Celebrating While Black People are Dying

10 people were wounded in shootings across Chicago last night. 28 more have been wounded. Over the weekend, 9 people were killed in Chicago and 37 were wounded.

More Americans were shot this weekend in Chicago than in Afghanistan. That makes Obama’s hometown an official war zone. Hurricane Isaac has not killed any Americans. The same can’t be said for Hurricane Chicago.

The media’s attacks on Republicans for celebrating while “black people are dying” should be pointed right back at Obama, who has gone on partying and campaigning while black people have gone on dying in his own hometown.

Kayne West declared after Katrina that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” The media is pushing the same angle, contrasting Haitian deaths with the Republican National Convention to brand the GOP as heartless. But as of June, more people were killed this year in Chicago, than in Afghanistan. Does Obama care about black people?

August was the deadliest month of the year in Chicago. Obama has found the time to discuss his sports picks and to give interviews to Glamour Magazine. But where are the statements from the White House about the killing fields in Chicago?

When more people are killed in Chicago while the Democratic National Convention gets under way, will the media notice that the Democrats are celebrating while black people are dying?

  • carson lauffer

    We used to go into Chicago all the time. We may never go again.

  • BLJ

    I live in Chicago and Obama could care less about the plight of the blacks here. I was driving on "Obama Drive" (a section of 127th Street) and the whole area looks run down. Sort of symbolic of his record as POTUS.

    The MSM, libs and Democratic Party only views blacks as a voting bloc that they can continue to b.s. and use to stay in power. Not one them phonies would dare venture into the hood. It is a crying shame that too many blacks have become low information voters and cannot see what is really happening to them.

  • oldtimer

    Just when I think they(dums, I mean dems) can't stoop any lower, making stupid, idiotic remarks, they prove me wrong

  • doc molloy

    Crosby Stills and Nash and Young were very prescient..
    Though your brother's bound and gagged
    And they've chained him to a chair
    Won't you please come to Chicago
    Just to sing

    In a land that's known as freedom
    How can such a thing be fair
    Won't you please come to Chicago
    For the help that we can bring

    We can change the world
    Re-arrange the world
    It's dying … to get better

    Politicians sit yourself down
    There's nothing for you here
    Won't you please come to Chicago
    For a ride.. on Obama Drive

  • mlcblog

    I understand this person got fired. Wonder if it's true.

  • makyra

    My brother died on august 29,2012 just the week before so many people had died i was only 12 when he died till this day everyday i think about him