Break Your Wife’s Fingers for Ramadan

It’s a well known fact that violent crimes spike in the Muslim world around Ramadan. But Ramadan atrocities aren’t limited to the Muslim world. In Berlin, a mother who wanted to give her small children some food during Ramadan had her fingers broken by her devout Muslim husband. That may seem harsh to us, but the Religion of Peace website has tabulated 91 dead in terrorist attacks this Ramadan.

Finger-breaking isn’t the traditional punishment for premeditated Ramadan eating. That’s one month in prison in the Palestinian Authority, under a criminal code paid for by Uncle Sam. In Morocco, it’s three months. In Borneo, it’s six months. In Pakistan, the police beat you with their belts. In France, it’s a beating. In Berlin, it’s two broken fingers.

  • kate b

    But…..I thought……..I thought……there was no compulsion in religion? That's what the kids learn at school about Islam – the evidence is oh so clearly otherwise.

    • mudassar007

      its all fake, i can just laugh on this hahaha