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California Bill to Give Obama’s DREAMer Illegal Aliens Unemployment Benefits

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On December 13, 2012 @ 2:03 pm In The Point | 8 Comments


Retracing this towering pyramid of hypocrisy [2] we finally come to the tawdry conclusion of a bill that was proposed in Congress as a way to legalize productive illegal aliens, that couldn’t be passed and was rammed through illegally by executive order, has now become a way for illegal aliens to get on the unemployment benefits train [3].

If Assembly Bill 35 passes, then the DREAM Scam will have existed only to expand the welfare state.

Legislation introduced Tuesday would give about 400,000 undocumented immigrants in California the same rights as citizens to unemployment benefits and various other government services.

Assembly Bill 35 targets a select group of undocumented immigrants, participants in President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, who came to the United States as youths and have lived generally productive lives for numerous years.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation, effective Jan. 1, that enables participants in the federal program to obtain California driver’s licenses. AB 35 would provide them with rights to a state ID card, unemployment benefits and state-administered medical services.

It’s funny how fast immigration for national economic benefit just becomes immigration as a way to expand the welfare state.

AB 35 was proposed by Assemblyman Roger Hernández, a West Covina Democrat who was named chairman of the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee this month.

“California embodies the greatest diversity in the world,” Hernández said in a written statement. “We recognize we will need the collective skills and talents of these young immigrants to aid our state in reaching our true potential.”

But Hernandez isn’t recognizing their skills and talent. He’s giving them a way to cash more welfare benefits out of an already bankrupt state. If they’re so skilled and talented, why aren’t they working?

As labor committee chairman, Hernández said, “I am ready to carry my part in making sure their integration into our workforce, economy and society becomes a reality.”

They’re certainly becoming integrated into the Taker part of the economy.

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