Brits Retaliate Against Petition to Deport Piers Morgan, With Petition to Keep Him Out of Britain

At this rate there is a real risk of Piers Morgan becoming a man without a country. In response to the petition to deport Piers Morgan, now up to 71,000 signatures, inspired by Top Gear Host Jeremy Clarkson, the Brits have unveiled a petition not to send him back to the UK.

Piers Morgan has worn out his welcome in the United States fairly quickly, but he had quite a long time to wear out in the UK and no one there wants him coming back.

Here’s one petition.

We got rid of him once and why should we have to suffer again. The Americans wanted him so they should put up with him. We washed our hands of him a long time ago.

And another one.

Do NOT send Piers Morgan back to Britain, we don’t want him or like him either.

The people of Britain do NOT like Piers Morgan and we wish to convey that we do not want this man to represent us or our national identity in any way whatsoever.

We apologize to the people of America for you having to endure his rampant superiority complex in your national media. We thought we had seen the last of him when he was finally fired from The Mirror newspaper but then he somehow wormed his way onto CNN. Doh!

Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame, now there is a true journalist and Brit, when he punched Piers multiple times in 2004 our nation cried out in joy. Never has a knuckle sandwich been so well deserved and appropriate a reaction.

So maybe Piers Morgan can be deported to Australia. It would be historically accurate.

That said excessively reporting on the Piers Morgan petition does nothing to actually deport him, but helps give publicity to a repulsive bottom-feeding media parasite who is flailing to hang on at CNN.

  • Puck

    ''Retaliate Against'' – ??? It's actually complementary to, as the body of your article affirms. Please don't egg the pudding guys, eh? This f****t has already done enough damage to across-pond relations.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It's meant to be humorous wording

  • Francesca Fontes

    I am cracking up.

  • UCSPanther

    Maybe there is hope for Britain after all…

  • southwood

    Yes, America, please allow Morgan to remain in your land. I just wish we could deport Jeremy Clarkson from the UK !

  • Mary Sue

    Wow, makes me wonder what Piers Morgan did to piss off the brits, given Brit is such Liberal-land these days.

    • pat

      There are a lot of Conservatives in Britain….not 100% liberal.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It's not political. He's just a cretin. Universally so.

  • jakespoon

    Maybe they need an anchorman in the Falklands.

    • Mary Sue

      yeah, at the time of the day when Argentina wants it!

  • Questions

    Across the pond, Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan have had a running feud going back years. Everyone in the UK knows they're mortal enemies. I figured it only was a matter of time before Clarkson would weigh in with his take on this moral theater. He shouldn't be taken seriously.

    I guarantee this: The Obama administration isn't going to deport Morgan, regardless of whether this silly petition generates 71,000 or 71 million e-signatures. The people peddling this stunt have no idea how immigration law works on paper or in practice. Deportation? It'll never happen.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Of course it will never happen. But it's about the message, not the effect.

    • jakespoon

      I like Clarkson better anyway.

  • Ghostwriter

    I've never seen Piers Morgan's show on CNN. I did hear about the Jeremy Clarkson/Piers Morgan feud though. I heard it's been going on for years now. I think his show may get canceled and he returns to Britain anyway.

  • EarlyBird

    It's just incredible how small conservatism is becoming, and at what speed.

  • LindaRivera

    So maybe Piers Morgan can be deported to Australia.

    I pity Australia or ANY country that has to put up with this traitor to humanity.

  • Steve D

    'I pity Australia or ANY country that has to put up with this traitor to humanity.'

    I know several of you are gazing north with hope…but as a Canadian I must say:

    Don't even think about it!

  • Holger Dansker

    Piers Morgan was involved in some dodgy insider trading type deals, he got away with that, sort of, but when he published the fake pictures of Brit soldiers "supposedly " abusing Iraqi prisoners, he got fired.
    Also he is" Allegedly" somehow mixed up in this phone hacking scandal.
    Why CNN would want anyone with a track record like Morgan, we can only speculate.
    Guess nobody checked his background, I do not know when he started working in America, but I am sure he was on Wikipedia and similar sites, at the time.

    • Guest

      It's CNN! They were probably trying to increase their ratings from 1 viewer to 2 viewers!

  • James Shaffer

    He must of paid off somebody at CNN. This pos needs to be deported. He might make his way as a war reporter. He is more than qualified to be a crash dummy. Send him home or just send him packing. America wants him gone !!!!

  • Juan from LA

    I recall Clarkson asking a guest once on Top Gear why Hollywood always used pompous Brits as 'Baddies' in the movies. Now you know. Piers Morgan is just behaving the same way most Brithish visitors do when they come to the U.S. However, we don't usually put them on TV every night…

  • dc12205

    Send him to France. It would be a perfect fit.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "That said excessively reporting on the Piers Morgan petition does nothing to actually deport him, but helps give publicity to a repulsive bottom-feeding media parasite who is flailing to hang on at CNN."

    No, but it might lead to some increased appreciation for our constitution and the rights it gives to him.

  • Jeremy Valentine

    Now that’s great! Thanks Mr. Clarkson…. Love your show and keep up the good work…

  • Robert S Mouds

    Send Piers to Russia and revoke his passport see how fast he’ll long for freedom of speech when he arrested since he is a common criminal. Barring that remember their’s always North Korea.