British Doctors Call for Ban on Long Kitchen Knives to End Stabbings

Someone stop Julia Child before she stabs again

The good news is that if we ever do get that assault rifle ban, followed by a handgun ban, followed by a ban of anything that can shoot bullets, the “Banners” will still have a banner year of banning all the other ways with which people kill other people.

Violent crimes haven’t gone away with the UK’s gun control. They’ve actually gone up.

Britons suffer 1,158,957 violent crimes per year, which works out at 2,034 per 100,000 residents. The U.S., meanwhile, has a rate of 466 crimes per 100,000 residents, which is lower than France’s, at 504

Instead of gun crime, the UK worries about knife crime. And has been practicing knife control.

The UK outlawed the switchblade and gravity knife in 1959.

In 1988 possession of a pocket knife with a blade larger than 3 inches in public became illegal.

In 1996, it became illegal to sell a razor blade to anyone under the age of 16.

In 2007, you needed a license to be able to sell “non-domestic knives.”

Despite all that knifepoint robberies rose by 10 percent this year and there are some 60,000 stabbings each year. So the push is on to outlaw long kitchen knives. Once that’s done, surely utopia will be at hand.

A team from West Middlesex University Hospital said violent crime is on the increase – and kitchen knives are used in as many as half of all stabbings.

They argued many assaults are committed impulsively, prompted by alcohol and drugs, and a kitchen knife often makes an all too available weapon.

They consulted 10 top chefs from around the UK, and found such knives have little practical value in the kitchen.

None of the chefs felt such knives were essential, since the point of a short blade was just as useful when a sharp end was needed.

The researchers say legislation to ban the sale of long pointed knives would be a key step in the fight against violent crime.

“We suggest that banning the sale of long pointed knives is a sensible and practical measure that would have this effect.”

Certainly no law-abiding person needs a long blade kitchen knife. No one is talking about outlawing all kitchen knives. Just the ones with long blades. No reason for anyone to go beyond a paring knife anyway.

The chefs say so and what does Julia Child know anyway.

Take a good look America. This is where we’re headed under liberal dominion.

  • rmh222

    Prisons outlawed knifes centuries ago. The prisoners invented shives. Why do the dumb keep out thinking the smart?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Because it's not about success ,it's about power. The more the control fails, the more justification there is for greater power.

      • LibertyMan

        Great point……

        "The more the control fails, the more justification there is for greater power."

        • objectivefactsmatter

          How many gun control advocates do you see on their knees weeping for less violence? It's about gun CONTROL with vague language. If they were truly concerned, they'd analyze the technologies and make serious proposals. Nope. We have calls for banning assault rifles and other flexible labels. They know they have no way to succeed unless by accident. They don't want to get rid of the guns. They want to make their their side controls as much firepower as possible. It will be a never-ending battle as long as these totalitarian ideas exist.

    • Jon B. Oakleaf

      Are baseball bats next?

  • LibertyMan

    Maybe they should send chefs to mandated classes and make them go through a battery of Psychological tests to make sure they are not a menace to society, especially if they are a patriot, a Jew or a Christian. (tounge in cheek remark)

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Chefs who need long knives to cut meat are already carnivores and a danger to society.

      Good chefs just need to slice some veggies.

  • John Stone

    Then of course there is always base ball bats. (or cricket bats?). And we should not forget about that dangerous piece of iron, the wrench that loosens wheel lung nuts. And horrors every car comes with one. And you know, so on and so on…

    Perhaps they should issue adult size pacifiers of the sort they stick in the mouth of a little kid. Of course there would have to be a training program for people to know how to use them. You know, so as to get in touch with their infantile side.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Wrench Crime rises in the UK.

      Top mechanics argue that plastic wrenches are just as good.

      • LibertyMan

        But then couldn't they get through airport security?

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Good point.

          We'll have to switch to paper wrenches. Or maybe wrenches with jaw locks

      • Susie Wise

        That's so funny, I almost pee'd my pants.

    • EthanP

      I read not long ago that you needed a MDs note to carry a cane in public.

  • Questions

    I have to ask: What's wrong with Great Britain lately? One would think that being of a rather civilized nature, the British people would be less predisposed toward picking up a knife to settle disputes. Can this increase in knife attacks be attributed to the influx of Arab, subcontinental Asian and Afro populations? Or is this mainly a problem of the indigenous Anglo-Celtic majority? Perhaps Piers Morgan can toss this issue around a bit.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Stabbings are quite high in London and as this article notes, it's Muslim and African immigrants

      "If you are young, male, black or Asian, and you live in a high-crime inner city area, you are far more likely to be a victim of knife violence."

      • Bill Wallace

        So it's much like the US where the vast majority of gun crime is committed by black inner city criminals. And also much like the US they want to impose a ban on everyone because of the actions of a small, specific demographic. Do the people in Gairloch need a knife ban because of criminals in London?

        • Kay

          Bill you are correct! 100% Correct! But, guns save peoples lives here (Take for example San Antonio). A crazy gun man went to a restaurant to kill his girlfriend – she ran to a movie theater next door (and everyone else did too!) He kept shooting and was shot by a off duty cop. (Who had a gun). She saved SO many peoples lives and awarded a medal for doing so.

          Tell me Bill, have you heard about this on national news? NO. Only local news covered it (and this region of Texas). Guns saved someones life and they REFUSE to cover it to push their own agenda.

    • James Murray

      Whats wrong?. Lots. But a supposed ban on kitchen knives isnt one of them.

  • DaveIL

    As a former chef, any chef who says they don't need a 10" French knife is not qualified to use the title of "chef." It is the most commonly-used knife in any professional kitchen. Now, I'd like those same chefs to explain how they're carving any form of roast without a 14" carving knife – and yes, with a pointed tip.

    Britain should just ban all sharp implements, baseball bats, cricket bats and any other heavy blunt instrument, automobiles, and any rock whatsoever. Metal cans should be outlawed as well. I can take someone out easily – with a standard 12 oz can of peas.

    • jakespoon

      Only chef's specially trained in the use of a long knife will be permitted to be in possession of said knife,and only after finger printing,psychological and background checks. Registration papers must be kept with the knife at all times and must be presented upon request by the proper authorities. Failure to comply will result in 12 mo. prison time and or $10.000.00 fine. As for the can of peas…

      • Mary Sue

        Gimme that can of mushy peas, I'll whip it at one of those moronic politicians' heads.

        I hate peas :p

      • J. Beard

        Sacre bleu! A chef using canned peas? What is the world coming to?

    • Mary Sue

      I can cut a roast with less than a 10 inch blade, but it'll be a small roast, and the bigger, the more 'massacred' the cut (and messy!)

    • Sandie

      From what I hear of the British food, they don't need long pointy knives – they can't cook anyway.

    • Patrick

      Well said. I wonder how they found ten "chefs" who had never cut a roast or a cabbage, and thought the essential part of any knife is its tip!

    • WesTexan

      No need to worry about British chefs. Is there really a demand for British cuisine?

  • LeChat

    This kind of insanity is becoming mainstream. People who allow this to happen to them deserve what they get.

  • BS77

    Why don't we just get down to the logical conclusion and outlaw people in England??? No people, no crime.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      That's what Zero Population Growth is for.

      • Mary Sue

        I remember being shown a film about Zero Population Growth and the Club of Rome (and not buying its garbage for ONE SECOND because I'd been forewarned by a few books about that sort of nonsense; we own the critique of "The Population Bomb" called Handbook on Populationand several other tomes)! And this was in Canada, in public middle school. We also got shown a documentary discussing "Future Shock".

        We're not up to outlawing knifes here yet but we have outlawed tasers (except for cops of course), brass knuckles, pepper spray/mace (except against dogs and bears), and guns with barrels shorter than 4 inches.

  • Mary Sue

    This was, of course, inevitable. I saw this coming a mile away.

    Vietnam I recall had banned some sorts of knives, including ones with bamboo blades.

    Pretty soon everybody will have to eat pureed food like a baby (or senior citizen that can't afford dentures).

    • James Murray

      The ban never happened, this is an old story from 2005, when one small group of doctors called for it. The US seems to have taken more interest than we did!.

  • Grouchy Old Man

    Hmmmm! I wonder which will have the tougher sentence, drugs or kitchen knives?

    PS: The British can't cook anyway so the loss of cooking knives will be hardly noticed.

    • James Murray

      The English cant, the Scots, Irish and Welsh can, lol.

  • Diogones

    Take a sock, fill it with rolls of pennies, nickels, quarters, or whatever. Hit on bonce of opponent. Shall we now ban socks?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Only those capable of holding a weight of over 2 pounds

    • GTo

      you use rocks, not money.
      been there done that.

    • Mary Sue

      Well, Canada's already getting rid of pennies…

  • Thomas Wells

    Up next : "British ban beer bottles". "It's horrible to contemplate what a broken glass bottle can do to human flesh", says Sir Cecil Molemind-Stonehead, MSS, FRS, MFK.

    • Mary Sue

      or they make them put beer in cans or plastic bottles instead of glass! Wait, that's less environmentally friendly! Back to glass! Wait, it's MORE environmentally unfriendly!…and around and around it goes…

  • Ghostwriter

    Right now,the inmates have taken over the asylum in Britain.

    • James Murray

      Except this was a call for a ban from 2005, and the ban never happened and nobody took the call seriously. Not even the then Labour govt, which was PC.

      • Kyle Kiernan

        Whew! That’s a relief! I mean, everybody knows that an issue can only be advocated once and if nothing happens then that issue is closed forever and that plan of action can never be followed again.
        It would be completely different if this article were only the first in long series of articles and advocacies and studies and legislative initiatives that eventually end up in a ban on pointed sticks and anything remotely hazardous.
        I’d feel a lot better if the advocacy group and writer had all said this idea was the stupidest damn thing they had ever heard and simply not written it or better yet reached the conclusion that knife attacks are up because criminals can use them against defenseless people to get what they want and maybe people should be equipped with some kind of device which would enable them to defend themselves.

  • rodger the dodger

    I’m all for cutting people’s hands off so they can’t strangle anybody, followed by a ban on legs so nobody can be kicked to death. Also, a ban on pool balls and socks, so the balls can’t be put in socks, and used to beat people, like in the excellent film ‘Scum’. But if we cut people’s hands off first, it won’t matter…yes, i haven’t really thought this through properly, have I?

  • κατεργάζομαι

    "some 60,000 stabbings each year"………

    ……And that's just from Brits buttering their scones at tea time!

  • Edward Cline

    Can you imagine it? "V for Vendetta" will be banned because "V" is very, very adept with long blades. The film must be banned because….because….well, we wouldn't want to put bad ideas into the random loon's head, would we? Also, we should ban "Cyrano de Bergerac" and "Gladiator" and many other films that feature promiscuous knife or sword play for the same reason. And then, there are chainsaws…..Oh, the field is so ripe for the censor's touch. Our protectors shouldn't stop at banning just the actual object. They should move on to banning depictions of their horrific usage. Then we'll all be safe, and there will be no more crime. In a pig's eye.

  • Adolf Hitler

    Anything to save 'the children'. What else can stop the killings? Nothing i say. No guns, no knives, no scissers, staples, pins, needles, people …poker…..

    • jakespoon

      Ban fire.Only licensed personnel will be allowed to build or keep a fire. Unlicensed personnel may not be within 25ft. of the fire. Failure to comply may result in 12mo. prison time or a $10,000.00 fine(or both).

      • Winston

        No, no, no, no. You can't ban fire, but you can ban anything that can easily start a fire in order to prevent arson. So, they should ban matches and lighters.

  • Jaja

    Ban sharp edged paper. Got a bad paper cut the other day.

  • James Murray

    Why is Daniel Greenfield making a story in 2012, almost 2013, out of ONE group who called for a ban in 2005?.Why post an article about a incident seven years ago?. Come on Daniel, explain yourself.

    The UK has not banned and will not ban kitchen knives!. As a Brit, I can assure you of that.

    This was a small group calling for a ban. But nobody at the time, not even the PC Labour govt then in power, took any notice of them. I am amazed that people in the US seem to equate calls for a ban with an actual ban.

    Any 'clampdown' on knives in the UK re knives are about the use of them in crimes or the possession of them in public without good reason. The latter is used against British male teens who walk about carrying serious knives and even swords, and are usually involved in gang violence.

    • jakespoon

      Because some stupid person had this stupid thought and even though it has been dismissed(for now) it is not forgotten. Libthink and all,you see.

    • Mary Sue

      what are you, kidding me? Idiotic ideas like this get retreaded all the time. And it keeps popping back up until someone takes it "seriously." So the discussion of said idea is valid.

      • James Murray

        Sorry, but the headline and the story are a gross distortion. Anyone reading it will think that 'the Limeys' have actually banned kitchen knives, when we havent, and the call for a ban came from a tiny group. Sorry, but this article is lazy and stupid.

      • James Murray

        This is a story from 2005. This is almost 2013. By that logic, why dosent Mr Greenfield keep posting articles about the return of phrenology?.

  • perado

    Amputation is the answer! Obviously, guns, knives, hammers, and frying pans have one thing in common that allows each of these inanimate objects to be used as weapons; hands. If only the Government had some REAL leaders, they’ d see the answer to all manner of violence is the swift removal of everyone’ s hands in one fell swoop.

    Okay, two fell swoops. Picky, picky, picky.

  • BS77

    England is toast….a socialist welfare state on the slide towards oblivion. This is the same nation that fought the Nazis…and now is cowering before their hostile ingrate immigrant "guests".

    • James Murray

      This 'ban' never happened. This is an old 2005 story about a small group of doctors who called for a ban. It was ignored then and now.

      BTW, youve just elected a socialist president with the middle name of Hussein. Britain's Prime Minister and most of the ruling coalition is conservative. And our PM is a white, upper class Brit of English-Scottish-Welsh-Jewish lineage. We are making conservative cuts on public spending, welfare and are tightening immigration.

  • tarasbalderdash

    Don't mess around. Ban steel and get it over with. And then bricks. And rocks. And water. And fire.

    Better yet, ban idiots from being in positions of authority.

  • Devan

    Tell me again why we saved these morons from Hitler…!?

    • James Murray

      You didnt.
      Try learning some real history.

    • slm100

      Devan you did not save us from Hitler – you came in at the last moment, true YANK style and helped us polish them off. It was only when Hitler declared war on the USA did you get involved.

      I am a Brit living in California, talk about morons…… Everyone is talking about banning this and that but no mention of the mental healthcare needed for the people who use everyday items to kill others. Your 'normal' person would not even think about mass murder.
      More vigilance on watching out for the potentially insane and I think you will find this type of crime would go down.
      And for the record it is not the whole British Medical Society calling for this ban but a small group of 'pre' Doctors in a University group. As 'Yank' you of all people should recognize this Media 'bull' at the very least.

    • David Senter

      Are you Russian, Devan? The Russians defeated Hitler, they killed 8 million German soldiers on the Eastern Front. Around 1 million were killed on the Western Front, and the Allies only made progress there after the Germans moved the bulk of their men east in a last ditch attempt to hold off the Russians. Don't rely on Hollywood for your history.

  • Jim

    Um…the referenced article is from 2005. Seriously?

    • James Murray

      I know, but apparently by some tortuous logic, its valid to revisit a dead 2005 story in December 2012.
      No, I dont get it either.

  • Alisa

    What about pointed sticks?

  • mbabbitt

    It 's the morally impoverished people, stupid, not the knives or guns or forks or bats!

  • HighPressure

    Does anyone remember the former mayor of New York City, David Dinkins rant and rave about how we need more gun control after a brutal stabbing. At the time I thought what a moron. Now I realize David Dinkins must be part English.

    • Mary Sue

      I think I remember hearing about that, and wondering what General Dinkins' brain damage was.

  • Officialese

    I suppose eventually they’ll try to ban penises, to prevent rape.

  • EBL

    Slippery Slope? Now I need to stock up on knives…and probably scissors and matches next.

  • PoorLittleSheeple

    Try cutting up a melon or a butternut squash or a pumpkin with a paring knife. You total and utter tosser. People like you should be farmed out to far east factories. You're such a robot, a sheep, bleating like a baby and regurgitating what the nanny state government want you to think and say. Just go away and don't come back. You pollute the internet. Are you a member of the NRA?

  • Winston

    I wonder how they'll come up with a non-lethal ice pick.

  • Crashaxe

    Who are the Doctors?
    Is there a list of names?
    Would you go to a doctor who is that stupid with no common sense?
    Hum, no kitchen knife, think this cricket bat will bash in some heads?
    Find out who they are and boycott them.

  • mjones

    I have a better idea, ban cars, I am sure there are more deaths and injuries on the roads than knives or anything else.

  • Milhouse

    Why are you bringing up a 7-year-old story now?

    • Barkonius

      Because he's making a timeline of events. Britain has had a knee-jerk, nanny state reaction to violence. The author is pointing out the complete lack of logic in the current dialogue in the US about "gun-control" by parralelling it with Britain. Britain already made the wrong choice as he pointed out with statistics, you know the facts that you're ignoring, what will happen here if similar legislation is passed. Prohibition doesn't affect criminals. You can't legislate a utopian society.

  • Dave

    Those who are pointing out that the initial articles is from 2005, and thus dismissing its validity seem to be missing the point, which is that you can ban guns and people will merely find something else with which to do harm or kill another person. Furthermore, the more government steps in and regulates human activity, such as these bans, only increases the sense of a lack of control of ones environment and actions in the individual, thus increasing the likelihood of lashing out senselessly, manifesting in any manner of anti-social behavior, from drug use to escape, gang activity for a sense of local control or bashing a spouses head in out of frustration with the whole situation. Welcome to the Brave New World.

    • Ernst Schreiber

      Respectfully, when one write’s “the push is on to outlaw long kitchen knives,” and support that statement by linking to a seven, going on eight year old story, one does one’s reputation for creditability a disservice. I get the point. I agree with the general argument. But a misrepresentation that egregious, however well intended, is a self-inflicted wound.

      Better to have written something like “a proposal WAS made…” in place of “the push IS on…” in my humble opinion.

  • stanj

    What about a progressive's pointy head?

  • sanity

    I see one comment that acknowledge (indirectly) the false claim this article makes. They are talking about knives with are both long AnD pointy.

    I do agree with the sentiment; banning kitchen knives (of any type) is, to be polite, silly. The issue I have is that stories like this don't stick to the facts. Instead they go and hype things… even when the truth is silly (again, being polite) enough on its own.

  • me109g4

    Am embarrased to admit I am British,,,,so glad i dont live there anymore, the inmates are now in control of the asylum.

  • Edith

    As Americans increasingly lose bladder and self control from statin drugs coupled with SSRI medication, watch for a new surge in suffocation assaults with "Depends" undergarments.

  • Dave

    I hope this is a joke. But I won’t be surprised if it is the truth. You see, the founders of American Constitution knew what they were doing was an experiment that had never been tried before: create a country where liberty was more important than security. They knew we would have to accept a higher risk of violence and crime and that we would quite often set people free who were actually guilty of crimes, JUST to have a country that could call itself uniquely FREE. We were willing to trade some security in order to have liberty.

    Now we have allowed so many historically ignorant people to flood into our country, and our teachers have been unwilling to teach this crucially important lesson of history to the children. So the average American thinks it would actually be a great idea of put cameras on every street corner if it will cut down violent crime. They will ultimately be quite happy to have government cameras in every bedroom in order to cut down on rape. They will ultimately be quite content to have a “Minority Report” style of preemption of crime, a thought police, a police state, if it will just save a few lives. How many lives would it have to save? Well, after 20 or 30 kids were killed, I’ve heard the President say “if it will save only one life”. So here is a man who is happy to trade the liberties of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of citizens just to save one life.
    That, my friends, is NOT what this country is about. It is NOT about trading away our liberties just for a fake, bogus, false promise of security they can’t deliver. It is NOT about trading the freedoms of millions just to save a few lives. And that is why we will NEVER have the low homicide that Europe has. Because in order to achieve that low level, the Europeans have to rein in their population more and more. They have to impose more and more regulations and bureaucracy, becoming more and more of a police state, until the point that nobody is free to do anything anymore.
    I’m sorry, but we will not allow that to happen here. And we have the weapons to make sure of it.

  • Mark M

    They ban guns, stabbings go up. They ban knives and blunt instrument trama goes up. Why not just ban hurting anyone by any means… Because it does not work you morons. You are just replacing 1 weapon with another weapon. If people want to hurt each other they will regardless of all the silly bans. All you have managed to accomplish is remove a useful tool from a kitchen where 99.99999% of the time there is no issue. Same with guns, same with cars. Yes, they will ban cars next because they do not trush the general public with them.


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  • agoeknowledge

    Perhaps the British can just outlaw themselves. Then everything will be outlawed and everyone perfectly safe. That's Obama and the Democrat's plan. Hey maybe we should just outlaw Democrats! That should solve it!

    • Amerigo Vespucci

      Thank God that Hitler was so stupid. These morons would have fallen way before 12/07/1941. Of course the melted down the Winchesters, Mauser bringbacks from WWI and Sharps Buffalo rifles we went them so the old men of the Home Guard would not have to confront armed master race members from downed Messerschmidts und der Junkers mit das wooden pitchforks and hay rakes back in the Blitz. Thank GOD or the Jamestown, Captain John Smith and the Mayflower!

  • Lisa Norcott

    We dont have gun control in the UK as such as we never had many guns in the first place. How many stabbings do you have per year on top of all your shootings….?? We had 550 homicides in the UK in total in 2011/12 – 39 caused by a firearm. The US had 13,558 homicides in the same period. You have over 20 times our murder rate and only approx 6 times our population. You're being lied to!

  • justin

    Britain should just ban all sharp implements, baseball bats, cricket bats and any other heavy blunt instrument, automobiles, and any rock whatsoever Best Fastpitch softball Bats 2013

  • woohooman

    Great! A family of five can take turns gnawing on the same piece of meat! "Ok that's enough – let me have a go at it"

  • woohooman

    The NANNY state simply makes crime easier for CRIMINALS.

  • Tspk

    Ban kitchen knives? What a pack of dickheads. Lets just all stop breathing.

  • dageeze

    Unlike U.S. doctors who become wealthy operating on people, those British doctors would rather sit around and drink tea while watching TV all day because they are gov't salaried employees.

  • aliswell

    Absolute insanity. To all British folk: you need to do what American lawmakers do ~ just obey the laws you like and ignore the ones you don’t.

    ARM YOURSELVES, for Pete’s Sake! Fight and have your gun rights re-established!

  • Leo Barr

    What why not ban people in public places 1
    Knives for slicing particularly Japanese Yangi are used for draw slicing therefore they need to be long as do carving knives for the traditional Sunday roast I would like to see a joint sliced with a pairing knife.
    What if you want to actually prepare food you will need cleavers , filleting knives , boning knives Debas (tools are potentially dangerous what about medical scalpels ).
    Or are we meant to eat GM foods packaged into nice microwaveable boxes.
    How can you prepare real food with only a paring knife .
    Lastly a sharpened nail , a fountain pen , a sharpened flathead screw driver the possibilities are endless.
    Just take people out of the equation – oops no income for governments or industry .
    Who were the so called top chefs what at McDonalds Burger King & KFC.

  • inokashira

    I suppose they will propose banning the assault models first. You know, the ones that look like the rest of the kitchen knives but have sinister black colored handles. The others will follow. You never know what evil lurks in ones kitchen. Next they will ban toilets. After too many pints of Guinness one could pass out and drown right? Let see; what can we ban next?.

  • tripdad

    Andrew Cuoimo “No one needs a six inch blade to cut vegetables”!

    • Cody

      I do wish he would cut his own throat with one, effing Commie.

    • Leslie

      Andrew obviously doesn’t cook his own food.

  • anonymous

    Might as well ban water to stop people from drowning others.

  • Cody

    Why don’t they just ban murder and be done with it once and for all?

  • deadeye

    you guys do know ,for criminals to solve this problem all they wold have to do is just to take long stick and the paring knife fasting it together and bingo you got a spear ,actually the best way for a criminal to kill people wold be a car fast and hard to stop and very lethal ,well good luck Brits , us yanks wish we could help but we got our hands full , them dam commies are trying very hard to our guns i think there trying to start a civil war check this out –>

  • Seattle206723

    Just maybe! If they can kick this guy out; then maybe they can bring some sanity to England.

  • withinNB

    Who are these crazy politicians who make these decisions? And we elect them into office .. nuts !!!

  • Blah

    mental health care in Canada and America is in piss port standings. “Treatment” usually consist of jail time, then they are released un treated to reoffend.

    How about we address the reasons for violence rather than adding NERF to the entire fabric of society and removing freedoms in the name of security?

  • Red Eye Robot
  • Fern Galooth

    Why not simply ban anything that could be used to harm another human being. Problem solved. Let common sense prevail. Initially, the penalities should be really harsh. Once crime abates we can back off a little bit, allowing the less dangerous things such as ice cream cones to be gradually legalized – at least the smaller ice cream cones.