly an area which isn't filled with many outlandish tidbits.

    To be sure, this so called synagogue fits right into their loony left purview, aka the 'tikkun olam' (repair the world) crowd, but never when it comes to fellow Jews who aren't similarly leftist bent!

    They are totally hopeless and many are mendacious too!
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel – http://www.adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • jakespoon

    Judas Goats.

  • Cat K

    Sadly, this is not an isolated case. In my area, outside of NYC, reform &conservative synagogues are very anti-Israel or rather they are proud to be pro Islam. They believe if you shake hands with an Imam, Muslims will forgive Israel for her sins. They also believe that global warming is the most important issue facing America. The congregants are often very poorly informed and confused. They loathe Republicans and political conservatives (as crazy extremists). They claim they love Israel but love Obama more, feeling so darn good that they voted for a Black man, Talking to them is like talking to a child. Recently I engaged the PRESIDENT of the local Jewish Federation in a discussion during which he defended his publicly stated-in print- opinion that there should be a Ground Zero Mega Mosque. His reasoning was suspect. When I mentioned Muslim conquests and related facts from history about Islam, he whispered "I know but you can't publicly say that." He said that he had to stay politically "middle of the road" as great intellectuals would never be found on the right. This man Is a poor excuse for human being- Enjoying his leadership role in the Jewish Community, praising himself and leading confused, poorly informed (including the elderly) Jews down a dead end.

  • http://NA ROSENBERG

    I AM THE ONLY CHILD OF HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS WHO LOST THEIR ENTIRE FAMILY EXCEPT ONE SISTER AND HER CHILDREN. MY parents suffered in Auschwitz and Buchenewald. If we had Israel then perhaps the 6 million who perished would have had somewhere to run and escape Hitler. The enemies of Israel are my enemies. The world did not care when 6 million Jews perished. RABBI DR,. BERNHARD ROSENBERG SHAME ON THIS SYNAGOGUE AND ITS LEADERSHIP.

  • http://twitter.com/NeverFrgetRabbi @NeverFrgetRabbi

    PA radio song praises

    suicide bombings against Israelis:

    "We are bombs when the homeland calls…
    We strapped ourselves with explosives…
    and praised Him [Allah] for the Martyrdom" http://palwatch.org/main.aspx?fi=157&doc_id=8

    by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik


    Voice of Palestine radio has broadcast a song glorifying suicide bombings targeting Israelis. The song on the official Palestinian Authority radio station was played two days after the PA was granted observer status at the UN, and included these words:

    "We are bombs… the enemies were beheaded… Grieve not, Mother, shed no tears over my torn flesh… heroic men who mock death… We praised the Lord, and set out for Martyrdom (Shahada). We strapped ourselves with explosives, and trusted in Allah… Onward men, on the roads to glory."

  • BS77

    These congregants are lunatics…….living in delusion. The thing about being brainwashed is this: If you are truly brainwashed, you won't know it. The fool believes in lies, not truth.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Leftists go out from their Universities and invade every segment of life, Churches, Synagogues,
    Hospitals, Political forums, Unions, Boards of Education, Military Organizations et. al., and
    the list goes on and on. How is it then that frauds are not exposed by the positions they
    take. These leaders of the congregation are leftist frauds, they know what they need to pass
    off as Jews on the outside but are as dark as damnation on the inside. Insane, no just doing
    what leftist do, subvert and pervert everything people think they know with the agenda of
    making America and Israel unlivable for Americans and Israelis………………William

  • notaccurate

    this is a very inaccurate article.. I know many of these rabbis personally and what they said is not meant to be taken in this way; they are just happy that the middle east can see some peace, somehow.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "this is a very inaccurate article.. I know many of these rabbis personally and what they said is not meant to be taken in this way; they are just happy that the middle east can see some peace, somehow."

      How can anyone imagine this will lead to peace? The Palestinians do not talk about peace. Peace means good relationships with your neighbors. They sought and received a vote from coreligionists and the groups they blackmail and threaten constantly.

      This sounds peaceful to you?

    • Mary Sue

      they still sound delusional.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “This is an opportunity to celebrate the process that allows a nation to come forward and ask for recognition. Having gained independence ourselves in this way, we are especially conscious of this.”

    Oh please. How is there any comparison? I see, there was a UN vote. Nothing else matters.

  • kafir4life

    Isn't this the synogogue that Chuckie Schumer and his protege Tony Da Weiner pray? Senator Schumer indicated a willingness to do the job that his mentor George Soros had when he was a young lad, confiscating prperty from condemned Jews. It made George what he is today, and Chuckie is looking forward to continuing where George left off.

  • common sense

    An argument can be made that these "Rabbis?" and their public emails/pronouncements when taken in the context of Israel's situation together with her unyielding anti-semetic enemies is tantamount to the worst form of lashon hara – specifically endangering the lives of people. But then again, do these so-called "Rabbis" know what lashon hara means?

  • allison

    so disgusted with uninformed, anti israel, pandering , misguided jews. didnt they learn anything from the holocaust? israels enemiew are our enemies. israel does not want to kill anyone, the muslims want to kill all of us. israel only defends herself, never starts the fight. wake up jews!

  • Allison

    ps – I am very Jewish – pro Israel Jewish girl