California’s Largest Corporation is Headed for the Exit

Chevron is California’s largest corporation, but it seems to be making the move to becoming Texas’ largest corporation instead.

Employees at Chevron’s San Ramon corporate headquarters received an unexpected email yesterday. It notified them that a quarter of their jobs are being moved from California to Texas.

That’s 800 jobs out the door which gives Chevron a larger presence in Texas than it still has in California.

Forbes noted that Comcast shut down its Northern California call centers this year, citing “the high cost of doing business in California.” Some 1,000 workers lost their jobs.

Campbell’s Soup, which padlocked its Sacramento factory, displacing some 700 workers. The company decided to move production to Texas, North Carolina and even Ohio of all places.

Anywhere but California. The new motto is no longer “Go West, Young Man.” That dates back from the days when you could escape over-regulated areas for a fresh start in the West. Now it’s “Go East, Young Man.”

Forbes magazine this month ranked California one of the 10 worst states for business based on six factors: business costs, labor supply, regulatory environment, current economic climate, growth prospects and quality of life.

The Mercatus Center, “Freedom in the 50 States,” ranked California’s regulatory climate the fourth worst among the states. California has the fourth-highest tax burden, according to a study by the Tax Foundation. And energy costs here in the Golden State are 33 percent above the national average.

But surely this is another problem that can be solved with more taxes. If we just invest more money in the schools, then the next generation of Californians will be divided between those who stay and collect welfare checks and those who get the hell out.

  • fred luck

    it is sad to see Cali go to waste, it would be much better if no cal become its own state apart from the liberal south and it would be best if Texas was their own nation with laws that did not automatically give borrowed money to china and egypt and did not encourage and reward welfare hoes to breed like rats , they should only support up to 4 kids per family

    • @Stink_Eye

      Northern Cal? You mean conservative conclaves like San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley? and those places are more conservative than San Diego and Orange County?

      That's just retarded.

  • poetcomic1

    California brings to mind the old bumper sticker, "There's No Cure For Stupid".

    • bob

      "You can't fix stupid" Ron White

  • Bob

    You're almost right Fred. Not only is Southern Cal, including Hollyweird, killing this state but so is part of Northern Cal. Marin County is all in all the worse part of the problem we are having.Santa Cruz county, Berkeley, San Francisco and the rest of Marin county are the biggest part of the problem. If we could separate them from the Central Valley, California would be a leader again.

  • Disturber

    California just imposed a 1% tax on all lumber and wood products sold or brought into the state. That is on top of the sales tax which is generally around 10%. Just more wood on the fire, so to speak.


  • KEE

    I have been informed that Chevron will not be Texas largest corporation. Exxon/Mobile is larger and based in Texas already. So California’s largest corporation will just be one of Texas’ large corporations. Sorry the news is not better. A wise person might figure something out from all of this.

  • Gwst

    California lefties invading from the west, illegal immigrants from the south…

    how long will Texas manage to remain a red state?

  • Doug Breston

    DAMN that GW Bush!

  • stevef

    But this is the DEM plan….all the rich people leaving are White euro-americans….the Mexicans hate them and want them to leave.

    • davarino

      Who will create the jobs? Are they just going to do each others lawns?

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  • @hl1943

    in the near future, illegals and government parasites will wake up and find the host is dead.

  • UCSPanther

    Hopefully Berkeley shares the same fate as Detroit. It would be delightfully ironic to see it go from being a progressive, uber-left-wing university town to a gutted, dying city where lawless and hopelessness reign supreme.

    • Mary Sue

      Lost Angles already has Compton, what more do they need?

    • Fred

      California is a microcosm of all Liberal/Progressive failures – suffocating regulations, high tax rates, unbearable deficit spending on welfare and amnesty, etc. And, when it all collapses, Progressives will blame it on everything but their own policies – just as their messiah Obama does with his failures.

  • MuneShadowe

    So the People’s Republic of Kalifornia does it again this is sad and you either move or join barry’s little army of do nothings. One more step and Texas WILL become one of the worlds richest NATION’S

  • A Guest

    California, unlike most 'red' states, sends more money to Washington than it gets back. If California were independent, it could lower taxes!

  • Michael

    California is like Greece. When Greece was bailed out the first time, they continue their spending, when they required another bailout, other countries wised up, told Greece you must cut your spending or no money! What does Greece do? Protests! When California raised taxes, the approval rating for the governor, went up! Does that make sense? Does California expect like Greece to be bailed out every time so they can continue their spending? There are already been three cities in California that declared bankruptcy! If California's tax structure reaches to a national level, your going to see companies leave the US, for cheaper labor and less regulations in other countries much like businesses are leaving California now!

  • "gunner"

    like many others i saw this coming when they elected "governor moonbeam" again. same old same old, his policies failed the last time, so lets try them again, only more so. even hollywood is starting to look at the big exit sign at the state line.