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Brits Retaliate Against Petition to Deport Piers Morgan, With Petition to Keep Him Out of Britain

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On December 26, 2012 @ 12:35 pm In The Point | 25 Comments


At this rate there is a real risk of Piers Morgan becoming a man without a country. In response to the petition to deport Piers Morgan [2], now up to 71,000 signatures [3], inspired by Top Gear Host Jeremy Clarkson [4], the Brits have unveiled a petition [5] not to send him back to the UK.

Piers Morgan has worn out his welcome in the United States fairly quickly, but he had quite a long time to wear out in the UK and no one there wants him coming back.

Here’s one petition [10].

We got rid of him once and why should we have to suffer again. The Americans wanted him so they should put up with him. We washed our hands of him a long time ago.

And another one.

Do NOT send Piers Morgan back [5]to Britain, we don’t want him or like him either.

The people of Britain do NOT like Piers Morgan and we wish to convey that we do not want this man to represent us or our national identity in any way whatsoever.

We apologize to the people of America for you having to endure his rampant superiority complex in your national media. We thought we had seen the last of him when he was finally fired from The Mirror newspaper but then he somehow wormed his way onto CNN. Doh!

Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame, now there is a true journalist and Brit, when he punched Piers multiple times in 2004 our nation cried out in joy. Never has a knuckle sandwich been so well deserved and appropriate a reaction.

So maybe Piers Morgan can be deported to Australia. It would be historically accurate.

That said excessively reporting on the Piers Morgan petition does nothing to actually deport him, but helps give publicity to a repulsive bottom-feeding media parasite who is flailing to hang on at CNN.

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