Boko Haram Islamists Kill 20 College Students for Wearing Mini-Skirts, Slacks

In more Muslim War on Women news, Boko Haram, the genocidal Islamist terrorist group  that the State Department would like the Nigerian government to make concessions to, has posted another reminder what the real war on women looks like.

Friday, about a day after 10 men were killed in Maiduguri, at least 20 women, some clad in mini-skirts and others in slacks, were slaughtered in their Maiduguri homes and college dormitories.

The new execution-style violence is different than other recent killings conducted by Boko Haram Muslims in that it targeted women only. Authorities believe the women may have been slaughtered due to dressing in Western style.

The murders were carried out in the early hours of Friday, between 1 and 2am while victims slept. Ironically, a curfew imposed by state government insured the women would be home.

Friday, incidentally, is also the Muslim holy day, when they go to their mosques, hear sermons of murderous hate and then carry out terrorist attacks.

While useful idiots like Sandra Fluke wail about the War on Women, the real War on Women is being conducted by the left’s Islamist allies.

Nigeria has a 50/50 split between Muslims and Christians. Every new mosque, every Muslim immigrant, brings American women closer to living in the same state of terror as Nigerian women do.

  • Mary Sue

    Heh, the woman holding the sign in the top picture sure has taqiyya down to a science.

    • Richard

      For me it's a mystery how women buy into this belief system

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Brainwashing: They're led to believe we infidels are even more evil than their incestuous husbands that rape them whenever they please.

      • Richard Of OZ

        Easy. It's the women who are the problem. They treat their sons like little princes, and never allow them to grow up. Their men remain infantile, with the tradeoff being that they do not have to take responsibility for their own lives. I know, my wife and I lived with an invasion of them into our boutique suburb in Sydney, and observed their behaviour for years.

      • Mary Sue

        Stockholm Syndrome.

  • oldschooltwentysix

    There is no question of the scourge of Boko Harun and aggressive Islam.

    That said, I think this statement is hyperbole:

    "Every new mosque, every Muslim immigrant, brings American women closer to living in the same state of terror as Nigerian women do."

    Many Muslims immigrate to escape the repression. So long as we are aware of the threats involved, complemented by the behavior elsewhere that shows the nature of the aggression, we will not fall prey.

    That cannot be said about elsewhere with the same confidence.

    • jakespoon

      Don't bet you're life on it. They immigrate in large numbers and do not try to assimilate into society . I know many,personally.

      • oldschooltwentysix

        Surely I am not betting my life. You apparently assume I do not understand the threats involved.

        I merely said that what was stated was overbroad because it applied to ALL, which it does. To me that goes too far because Muslims practicing in the USA are not the same as those in Nigeria, and the remark did not discriminate. Not to mention that Muslims in the USA are far from having the same numerical strength as a Boko Harun.

        It is important, however, to make sure that Muslim women and children in America are not denied their rights.

        • jakespoon

          I know exactly what you said, and I meant exactly what I said. I am not denying any one their rights, I just am not going to give them more because their feelings or sensibilities may be offended when I exercise my rights. If they live and let live, then I will too,If not,too bad for them.

          • oldschooltwentysix

            OK, but what that has to do with my comment I am unsure. I simply do not believe it is accurate to say that EVERY Muslim immigrant is a threat like Boko Harun.

          • jakespoon

            Can you tell which ones are a threat and which ones aren't. I can't,but since it's not the Irish,or Lithuanians that are the making the trouble worldwide,I'd rather be safe than sorry. That doesn't mean any discrimination or infringement on their civil rights. Nobody thought the 19 hijackers were radicals either, some of them drank,did drugs went to strip clubs. Activities that said "These guys aren't fundamentalist". but guess what,they were. And I can tell you something else, on 9-11-01 some(a lot) of those that are no threat celebrated the Towers falling,I know. Pardon me if I don't embrace all them .

          • oldschooltwentysix

            It is hard to identify those who hide intentions of any stripe, and there are enough that do not hide them to keep me busy.

            You will find no utterance from me where I said to embrace them all. What I said was not to prejudge them all. Big difference.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      First generation Muslim immigrants tend to be less radical than their sons and grandsons who are native born.

      That says it all.

      So long as the educational and religious environments are shaped by Saudi Arabia and their ilk, what I said is exactly true.

      • oldschooltwentysix

        The shaping of the environment is one thing, but you did not say that. Instead, you equated ALL immigrants with the mentality of Boko Harun. It was unnecessary in my opinion. It had nothing to do with the terrorism that occurred in Nigeria either.

        By the way, NOTHING says it all.

        How many generations do you think it would take for the USA to have the problems in Europe, let alone Nigeria? Especially as militant Islam rises elsewhere, and the threats become even more obvious to average people?

        As I said, I am more concerned about Muslim American women and children than non-Muslim Americans, when it comes to the more immediate threat.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          This is the defining trend. Every single immigrant adds to it. Even those who not personally agree with it lend authority to groups such as CAIR and their affiliated politicians by their very demographic presence.

          You may not like it, but that is the way it is.

          How many generations it will take depends on the immigration rate and the rate of decline in the native birth rate.

          It need not take very many generations for specific parts of America, especially in Illinois and Michigan to begin developing those problems. Minnesota is arguably on the way there.

  • oldschooltwentysix

    The situation in the US is not as in Europe, meaning that America can and will learn from its example. Not only from a demographic standpoint, but because people here stand up much more and much faster.

    I am not prepared, however, to classify all Muslims as enemies, even if I abhor the way many practice Islam. Are you saying that no Muslim should be allowed to immigrate to the US?

    I agree with your sentiments, generally, about militant Islam and its imperialistic tendency, yet believe there is no way that American women will live "in the same state of terror as Nigerian women do." I think your words to that effect do injustice to what Nigerian women face in reality.

    • A 22 Year Old Man


      I will not classify all muslims as enemies, either–but I will classify Islam as a clear and present unequivocally evil ideology, and therefore all muslims are POTENTIAL enemies, and this is the key. After all, who are these “home-grown terrorists” who were “radicalized?” Why, they were initially “moderate” muslims, of course. They provide a large supply bank from which the more….motivated….muslims can recruit new Jihadis from. Hence while they are not a present threat, they are all potential future threats, and we should prevent the transition as much as possible.

  • Cat K

    Classify or not immigration will have an effect on America. So, go ahead and be politically correct -it will not help with the situation. Is each Muslim child to be hated as Muslims hate each Jewish child? No, of course not. As we are not savages. But get real about the effects of their numbers (radical or less radical). I know a very nice family -neighbors but the sons are in the Mosque learning what is presented there. And it sure ain't love for America and Christians and Jews.
    I do have one question about the above story. If the murdered girls were sleeping, how was it that they were wearing slacks and miniskirts? So, it seems the killers just killed some women they blamed for Un-Muslim behavior. Just askin'

  • boon doggle

    American women who once fought a worthy battle for basic rights won't be the first group to over-extend their demands into the realms of the ridiculous, while the old enemy in a new form creeps up behind them with dark intentions. The modern feminist won't accept a burka dress code without a fight, but as far as carrying the battle they won in America to the enemy abroad, where are they? The culture of suppression that many terrified Islamic women are forced to sign up to hides behind the same ideological defenses that the modern American feminist hides behind, particularly when it comes to using female charms to get ahead of men. We are not talking hardcore porn, just high heels, a mini-skirt, and a winning smile that sells. How many American feminists would condemn that, and find in the burka a leveling of the playing field? But it should be obvious to any intelligent observer or woman that murder and fear and ignorance lies behind many of those signs that claim to be making a free choice. You can't stand still for long. Like so much that those with leftist inclinations get involved in, they attack soft targets, take easy options, while claiming to fight major wars. And we are back to cowardice, and the observation that if you don't push forward into the enemy ranks, but fiddle around with the hems of your skirt, they will soon push forward into your ranks, and take your skirt off you! Your Barry is a product of this American failure to carry on the good fight. Too much selfish compromise. It's too late now, but the lesser of two evils the dictators in the M/E should not have been allowed to radicalize their populations in exchange for stability. That was a short-sighted strategy that had to end in totalitarianism of one type or another, where the ladies waving the banners have the most to lose. As for democracy, dream on. For Americans, this is surely a rearguard action now. They have squandered their natural ascendency. What you fail to wipe out will often end up running your own house!

  • popseal

    It's a sad commentary on the selfish here in America that so few of us are listening to the important affairs of the day….Hey, Quiet!……..the game is about to come on……………………………