Carny Nation

Come right in and step right up. See the bright lights and the oddities of nature. Inside folks, for the low price of twenty-two trillion dollars, you can see Binders of Women, Team Big Bird and entire reams of green windmills and fields full of bayonets and horses. Here lies become the truth and everything is full of sugar. And the highlight of the show with be Barack, the Exotic Prince from the Wilds of Indonesia and Kenya, with a special appearance by Oprah and a hologram of JFK. Here in the Carnival of Fools, the party never stops and no one ever has to pay the bill.

“There’s a sucker born every minute,” a famous connoisseur of them once said. And suckers are big business. But don’t feel too sorry for the sucker. He is a creature composed of ignorance and greed. He believes that he can fool other people into giving him their money, when actually he is the one being fleeced. The mark is an aspiring scammer who is too dumb to realize that nothing in life is free and the scam is on him.

If you browse through your email’s spam folder, the chances are good that you will come upon a missive from a Nigerian prince offering you the opportunity to help him cart away his fortune in exchange for a sharp cut of the profits. These scams date back to the dinosaur years of the internet, and though there are occasional elaborations on the theme, the African scammers stick to the tried and true, even though the tried and true has become a cliché that anyone should be able to see through.


Because the Nigerian Prince scam is a self-selecting group. Anyone who still falls for it after all these years is dumber than your average sucker. The scammers know this and they don’t want to waste their valuable time hooking a difficult fish with a plausible scam. They go for easy marks for the same reason that some men fish with dynamite. Because it’s easier.

America has its own Nigerian Prince. I think you know his name by now. His campaign sent out nearly as many emails as his Nigerian colleagues do, promising fame and fortune to those suckers who would help him transfer some wealth from the 1 percent to the 99 percent. And now that his second term is here, the check is in the mail. And if the government check doesn’t clear, well that’s what happens when you put your faith in Nigerian Princes.

A scam like the Democratic Party needs suckers. It needs millions and millions of the dumbest people that can be found outside of specially supervised group homes. And then it needs to appoint people to watch over them, give them the occasional food and minor check, and drive them in vans to the polls after two or four years so that the con artists can keep their manicured paws on the local treasury.

These people have to be stupid, yes, but like all marks, they have to be greedy. They have to be the kind of people who relish taking someone else’s money without working for it. The kind who grin at the idea of putting something over someone else. The kind who think that they are smart because they decided that the world owes them a living. They think that they’re smart, but they’re only the marks in a con. And when the con is done, like the guy depositing a check from Nigeria’s Prince Uscamo, they are going to be the ones left holding the bag.

A con plays on the greed of the mark. And on his stupidity. And in a democracy, you can take over a country if you organize enough motivated suckers to vote for trillions in government money that they will never see, but that they are on the hook for. And if you don’t have enough native suckers, then you import more, taking care that your immigration policies favor the greedy sucker demographic. But unfortunately in a democracy where half the population doesn’t bother to vote and a quarter votes for the scammers, we are all on the hook for the scam.

We have just gone through two lovely elections that were won on the carnival principle. Put up a lot of bright lights, some unusual things for the crowds to gawp at, a few scantily clad ladies of the evening, and a lot of smooth patter, and forget taking any of the issues seriously. Tell jokes, juggle balls and deliver applause lines. And most of all promise the sky while taking the suckers for all they have and will ever have.

It nearly didn’t work, but the extra effort was put in and the vans delivered their cargo loads of moral depravity to the polls, where the poll workers showed them how to vote, and then the vans took them to do some food stamp shopping to remind them of how good life is under the scam. And many other people, the ones who don’t return emails from Nigerian princes, didn’t bother to vote, because they don’t believe in any element of the scam. And that just means the chief scammers have an open field.

And so the reign of the scam continues for another four years. The world will burn and the country will slide closer to the economic abyss. But in their dorm rooms, the Julias will pine knowing that their Nigerian prince loves them (doesn’t he sent them daily emails personally addressed to them?) and the vans will go back and forth, and cashiers will run food stamp cards through the machines in neighborhoods which subsist entirely on the scam, and in the hospitals elderly patients will due because health care is free, but treatments are more expensive than ever. And the devil will laugh.

Carnivals have to end sooner or later. And the scam doesn’t look nearly as good in the light of day as it does at night, when everyone has had a few drinks and life seems good and magic can happen. A few of us hopefully thought that daybreak had come, but no it was only the light of the carnival and the drunken laughter of fools spending their last dime to hear their Nigerian prince crack a joke, hum a tune and pledge his undying love to them.

The fools of Carny Nation fancy themselves wise men. After all they eat without paying for it. They get money without working for it. Every baby they pop out buys them another pair of shoes. When they vote Democrat, the President of Carny Nation sends them a check. And so they put another vote in the machine, get back a few quarters, put another one in the mission, and wait for the day that the redistribution jackpot will give them everything.

Last year in Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, the price of three eggs ran to 100 billion dollars. A beer cost 150 billion dollars and a roll of toilet paper, well it was just cheaper to use million dollar bills. We are talking about Zimbabwean dollars here, not American dollars, but eventually there will be no difference. Zimbabwe yesterday. America tomorrow. Money isn’t magic and there comes a point when no amount of words can increase its value. Eventually it becomes cheaper to print out presidential speeches on the bright economic future and use them as toilet paper.

When food stamps start coming in billion dollar quantities, then the sucker bet on Obama, Prince of Kenya, Indonesia and Chicago, may start looking bad. But suckers never realize when a bet is going bad. They double down and begin yammering some more about raising taxes. And why not. We’re sixteen trillion in debt. Why not raise taxes by a few trillion? You have to break a few billion dollar eggs to make a thirty-trillion dollar omelet. And that beer summit, it will cover the entire defense budget.

But of course Carny Nation is more than just food stamps and welfare checks. It’s green windmills turning slowly in deserts with no wind. It’s banks licking their lips at carbon taxes and consultants lining up to consult on everything from diversity to sustainability to intangibility. They are higher up on the scam pole, but like their van brethren, they’re still scammers who don’t realize that in the end they are the ones being scammed.

“There is no future for those who slander the Prophet of Islam,” our Nigerian Prince proclaimed, as part of his coverup of the murder of four Americans, left to die by his government. A coverup that has resulted in the first political prisoner in generations sitting in a cell. But there is a future for those who disdain Mohammed, that primal scammer who told his followers that they would have an endless supply of virgin girls to rape in paradise if they killed enough of his enemies and stole their stuff in the here-and-now. There is however no future for fools. There is no future for Carny Nation.

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  • Mary Sue

    Reminds me of that episode of the Simpsons where Homer takes in two "Carnies" who end up swindling them out of their house.

    Now all you guys have to do is be as clever as Homer in getting your house back from the "Carnies"…

    • burt

      The Republicans need to insist on a nationwide recount, or in the swing states. This was election fraud on a massive scale. They are not doing the country any favors by quietly stepping aside. Actually, that's what these criminals hope they do.

      [Note by JW: We are being asked to believe that Romney got close to three million fewer votes in 2012 than John McCain got in 2008. That's not possible. This election is a fraud. I don't know exactly how – rigging voting machines, hacking tabulation software, not counting military absentee ballots, whatever. What I do know is that it is totally beyond believability and into the realm of ridiculously absurd that Romney actually got any fewer votes than McCain in 2008, much less millions fewer. Thus the answer to Dave's question must be Yes.]

      First of all, Obama received 10 million less votes than he did in 2008. The part that is unbelievable is that Romney received 3 million less votes than McCain. At the end of the day, Obama won in the 4 critical swing states by 500,000 votes.

      But it is worse than that. We can look at who voted. By examining the number of Independents and their preference shift among actual voters, we know that 5 million Independents changed their votes from Obama to Romney. So Romney started the day 2.5 million votes ahead of where McCain was in 2008.

      This means that 5.5 million Republican voters are not accounted for.
      They didn't show up at the polls, or their votes were not counted. We know now that no subgroup of the coalition decided to sit out. So the current attempts to blame the Social Conservatives are stupid. All of our groups showed up to vote at the rates they did in 2008. For this to be true, over 10% of Republicans needed to decide not to vote this year, who did vote in 2008.

      Does that make any sense?
      In fact, it is even worse, we know for a fact that heavy GOP counties were swamped all day. We watched all day as, e.g., Pasco County Florida was showing huge increases in GOP voters over the 2008 numbers.

      In Virginia, with 69% of the precincts in, Romney held a 6% lead. Yet once a small number of counties reported, that lead disappeared.
      If the vote drop off occurred, it occurred in a very small number of counties. It was not visible nationwide.
      I contend that you can not get a 10% drop off in GOP turnout without it being noticeable during the GOTV effort, measures of enthusiasm in polling, or visibly lower turnout in GOP leaning precincts.

      For anyone who doesn't want to think that the Obama campaign would engage in such blatant election fraud, contemplate this. These are the same people who ran Fast and Furious without regard for the cost in human lives, turned off their credit card verification system to allow fraudulent donations, removed voters ID requirement and allowed four Americans in Libya to die because it was politically inconvenient. Do you really think that massive election fraud is something they wouldn't do?

      If this is true, then we have some hard things to consider.
      First of all, we are now needlessly fracturing our coalition pointing fingers at people for not voting. Second, we are making an assumption about the make up of the American public that is not true. We are going to modify our party and message to appeal to a group of individuals who do not represent the majority of the population.
      Most difficult to believe is that we are living in Venezuela where our elections are merely for show, and the people in charge of the Governments decide who will win elections. We become wards of the State, which is the aim of those who stole this election.

      So how can this be proved?
      I am going to start by looking at a few key counties in Florida. What I want to see is the voter registration numbers by party, and then compare them to the actual votes received. Theoretically, if this were to be done for all counties in Florida, we could see where the fraud occurred.
      Comparing the votes Romney received to the strike lists would show that in specific counties Romney received something like 50% of the Republican vote (picking a number out of the air) while we know that nationwide he received 95% of the Republican vote.To really get to the answer, we would need to get the registration books, which might be possible through Freedom of Information act. Those show who actually voted, by name, and their party. The media will not pursue this. This will take citizen journalists working in every state. ("Dave in Fla" runs the DiF Poll Analysis website.)

      • Mary Sue

        I'd be pretty sure it was fraud.

        A more mundane idea is that 5.5 million republicans would never vote for a Mormon? Dunno if that's valid.

      • stevef

        Admit it,…the Progs are just too smart for us.

      • Lincoln

        GO, GO GO, PLEASE!

  • Alvaro

    Looks like you nailed it again. :)

  • Larry in Tel Aviv

    Imagine saying there is no future for those who slander the leaders of European fascism, there is no future for those who slander Franco, Hitler, the Waffen SS, South Africa's apartheid leaders and the Ayatollahs of Iran, no future for those who slander the Taliban and Hezbollah and the Klu Klux Klan. That's what Obama did. And that is exactly why he is beloved by the majority of Americans. And that's why America is finished as America.

  • Anthony

    Wow. What a refreshing read. To hear something as plainly and truthfully laid out as this to me is important. It is vital in my mind that those who are the problem are told exactly what it is that they are. To blunt speech to not make the enemy feel bad is to offer aid and comfort, and cover to them from which they will hide behind. Calling them “stupid” is fair game, for they are just that. To say those wen on stamps are “popping out kids” is just that, and they need to feel shame.

    I heard Sean Hannity on the radio railing against just the sort of thing Mr. greenfield did to great effect in this article, getting mad. Mr. Hannity took the high road to nowhere by reaffirming the same old optimism and niceness line that he said he knows is superior to getting mad and “feeling/showing” anger. What a dummy. Sean Hannity just saw his beloved party get its keester handed to it and he thinks continuing to be and sound weak is the way to go. Like Mr. Greenfield quoted, “…a sucker born every minute.”.

    I think it’s past time to call mediocrity for what it is, to point out ugliness, to call out anti-white fascists pretending to be poor oppressed “people of color”, to call liberals what thei core ideology actually is, dangerous Marxist leaches who are properly understood by looking at their brothers in arms, the “Occupy group” (TM). Those people are hideous, but to Obama, and other liberals, they are paragons of virtue. No. They are scum.

    I think to fight back, liberal professors , teachers, and media operatives need to be revealed to themselves, what they are. They need to be told what they are. They need to me embarrassed insofar as possible, to break down their confidence, to take away their “coolness”.

    In the arts, ghetto masquerading as high art should be laughed at. The fact minority representation in advertising shamelessly mocks and marginalizes white males, should be attacked, not accepted as normal

    This article was excellent because it was honest and did not sugar coat. One criticism, Mohammad promised only 72 virgins, not an endless supply. We need to be on point with the facts to fight these low lifes.

    • kasandra

      While overall I agree with your post, I don't think that the article is telling "those who are the problem…exactly what it is they are." If you know many Obama voters you'd know that they do not read anything but the adoring Obamamedia (if anything at all), are largely ignorant of world and fiscal affairs, blame the Republicans for any untowardness, and are are supremely convinced of their own moral and intellectual superiority. So you aren't going to change them with a good article that tells the truth because they wouldn't read it and, if they did, would simply reject it irrespective of its truthfulness.

      • Anthony

        I’m not talking about just writing. I’m talking about public discourse and debate as well. I’m saying we need to speak he truth. We need to write the truth, and we need to be as brutally as honest as possible such to disempower these liars.

        • erica

          The truth isn't fashionable now.
          As a matter of fact,it may soon be criminal .
          Good Obamabots know everything is a lie unless their messiah approves or speaks of it.

          Even their children aren't their children until they get free dna tests to prove it.

        • Maxie

          The Left is way ahead of you. That Left has simply denied that OBJECTIVE truth and reality don't exist. Instead all truth(s) and realities are local, or "community specific". It's called "Postmodernism" and what it means, practically, is that the Left will decide, ad hoc, what these "local" truths are on a case-by-case basis. It is the Marxi$t 'ethic' replacing the Judeo/Chistian ethic as the guiding light of our now, "Big Bro" police state. This new "ethic" has been force-fed to at least two generations of students traversing our "educational" indoctrination centers ('schools'). They just elected a blatant fraud for the second time.

          • Maxie

            Delete "don't" from my first sentence -A typo.

    • Randy CA

      "One criticism, Mohammad promised only 72 virgins, not an endless supply."

      Don't forget the promised young boys, virgins no doubt, who are like gleaming pearls and are to satisfy every desire. I don't believed Allah's Holy Prophet placed a stipulatory limit on their numbers.

  • @sheikyermami

    Anthony, the 72 houris are accompanied by 28 boyz, sweet as scattered pearls, whom no man or jinn has touched. Apart from that, the believers also get 60.000 servants, and that doesn't include 'those whom your right hand possesses".

    Muhammad thought of everything.

    • Mary Sue

      Wow, the I-slamists believe in Incubusses too?

      I shudder to think how that idea came about, however.

      "Mommy, Uncle Ali touched me last night in my special area."

      "No, no, impossible, it must have been a Jinn."

  • Randy CA

    Classic. Really, this one is for the ages.

    • Anthony

      You know what is one for the ages? The liberal assassination of the once great state of California. It will be the first to go anarchy once the cheese dries up.

  • brenda d.

    this is the best i have ever heard everything explained…….awesome read !

  • Tanstaafl jw

    There ain't no such thing as a free lunch…..

  • Spider

    I'm not a big fan of the "Rush L" but he put this in perspective perfectly wit this one…

    "You Can't Beat Santa Claus"

    • erica

      Another Rush perspective :

      Waiting for the winds of change
      To sweep the clouds away
      Waiting for the rainbow's end
      To cast its gold your way
      Countless ways, you pass the days

      Waiting for someone to call
      And turn your world around
      Looking for the answer
      To the question you have found
      Looking for, an open door

      You don't get something for nothing
      You can't have freedom for free
      You won't get wise With the sleep still in your eyes
      No matter what your dream might be

      What you own is your own kingdom
      What you do is your own glory
      What you love is your own power
      What you live is your own story

      In your head is the answer
      Let it guide you along
      Let your heart be the anchor
      And the beat of your song

      Well, you don't get something for nothing
      You can't have freedom for free, no
      Well, you don't get something for nothing
      You can't have freedom for free

      No, you don't get something for nothing
      You can't have freedom for free
      You won't get wise
      With the sleep still in your eyes
      No matter what your dream might be

  • crackerjack

    Mr Greenfields bashing of the electorate and the democratically elected President shows that he either does not understand the democratic process or that he rejects democracy.

    I place my bets on the latter.

    • CJ Law

      Your right it is the latter, O's slogan this cycle "Forward" is a shout out to commie's worldwide, many leftist magazine's over decades have used Forward as both a title and a slogan for progressive agenda's.

    • P. Long

      Let's see. Mr. Greenfield is bashing the electorate that elected the president and that means he doesn't understand the democratic process? Sounds like a perfect understanding to me. The majority doesn't care as long as they get their lollipop to keep them satisfied. The electorate elected the president…ergo the electorate gets bashed.

    • Gman213

      So in your mind if millions of Americans had written in the name of Micky Mouse and Mickey Mouse won the election you would be okay with it because the Mouse was democratically elected? Get the point?

      • 1389AD

        The downturn really happened when we morphed from a republic to a democracy.

        Democracy means mob rule, in every sense of the term "mob" – especially crime syndicate.

    • BS77

      Democracy is over rated….it usually means majority rule…not intellligent or rational rule…but rule by the most. The sheeple have spoken and will get the government they wished for. Democratic or not.

    • White Hunter

      Hmmnnn. Can't help asking whether your devotion to "democracy" applies equally when an overwhelming majorty of voters in a given state vote NO to gay marriage, and the will of the people, clearly and unequivocally expressed by a ratio of two to one, is overturned by a unelected judge with a bang of his gavel. Eh? Or are you selective when it comes to when the votes of the majority matter, and when they don't?

    • DebbieOhio912

      Jack on Crack,
      I think you missed the whole point of the article. You must be one the Carny Nation fools Mr. G. is speaking about.

  • truebearing

    The die have been cast. America has fallen into corruption, folly, and stupidity. When the majority become uneducated and immoral, democracy fails…and this one has been failing for some time.

    Don't blame Obama, though I don't blame you if you hate him for his evil. He is a projection of America's moral turpitude. He couldn't have won a city council seat 50 years ago. Obama is a self-inflicted scourge. Unfortunately, those who don't deserve it will suffer as well. Such is our existential fate.

    • truebearing

      And to Daniel Greenfield…spoken like a true prophet. Brilliant. Would that there was a market for brilliance in this country and more could read your unblinking truth.

  • Ghostwriter

    There are those of us who didn't go on the carnival ride that is the Obama campaign. We were too busy living our lives. I didn't vote for Obama. He just managed to blind enough people to what was really going on and he got four more years. But,Mr. Greenfield is right. Eventually,carnivals have to end and from what I've seen from the previous four years,this one was no fun. The next four year carnival isn't going to be a fun one,either.

    • 1389AD
    • gerry

      I really don't know if the carnival will last for another 4 years.The debt is ticking away and the day of reckoning is coming.The signs are already not good.The fun this time around will be greater for those watching from far away.Just want to see how you get out of it and how long it will take.Don't forget it is sel inflicted!

  • mshelley

    Daniel Greenfield, you are my kind of guy. What an article to sooth my soul!

  • Gman213

    “Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and gave him triumphal processions. Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the Forum of the ‘new, wonderful, good society’ which shall now be Rome’s" ~Marcus Tullius

    • @BlissDesignz

      That's an awesome quote. I've never read that one, thanks! :)

    • mlcblog


  • riverboatbill

    Hey Rube!

  • poetcomic1

    "….you can take over a country if you organize enough motivated suckers to vote for trillions in government money that they will never see, but that they are on the hook for."

    Right to the point. It is the nightmare vision of democracy that haunted even the founding fathers. It has arrived. The Looters are in the loot.

    • gerry

      Yes,but what will happened when there is nothing to loot anymore?This is when it becomes interesting!Let them have their fun while they can,then you will have yours!

  • 1389AD

    The Zimbabwean commie wacko is still at it.

    That's why Zimbabwe no longer HAS its own currency.

    Ironically, they're using US dollars and the euro, along with other foreign currencies in Zimbabwe. Both the USD and the euro are now faced with the possibility of hyperinflation. Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

    The Zim credit rating is shot and nobody wants to lend the grabbermint any money, so they're trying to extort the banks. Sound familiar?

    • mlcblog

      Read James Michener's Covenant for how the white folks/Europeans left whole farms and factories in mid production mode. They remain abandoned forever. Thus the onslaught of poverty.

      I see Mugabe has taken Zimbabwe to new heights of anything that was done in South Africa,

  • erica

    At this point all i can do is laugh at democratic voters.

    The idiotic women who voted for a man who supports aborting female babies with sex selection. Who legalized killing babies that survive abortions and calls babies punishments .A man who believes women are so weak they can't control sexual urges and must have government assistance to do so.
    A man who pays his female employees 77% of what his male employees earn.

    This antisemitic putz got the majority muslim vote because they support his antisemitic acts while his followers carry signs "bring back the ovens,kill the Jews and strip them of income and deport them to Israel" ,while liberal Jews and Hollywood Jino pulled the lever to encourage the persecution of themselves .

    Hispanics love to pretend Barry knows or cares about their "race." His interest extends to votes and the $ they bring in with drug and gun deals. F&F should have clued them in.But they lined up for free food and free abortions like Black Friday shoppers.

    And black voters are the funniest . They have historically high unemployment ,abortion rates,medical problems and poverty levels under Obama but they cheerfully placed their stamp of approval on a skin color. They were bought with food stamps and sold by melanin content. Their bro's theology is he must kill them to save them.

    Step right up folks,give your $ and toss the balls at the milk jugs.
    Wander the Hall of Mirrors to see your world ,country and reality distorted into something unrecognizable . Explode with delight at the 10 minutes of fireworks before being plunged into a bottomless black abyss.

    Mr.Greenfield scores big again.

    • Mary Sue

      say what you want about the New Democrat Party in Canada, at the very LEAST they had the sense to not tell mothers what sex their baby is because they feared sex-selection abortions. And the NDP is usually VERY pro-abortion.

    • gerry

      Well said,these are Benghazi Barack voters,the ones who reelected him.This is the funniest show on Earth.Anyway the carnival,pantomine won't last very long now,the debt will mug them to reality.The awakening will be rude.We have already noticed that despite the victory of their dear leader,Benghazi Barack,they don't show the same jubilation as in 2008.We just stay tune for the next episode.

    • Dennis Habern

      Not only does the Moron that currently resides in the White House, not care about the Hispanics,

      he has never implemented anything worthwhile for his own race, otherwise, for example, he would

      have cleaned up the desert of Detroit, Michigan, if you follow. This Moron is in cahoots with George

      Soros, the treacherous ex-Nazi collaborator, raised in Hungary. Both the Moron and Soros, are

      not natural born citizens. What passport did the Moron travel on in 1980, when it was not permitted

      to travel to Pakistan with an American passport, proving once again, that the Moron is indeed a

      foreign national, not eligible for the Presidency, if you follow. This Moron has pulled the crime of

      the century, not once, but twice.

  • @BlissDesignz

    I LOVE this article! It's SO TRUE! The evil & selfish vote for this con artist & he only calls them his useful idiots!

    Though MANY MORE people voted than what they're reporting! Look at gallop. Base energy was at an all time high so was registrations for the GOP. Many older folks who had never voted prior. Polls in all states were hosting record breaking numbers in reality. In fact if there wasn't so much rampant fraud we would have seen a year in which the map looked like Reagan's! Probably better. Remember even the polls favoring Romney were weighted + Democrat 7 – 12!!! We should have mopped the floor with Obama!

    With all the movies, books & word of mouth about Obama, as well as the few slips of his shown by the media (re: "On the missile shield, I'll have more flexibility after the election") most in the middle class with a brain are awakened! Most people on financial assistance right now (at least those with self respect) hate it! America wants to get back to work & out of debt. If you thought the tea party was a movement the R base was that times 100 AT LEAST! Especially after the first debate when the straw man of Romney was obliterated. Other than Hollywood elites, intercity NAACP shills & totally out of touch morons, Marxists & super left wing extremists, Romney had it even without the MSM covering him. We were finally totally satisfied we had it. Every state, even the deep blue ones, was 50 Romney Ryan signs to each Obama one.
    I met many lifelong dems fired up to vote for Mr Romney & we all said we'd crawl through glass & fire to do so! At their events in the same states on the same dates the final week, Obama had celebs to perform for him & got 2,800-3,000 to a crowd. Romney got 30,000 – 35,000!
    The reason the numbers of voter turnout are so low is because Obama's numbers were so low, EVEN WITH ALL THE FRAUD we know took place, they still had to "lose" a TON of Romney's ballots for the count to work out in Obama's favor. Trust me, this is very easy to do on the George Soros machines / software meant to count the ballots. Look at all the pics of the lines around the polls if you don't believe it. (And they tell us the turnout was less than 08 & 04? That white middle aged people didn't turn out?? Yeah I'll believe my EYEBALLS THANKS)!
    Anyway, yes there's too many moochers that voted for the fraud, but I'm bothered when I see the Republican party arguing about what went wrong. VOTER FRAUD WENT WRONG! It's as though they missed the entire election day in which it was like we lived in a banana republic.Or they don't take note that there's more votes being cast than the population in many areas..Or the fact Obama got 100% of the vote where the GOP monitors were chased out. I could go on & on.
    Point is we were robbed & the super left idiots that still voted for the fraud keep trying to act cocky & rub our faces in it. They are annoying & stupid as hell but there really aren't many of em thank God. I'll be sending plenty of them to this article as I encounter them online. Sums it up beautifully.
    By the way, I hate to be 'this person', but I think you need to correct a typo above.. Where it says; "patients will due" I assume you meant "die". Just sayin.. <======
    Again GREAT ARTICLE! Now what do we need to do to get the world to wake up to all this fraud & get this POS usurper out of the WH??

  • Lisa_H

    The masses are asses (was it Benjamin Franklin who first proclaimed this?)

  • VLParker

    An article right on the money I'm sorry to say.

  • Deerknocker

    I like your article, but I think its main thesis that nothing is free doesn't apply to millions of Americans in this day and age. If a person gets a food stamp or a cell phone or some other form of government largess, it is most certainly free. The recipient will never pay it back. OK so the dollar is inflated. The recipient will just get food stamps worth more in inflated dollars. Short of a total collapse of the government and its finances, the recipient will just sail on getting his goodies for nothing. For sure, more affluent folks will take it in the shorts, but not the welfare recipients. They will never have to account for or repay what they received from the taxpayers. I would suggest that all welfare benefits should be a kind of promissory note that requires the recipient to repay taxpayer transfers to them if they ever should begin making a living wage. The repayment could be a small percentage of what their income over a certain level, but the repayment obligation should be clear. Even if they are never in a position to repay, the amount they receive from government and the amount they have repaid should be a mater of public record. And dare I suggest that their right to vote should be suspended once they reach a certain level of unrepaid government goodies.

    • Nea

      " I would suggest that all welfare benefits should be a kind of promissory note that requires the recipient to repay taxpayer transfers to them if they ever should begin making a living wage." and that would just about guarantee they will NEVER get a job. but then they aren't going to anyway,

      Welfare should be for three months MAX, no exceptions, and I bet most would have a job in 89 days. In some countries, if you don't work you don't eat, and it is up to your family to support you. If they don't feel you are worth feeding why should strangers.

      They need to get rid of welfare, if people want to work, they will……welfare just makes them dependent. I was raised by a single woman who supported two kids and her Mom and we didn't get a dime from any government agency or ex husband. I started working when I was 11. Believe me, if there were no welfare, people would work.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Often it is said when investigating certain crimes,"follow the money", interestingly it seems
    that it is all traveling out of town, never to be seen again. In a land where the government
    is of the people and the people are fallen into living without morality and honor, someone
    sooner or later takes big chunks out of the pie of life and leaves crumbs for the rest to
    fight over. Once Mother Goose's fairy tales taught moral precepts, now gone from society,
    the Holy Bible, removed from schools and diluted in Churches and ridiculed by the low
    life thieves of political scams ruining the Nation. Four more years, I doubt it, we are seeing
    the beginning of what should have ended long ago, the consequences of degeneration
    and the exultation of depravity…………………………..William

  • Fabio Juliano

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who when voting in the Republican primaries spurned real conservatives in favor of a profoundly unlikable vulture capitalist and pro-abortion scoundrel (see 1994 debate with Ted Kennedy) because said scoundrel was "electable". I'm sure the next four years of Obama will be entertaining as all. Thanks!

    • gerry

      Four years,I don't know if it will last four years,but I am certain that that we will have more fun.Already started with Petraeus and companies retrenching employees.We just stay tune for the next episodes!

  • sprenger

    "And in a democracy, you can take over a country if you organize enough motivated suckers to vote for trillions in government money that they will never see, but that they are on the hook for."

    Are you talking about the two multi-trillion dollars wars and TARP? Or does those not figure in the "analysis"?

  • stevef

    The PROG model works (fascism)…appeal to tribal instincts and blood ties, plus give free stuff to your friends and destroy your enemies. The GOP will go the way of the Whigs in the next decade…then the tribes in the PROG Party will turn on each other.

  • Amused

    LOL….welcome to the sophomore class of politics . Adults with just below mature brains . Pubescents as it were . The more I isten to you folks the more I’m glad that Obama kicked your asssses .You deserve it , you’re sick , meanspirited whining wooosies . Angry ,angry , little deluded children .

  • amused

    Carny Nation ? Not at all , it's a matter of carny people ,which are most of you , led by your dogwhistle blowers . What are you pitifull people gonna do for the next 4 years ? Insurrection ? Attempt to destroy your country for your own sake ? Bite your noses to spite your faces , like you've been doing ? 4 years ago you loons told me Obama would have the concentration camps in operation by now ,a virtual plethora of doomsday scenarios …what happened ? All my gunsshould've been confiscated by now , what happened ? Folks the clinical name of your malady is acute paranoia .

  • amused

    Your party is really mean, mocking and demonizing everyone who does not follow you into the pits of hell. You constantly imply – as Mitt Romney did in his “47% speech” – that anybody who disagrees with you does so not by logic or moral conviction, but because they are shiftless, lazy parasites who want “free stuff” from “traditional Americans.” Wow, you guys managed to follow up a stunning electoral defeat with insulting the very people you wish to attract for a majority in the political system! Brilliant! You are losing elections because being angry and defensive and just-plain-mean is more important than being smart and winning elections – and thus you deserve everything happening to you.
    ** not my words , but perfectly appropriate**

    • Ghostwriter

      Has anyone ever told you,amused,that you're obnoxious? No? Then let me be the first. You're obnoxious.

  • Scott Whitney

    Seriously, does anyone else have a problem with this article? I sure did not vote for Obama, but I'm offended. "The dumbest people outside of supervised group homes". If you ever have a family member in a group home, you will understand the outrage I feel.

  • zalukas

    Probably, but Lenin and Uncle Adolph definitely followed this theory.

  • JCS

    How can a country remain great with exploding welfare, foodstamp, medicaid rolls? And all of this in an economy which our mainstream media propagandists tell us is always improving. Not to mention disability. Are their really that many more disabled people than ever before? Then, on the other O got re-elected so possibly that answers the question.