California To Become Nation’s First Illegal Alien Sanctuary State

State lawmakers have moved to limit the deportation of illegal immigrants with a measure that has passed the Senate and likely faces approval in the Assembly. Dubbed the Trust Act, Assembly Bill 1081 would limit local law enforcements’ compliance with federal policy requiring them to check the immigration status of people taken into custody. AB 1081 is a first-in-the-nation measure.

In response, FAIR, the immigration reform group, has said, “The California Legislature has demonstrated, yet again, that protecting illegal aliens takes precedence over every interest in the state, including the safety and security of law abiding citizens. AB 1081 will put deportable criminals back onto the streets of communities all across California.”

This is the Legislative’s Counsel Digest, straight from the bill. “This bill would prohibit a law enforcement official, as defined, from detaining an individual on the basis of a United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold after that individual becomes eligible for release from criminal custody.”

If California becomes the first sanctuary state, groups such as La Raza will swiftly begin applying pressure on other states to pass similar laws.

  • Rebas Thgil

    We need to apply some of that Hank Johnson physics to this situation by sawing Kalifornia off and setting it adrift. Be careful not to capsize it, as we don't want to be thought of as being mean about it…….

    • Red47

      That is too funny.

  • Red47

    What part of bankrupt does this state not understand? They need to STOP spending not make it easier for the unentitled to sap their resources.

    • Rebas Thgil

      Simple arithmetic is not the touchy-feely crowd's strong suit.

      • Red47

        Ha!  “Simple” is not in their lexicon.  If it were, they would have to preface the word “minded” with it in their bios.

    • joy

      Who is in charge ….the ultra wealthy. Why do you think this is happening? Why do you think such a emotional and financial situation is being let go like this????????????? Put on your thinking caps these people arent as stupid as you think…manipulated much???

      • Red47

        Who is voting "yes" on all the ballot initiatives? Ummmm, that would be the Californians. who elects the Democrats whose entire party platform is big Centralized Government? Also Californians. Until CA gets an electorate that does not want a big centralized govt, CA will continue on its path to destruction.
        We are not victims of anything more mystical than a socialist education en masse.

  • Carbondioxide

    Riding in on Warren Buffet's coal train- a little bumpy but sensible and economical, a dream ride indeed.
    I cannot wait until the US calendar adds a "Day of the Dead" holiday, can you?
    If Romney wins, maybe the Republicans will be sensible and eliminate Easter in order to maintain productivity.

  • Really

    Who's voting these people into office?!?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Illegal aliens

  • Clyde Lofton

    They have the right to make this law. I am a huge state rights fan, and if you believe Arizona had the right to make immigration laws you should also think California has the right to make immigration laws.

    • Rebas Thgil

      Alright, Clyde. And I am a huge natural consequences fan.

      The natural consequence to this is NOT that we all get to be taxed more in order to bail out Kalifornia Greece style – that is the un-natural consequence.

    • daddy warbucks

      And California crys for the federal government (yours and mine taxes) to bail them out for being idiots

      Saying your from California does not get you respect

    • George Gallo

      Arizona made no immigration laws that altered the Federal ones getting lax enforcement. That is different than what Clyde describes. States rights are fine, but state's blackmail for special financial assistance to maintain unequal welfare are owed no consideration. Seize the assets of Federal Land from CA nominal overseer status and reassign them to neighboring AZ and NV. Tell them they can raid their Highway Matching funds if they so choose, but promise to discontinue further payment of them. The highway tolls they would have to institute would topple their socialist government pronto.

      • Red47

        All they would have to do to get out of debt is drill, baby, drill.

  • ret_cpo

    California is never going to recover. The will go bankrupt. They will never vote to reduce entitlements. Eventually they will go over the cliff no matter what happens with the rest of the country.

  • tramky

    The California legislature should be arrested en masse, tried & convicted of conspiracy to violate Federal laws. It's probably a RICO violation. Arrest 'em, fine 'em, make 'em do the people's business and protect the people of the state of California. Totally outrageous and illegal. Go into the halls of the state capitol n Sacramento and drag 'em out in handcuffs.

  • Mach1Duck

    What politicians won't do to stay in office. They certianly are not looking out for the interest of the California LEGAL residents.

  • Gene Ralno

    The 10th Amendment says, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are served to the states respectively, or to the people." That gives California the Constitutionally guaranteed right to do many bad things. Strict adherence to the 10th Amendment also would prohibit funding for California when it collapses financially. When it happens, the Mexicans will go home. And because taxpayers already will have fled to more prosperous states, California will wallow in bankruptcy until neighboring states will divide up and absorb the remaining real estate. It's happened to many counties in this nation and is directly on the path chosen by California leaders. It's the American way. Only voters can change what's about to happen to California.

    • George Gallo

      Arizona should enter into negotiations to invite the thirteen agricultural counties of CA and Orange County to an amicable annexation out of the state of Northern California. Would not change the senatorial count nor the flag stars. No state should ever have gotten all the coastline and harbors of California to itself unless planning to operate on a sound financial basis without bailout, and to patrol its access points to our nation securely. Neither of which they are now doing.

  • Spock

    Yes, CA has the right to make state laws, but they should not be laws that violate national security. If the law passes, the federal government should immediately cease all federal funding to CA… Of course, with a president who ignores the Constitution and dictates socialist policy by executive order, that is not likely to happen. The bottom line is that illegal = illegal…

    • Rebas Thgil

      Live long and prosper.

      And good luck on that, in this age of whosaneonomics. Or is that Husseinonomics?

  • iamcomfortablynumb

    Maybe Mexico will step in and buy California with its illegal drug money (has it already)??? Or, maybe Carlos Slim the mexican that is the world's richest man, will pay the fee?

  • SickofthisState

    One reason I am taking my educated and money-making azz someplace else. Hate to bail on my home state, but this nonsense is ruining us, financially and otherwise.

  • Leon

    Although this article is obtuse, it does make sense to the problem they [CA] is facing. Once the criminal process is done, hence the presumed criminal [any] is allowed to leave in order to have their day in court, hence the state relinquishes to the street. However, the state is responsible for the assumed criminal, if INS is involved, to hold until custody is transferred. Now, knowing that the criminal is illegal regardless of the crime [traffic ticket to murder], the state has an obligation to hold, feed, ‘house’, and supply basic needs. How long this takes puts burden on the states’ resources however, placing this law in affect causes great neglect on enforcement authorities of the federal government. This law in itself is a “non-extradition” to the federal law authorities not a sanctuary. Granted, I would like to believe the state would hold criminals longer for the hardened presumed crimes , until INS arrives, however fast acting criminals may escape the arm of federal justice (INS, DEA, DHS, etc). Also, the larger damage is identifying “illegals” in state written law, thus making them refugees and identifying them as a government responsibility as opposed to a problem. Most law enforcement is required to check for ID, but not for immigration status. Changing state law to provide proof of citizenship status would assist police matters more efficiency when working with “federalis”. This would increase current state laws to deal with “abundant issues specific to the state” thus doing more to work with federal government rather than doing less. This could be as easy as having citizenship status on licenses or IDs. Last note: Other than civil mistreatment, when immigration problems begin to set new laws or change current laws (set in the past based on the same issues) in their [immigrants] favor it is no longer immigration, it is “insurgency”!

  • lucy

    if this is gonna be santuary then they should not be allowed to recieve aid from welfare or aid from any place ,they need to find jobs only just like us . we are to easy on illegial immagrants giving welfare when they cross the border

  • http://Frontpagemagazine Suzyqpie

    The combination of open borders and generous welfare is the recipe for economic disaster. Border security is very important. Ask the American Indians.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, the people vote for Democratic that want this but a lot of sheriffs are not going to enforced the trust act. So, its more complex than that. From Anaheim to Fresno California is a big old job magnet.

  • George Gallo

    California holding out their tin cup to DC so they can give it out like this? Let them spend their highway matching funds instead, and they will have to make the interstates into tollroads. Paying them anything as bankrupt wards we can remove equivalent assets from their control, such as their domain over the federal lands in their state. Reassign those into Arizona or Nevada, and watch the Calipendejos chafe.

  • Paul Martin

    I am a uk citizen (retired journalist and broadcaster)but lived in LA over 25 years. There are many illegals who break laws it's a fact, but many more who just work hard and raise families there. California would NOT make laws to protect these people if they were NOT considered essential to the economic benefit of the state ! Especially in agriculture, manufacturing and numerous low paying jobs that most Americans shun ! The biggest and shadiest crooks in my opinion and I know I am NOT alone here, are the rich, famous, established and especially those who run things politically ! The media know it, the FBI know it and DC know it…..but let them slide…who knows why ?