British Court Convicts Woman of Racism for Calling Woman from New Zealand “Australian”

I’m not sure when exactly accusations of racism became completely meaningless. It’s like trying to figure out when exactly the Roman Empire fell. We can’t agree on an exact date, but it’s hard to miss all the rubble.

Our latest Adventure in Racism comes from the UK, which has been trying to beat the US in the Politically Correct Olympics where everyone competes by claiming to the victim and demanding government intervention on their behalf until society collapses and everyone reverts back to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

Czech-born Petra Mills, 31, was found guilty of racially aggravated public disorder after yelling at neighbour in Chelsea O’Reilly, a dual British-New Zealand citizen who lived next door in Macclesfield, south of Manchester.

According to Fairfax New Zealand, O’Reilly told the court:

“She called me a stupid fat Australian b****. Because of my accent there can be some confusion over my nationality. She knew I was from New Zealand. She was trying to be offensive. I was really insulted. She said she would kill my dog. Bizarrely she then blew raspberries at me like a child.”

A sane society might fine a woman for threatening to kill a dog. A pathologically insane society fines a woman because she misstated the geographical origin of her target. How well is a Czech woman supposed to tell an Aussie and Kiwi accent apart?

Silence! Racism! Czech privilege!

Two officers told Macclesfield magistrates’ court that they had heard Mills use the word “Australian” during a drunken rant.

Mills agreed she had shouted, but denied she was being racist:

“I did not use the word ‘Australian’. I used to live with an Australian person. She was very nice.”

However, chairman of the bench Brian Donohue fined Mills 110 pounds (about $175) for racially aggravated public disorder and 200 pounds ($318) for assaulting a police officer during her arrest.

Australian is now a racial slur in the UK. This bout of politically correct insanity has been brought to you by the left. The left, it’s to us, what smallpox was to the Mayans.

  • Lady_Dr

    Hell, I'm American, lived in England five years, and I find it hard to tell an Australian from a New Zealander. Glad I don't live in England any more. Sheesh!

    • Larry

      I have to say that if that is the case you have a tin ear. The Australian and New Zealand accents are very different, it's like not being able to tell the difference between a Southerner and a New Englander.

      Kiwis are really easy to tell, they use only "u" as a vowel, and none of the others. Thus they say "fush and chups", "sux" instead of "six", etc.

      • Genie Smith

        Comparing the accents of Southerners and New Englanders is pretty lame as New Englanders sound like nobody else on the planet.

        I am a born and raised Southerner, and after 57 years I still have people here ask me where I am from because I don't "sound like a Southerner." Outside of Australia and New Zealand it is very common for people to not be able to distinguish between the two accents. Fining someone for not knowing the difference is asinine.

      • Guest

        So, would a Kiwi say, "Muh cut huss nun luvs." (My cat has nine lives.)

    • James Murray

      The UK really that bad was it?.

  • jakespoon

    This is the skeleton of what was once a great people. Political correctness has killed another. Pay attention America.

    • John

      I cants be payin' attention whens my EBT don't work and I gots to play the lotto!

      • jakespoon

        John; You hit the nail square on the head. People can't see past the end of their nose.

    • James Murray

      We are still a great people.

      Greenfield didnt tell you quite the whole story.

      • jakespoon

        Well,pray tell. I'll listen.

        • James Murray

          See my reply lower down.

          The racism charge was probably unnecessary, given her general violent assault and anti-social antics. It has now made a violent and unpleasant woman a martyr.

          As to racism charges, in the UK, Scottish/English/Welsh/Northern Irish people have been found guilty of racially abusing each other (Scottish person racially abusing English, English racially abusing a Scottish person, and vice versa and so on) in the past, so this charge isnt a surprise to me. I dont think its a silly offence, as usually its used for people who have committed long periods of racial abuse of other people based on their nationality, but I think it should be a charge only used in such circumstances, where the abuse is extremely vile and has been over a long period of time.

          • jakespoon

            Thank you ,James. I understand it a little better, now. I did read your post below,and I just want you to know I don't bash the English,maybe have a little fun,occasionally. I believe G,B. is and will be our closest ally in the future. I would love to visit the country one day,to see all the history. I especially like the Roman era and King Alfred. Thanks again.

  • Coptic John

    England "you are crazy! Your great learning is driving you insane!"

  • BS77

    England is on the wane. The welfare socialism, nanny state PC liberalism and immigration flood has turned a once prosperous and respected nation into a sick joke.

  • JakeTobias

    I have to wonder, what would they have fined her if she had got the country right? And I can't believe her lawyer did not point out to the court, that neither Australians, or New Zealanders, are a separate race. What's more, those countries use to belong to the once proud British Empire! I find today's world so ironic, I don't think even Iron Man could untangle it.

  • Suesan

    I can't wait to file a personal lawsuit against the next loudmouth who says "damn American" in my direction because we're broke, I'm broke, and I can think of no greater pleasure than taking money from these PC babies now that it's actionable. Thank you.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      There are countries where calling someone "Damn American" can be prosecuted as racism.

      I guess you could try vacationing there and wearing a "USA No.1" shirt.

      • Mary Sue

        That's hilarious! You'd think with the anti-americanism around the world, that would be the one thing that it was safe to call someone.

        Now I guess the only safe slur now is "WASP".

      • James Murray

        I dont think they'd abuse you for that, just point and laugh.

  • akreynin


  • akreynin

    It does not seem to me that the Czech lady was arrested for confusing the two nationalities. She was arrested for disorderly conduct and calling the New Zealander lady a "stupid, fat, Australian bitch." I am Jewish, and if someone called me a "stupid, fat, Jewish bitch," I would consider this an antisemitic remark. If Petra Mills behaved the way it is claimed she behaved, then it was unacceptable. Drunkenness, disorderly conduct, insulting someone's nationality should not be tolerated; it is certainly not tolerated here in the US. I do not think that the word "Australian" should be considered offensive, but I don't think that is the main issue here.

  • Questions

    Russell Crow, for example, is a Kiwi, but one would think he's an Aussie because of his linguistic infelctions. How this incident became a court case is beyond belief. It shows the despotism of UK multiculturalists.

    Where is Enoch Powell now that we need him?

    • Questions

      Er, Crowe.

    • Larry

      Crowe grew up in Australia from the time he was very young, thus has an Australian accent. Nicole Kidman was born in England but grew up in Australia, thus has an Australian accent.

      Both our current Prime Minister and Opposition Leader were born in the UK and have Australian accents. It really comes down to where you grow up, not where you were born.

      • Nick C

        I get your point. But one correction: Kidman was born in Honolulu.

  • Cat K

    Damn Limeys! (Just kidding, just kidding -I like limes …. & lemons too)

    • Mary Sue

      On the TV show The Equalizer (from the 80s), Edward Woodward's character McCall went postal on some thug because they had used the word "Limeys".

  • mc grath

    Did she say that she was insulted/offended to be called Australian?…is'nt that a slur on australians…should'nt that too be an offence in the PC world of multiculturalists. ( maybe the next court hearing will have the kiwi back as defendant and the aussi ambassador as plaintive)

  • zionit

    Has there been any performances of Westside Story in the UK lately? Remember "Spics, micks, wops"?

  • shane

    Why doesn't England laugh these people out of their jobs? Oh I forgot, when you work for the govt, you can't get fired , no matter how big of an idiot you are.

  • Ben

    I can't believe no one has mentioned The Flight of the Conchords! Both parties should have been forced to watch the "Albi the Racist Dragon" episode and leave off the fine.

  • James Murray

    There is actually a lot more to this story, anti-social behaviour and harassment of the victim.

    Mrs Mills not only physically threatened the victim but also threatened to kill her dog and also assaulted a police officer in the incident (the police were there because Ms Mills and her husband were having such a violent domestic argument that the police were called)

    Buy hey who needs actual facts when you can craft a catchy headline, and bash those silly speaking bad toothed Limeys across the pond?.

    Daniel Greenfield should try and do some proper journalism next time.

  • Roger

    What can you expect when they still haven't figured out which side of the road to drive on….

    • Rich

      we have figured, it'sthe left side. Just like Australia, half of Africa, Japan and India.
      Americans only drive on the right cos they were sucking Napolenas balls at the time and received the statue of Liberty to prove it.

  • Mike

    So if I was from Lincolnshire and somebody called me a yorky from Yorkshire, could I consider that racism? So glad I emigrated from my homeland in 1967, the PC crowd are fast taking over.

  • Ryder

    Since when did NATIONALITY become RACE?


    Nobody even knows what racism is anymore. Hint: Inherently superior races.

  • Rich

    Also, I think you'll find the true 'race' of Australia isn't actually white either

  • Limey Pete

    I too would be offended to be called an Australian. I can't think of anything more offensive than being associated with inbred criminals. Being drunk is no excuse for such blatant insults. The sentence was far too lenient. She should have been sentenced to deportation and sent to………………………

  • ManfromMars

    Well WE hate ALL you earthlings. More since you’re checking out our planet! Go back to your own world you homo’s (sapiens).

  • WhiteRabbit

    American Indians have their own schools and land
    Is that “Segregation” ?
    The opposite of “Segregation” is forced integration at gunpoint
    Forced Integration is White genocide
    “Segregation” is the excuse used to carry it out

    If someone were to say that “Segregation” was a “Problem” in American Indian schools and the Final Solution was to force integrate them with random racial groups…
    “Segregation” would be recognized as an excuse for genocide
    Why is “Segregation” only used as an excuse to commit White genocide ?