Breivik’s Mother Expected Him to Commit a Violent Assault Since Age 4

Official narrative: Anders Behring Breivik was really Robert Spencer.

Actual story: Anders Behring Breivik was Norman Bates

Official narrative: Anders Behring Breivik shot up a bunch of Norwegian teens in a camp affiliated with his family’s political party because he hated Muslims.

Actual story: Anders Behring Breivik came from a very messed up family and was a mentally ill man who developed an entire complicated narrative involving him as the leader of an imaginary group of knights in order to hurt the family members who he believed had hurt him.

Official narrative: Anders Behring Breivik hated Muslims.

Actual narrative: Anders Behring Breivik wanted to emulate Muslim terrorists and ally with them. Mostly Breivik hated his family and the entire system they were part of. And he hated himself.

The reports also show that when Breivik was just four-years-old, his mother became preoccupied with fears that her son would violently assault someone.

The SSBU report described Ms Behring as “a woman with an extremely difficult upbringing, borderline personality structure and an all-encompassing if only partially visible depression” who “projects her primitive aggressive and sexual fantasies onto him [Breivik]”.

The psychologists reported that she would frequently tell her son that she wished he would die.

“She shifts very quickly between speaking to him with a sugary voice and openly expressing a death wish,” they wrote.

After Breivik’s father Jens Breivik lost a child custody case with Ms Behring, social workers recommended that the boy nonetheless be removed from his mother to prevent “more severe psychopathology” from developing, a request that was ignored.

This really isn’t very surprising. Anyone who actually got through Breivik’s personal sections in his manifesto, rather than doing a Find request for mentions of Robert Spencer’s name, as the New York Times and most of the media chose to do, already encountered the workings of a disordered mind looking for some grand ambitious form of personal redemption.

There was no consistent ideology here. Breivik wanted to build a Catholic dictatorship while being an atheist. He condemned Muslim immigration while seeking to carry out terrorist attacks on behalf of Muslims. This was a mentally damaged man looking for a way to punish his society for his pain.

Breivik told the two psychiatrists that his mother was his “Achilles’ heel”, and said that he hoped she would not attend his trial.

“I just hope that my mother is not there,” he told them. “She is the only one who can make me emotionally unstable. She is my Achilles’ heel.”

By April this year, when he was in the final stages of preparation for his attacks, he began wearing a antiseptic face mask whenever he was inside the house, fearing she would infect him.

From a psychiatric standpoint, this kind of thing is very straightforward.

  • John W.

    This is a very dangerous view. Anders Breivik is anything but crazy. He was just the first to fire back. We will see incidents like this become more frequent in the next couple of years.

    • cdnbn

      It seems that you weren't really reading the article.

      Brevik was textbook insane.

      • Keogh Shaw

        Have you actually read the manifesto yourself? For one Breivik didn't want a "Catholic dictatorship", he wanted a new form of protestantism-social-democracy that doesn't rely upon capital-globalism. As for the "racist" section about him; entirely untrue, Breivik was Jewish himself, not to mention the fact that Islam isn't a race.

        I found his manifesto very straight-forward in the goals he set-out for future cultural-conservatives, and frankly how he dreams the world should be is not too different from that of a 'hippy' or 'college-liberal' aside from the use of violence to achieve his goals. They both want peace and the ability to live in their own culture without disruption, this is where the cultural-dominance of Islam destroys these wishes.

    • KathleenP

      He didn't kill politicians. He killed unarmed teenagers at a summer camp. You can't "fire back" at someone who hasn't fired at you. If not crazy, he is evil. May he rot in hell,

    • lorenzo

      I agree with your views john. Liberals will label him as crazy, but I agree with most of his geopolitical views. its sad he had to pick this path though

  • Questions

    I have known people such as this. Even if they don't wind up doing something horrific, they will make you into a nervous wreck trying to deal with them.

  • Sentry

    If anyone is insane here it's his mother. The title of the article seems to actually give her opinions some sort of weight, as if any 4 year old could be determined to be a future serial killer. Maybe it was her obvious abuse and hatred of the kid that turned him into a monster? Is it that far-fetched, when the psychologists themselves recommended removing the child from his parent before he develops even “more severe psychopathology”?
    That doesn't excuse his murders, and 21 years was a ridiculous sentence. Life or death sentence are the only justified punishments in my opinion. But I find it amazing that so little fingers are pointing towards the mother.

  • Nor-way

    21 years preventive detention is the maximum penalty in Norway, which means his case will be re-evaluated after 21 years. With 100 % ceratinty all coming re-evaluations will give him 21 new years, so he will sit in jail for the rest of his lifetime.

    However, as a Norwegian, I am proud that we don't have a death penalty becayse I don't see how that would make us better than him. I am also proud that 21 years of preventive detention is the maximum penalty, because this prevents miscarriage of justice.

    The media knew from several sources about the sexual abuse of Breivik as a child, but the mother escaped the media's searchlight due to "political correctness", since she is a woman. That was until the book "En norsk tragedie" by Aage Storm Borchgrevink was released..

  • JustAGuy

    This article doesn't say that she 'sexualized' him. It doesn't say she told him regularly she wished he was dead(since he was little, that's why the psychologists wanted to take him away from her). It doesn't say she also beat him on a regular basis. She treated him like a monster and it's what he became….