Censored Black-on-White Violence in America

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In the Soviet Union censored news stories were pieced together and redistributed as Samizdat. While we don’t live in a totalitarian society, Colin Flaherty’s “White Girl Bleed a Lot” is a Samizdat of censored news stories about black violence gathered from scraps of journalistic efforts from the official press and events compiled from new media through online comments, videos and tweets.

The censored racial violence that first began to trickle through the official narrative in tales of flash mobs is the topic of “White Girl Bleed a Lot” which goes where the mainstream news media doesn’t dare to go. Its story is the familiar one of a violence that everyone knows exists anecdotally, but can rarely point to in written form. “White Girl Bleed a Lot” takes that story beyond the anecdotal urban horror tale and the occasional news report to compile a comprehensive look at the rising phenomenon.

“White Girl Bleed a Lot” moves around the United States from coast to coast following a winding trail of flash mobs and wilding incidents, of closemouthed news stories written to hide the real story and raw videos that hide nothing at all. But above all else Flaherty follows the troubled currents of the great American river of denial. That river which runs through all channels of the mainstream media is what makes “White Girl Bleed a Lot” both necessary and possible.

Flaherty, an experienced journalist, is doing the job that the mainstream media refuses to do, and “White Girl Bleed a Lot” is as much about a white media’s culture of silence on black violence as it is about the violence itself. As Flaherty writes in an email to one member of the mainstream media, it is the denial that he finds to be more of a story than the actual racial mob violence that he chronicles.

Operating in a post-media environment, Colin Flaherty’s sources are more likely to be LiveLeak video clips and gang member tweets than official news items and when he does use mainstream media news items, then he dissects them for between-the-lines reporting on what the media is leaving out. Page by page and byte by byte, “White Girl Bleed a Lot” collects these disparate sources together, combining the new media and the old, to form an evolving snapshot of censored violence and the nationwide reactions to it.

Though issued in print form, “White Girl Bleed a Lot” lives best in ebook form where it is closest to its digital roots, where its links can be organically followed and the videos that serve as chilling proof of the events that it describes can be viewed live. Already on its fourth edition, the press of daily news stories seems doomed to drive it through many more editions still.

“White Girl Bleed a Lot” does not pretend to offer answers, what it does is make the culture of denial that much more difficult to sustain by collecting evidence. This is not a book of conclusions, it’s a book of testimony, a piercing look at a nationwide tragedy trimmed with sardonic commentary on the lengths to which the political establishments of major cities and the media personalities who hover over AM radio microphones and sit gravely in front of television cameras go to conceal the truth.

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  • maninacave

    Please prof this. NB White not While!

    • Angel White

      Amen! Spell check is NOT fool-proof!

  • Bruce O'H.

    (Sarcasm Alert) But, but, if I believe that there is an epidemic of violence from the black community towards other ethnic groups then I'll be called a RAAAAACCIIIISSSSTTTT…

    • The Great Ricardo

      As my son says, "I'm not racist. I hate everyone equally. Just some more equally than others."

  • PhillipGaley

    “WHITE GIRL BLEED A LOT” goes where the mainstream news media doesn't care, . . .

    • http://twitter.com/BLACKSvsNIGGERS @BLACKSvsNIGGERS

      I thoroughly enjoyed this bold book. In fact, it is posted on blksvsnggrs.com

  • Missing the El

    White not while

  • http://www.facebook.com/philip.smeeton Philip Smeeton

    Racial conflict is bound to increase. I desire to live in a purely European society and not surrounded by ever increasing numbers of people of African and Asian descent. I consider my desire to be a basic right of which I have been deprived, in my homeland. Deprived by irresponsible immigration policy, or rather the lack there of. Policies over which I and my like have no control or say in.

    • Nehama

      Then why do you live in America? America has never, ever been white. When the first white man stepped of his boat onto an American beach, he was a minority in a land of non-Whites and despite his best attempts to anilihate or enslave everyone else, that remains the case. If you want to live in a European society, surrounded only by Europeans move to Poland or Finland or somewhere similar. America will never be white, the best the USA can ever hope for is a dark olive-coloured majority with black, white, brown, yellow and red fringes. Learn to live with it.

      • jemaasjr

        I always wonder about the mentality of the left, the extent to which they live in a world of fabrication. The early settlers to the North American continent were segregated communities that not only excluded others on skin color, but also, often by ethnic group, religion, and at times political affiliation. When they did tolerate minorities it was as a subservient class, the most notorious being black slavery. The Indian tribes that lived near by lacked these exclusions, but (like the early period Jews) excluded people based on lineage. You had to marry into the tribe or be adapted, otherwise you were an outsider who could be treated with great brutality as a 'non human', perhaps enslaved or tortured to death.

      • Drakken

        The problem with that theory is, if you import the 3rd world, you become the 3rd world and most of us have a problem with that.

      • Kufar Dawg

        There is DNA evidence to suggest some native American tribes were from Europe.

      • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

        America was majority white until the Kennedy brothers. You are just a white hater. A brainwashed dupe.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

          Ted Kennedy did pass immigration reform in the early 60's designed to shift immigration away from countries with our own values to countries they could gain more support from.

  • Jonathon Joseph

    The day of "White Civility" is quickly coming to an end. I refer to the black on black gang killings that are totally out of control in major cities like Chicago, Detroit and DC where the police authorities are helpless to stop them. WE THE PEOPLE are arming ourselves by the milions for the purpose of self presevation against these gangs of hate filled marauders and the day is coming when "WHITE" malitias, county formed "Posse Comitatis'", etcetera, are ready to effectively "FIGHT BACK", and it is not going to be pretty! If the government cannot protect us then WE THE PEOPLE will! Now if this is to be considered as "RACIST" then so be it!

    • Schlomotion

      That's pretty interesting. Where are you based?

      • Drakken

        Quit being bloddy obtuse libtard.

    • drbukk

      Posse Commitas is an act which prevents the National Guard from entering a state without the governor's permission. It was the result of federal officers changing the presidential vote to Republican in Georgia during Reconstruction. GWB could not send the Guard to New Orleans without permission from Gov. Blanco after Katrina.

  • Schlomotion

    I am not convinced by the opinions presented in this article, which allege that black violence is censored. Really, one can watch any kind of violence on YouTube and LiveLeak and wonder why they don't show more of that on daytime television. There's a lot of police violence on there too, and none of that ever gets on television.

    • drbukk

      There are member-only gang sites which sell admission to watch videotapes of the beatings.

    • Robin_B_C

      First you say, "I am not convinced … that black violence is censored." and you finish by saying, "wonder why they don't show more of that on daytime television" – the answer, dear, is because it is censored !

    • John

      Up to your old antics.

      Whites get beat up by a flash mob in Chicago & Mayor Rahm Emanuel jawbones for a while & does … nothing.
      Meanwhile the freaks at the Regional Equity Movement want whites to move in from the suburbs to the cities.
      What are they going to say "All is well, don't panic?". Recently more violence has come to Boystown on Chicago's north side . So the up shot of that is for gay activists to be outrage at society especially the mainstream while ignoring who is committing the violence. Kind of like you!

      • http://www.facebook.com/burkey.devitt Burkey Devitt

        Depends on who's doing the violence in boystown. Is it boy on boy or gay-basher on boy?

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      Shlomotion: You dont live in AmeriKa, so obviously…you dont know.

      • Schlomotion

        You are right. I live in America.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      Schlo, is this how you view all conservatives?

      The way you liberals talk, all people who have traditional values on fiscal and social issues are about at this level. Why is that?

  • drbukk

    The coverups are to prevent the growth of white supremacist groups. Media and politicians believe whites are so racist and prone to mob violence that the genocide must be papered over. Yet, Sharpton can find only one bogus story of white on black violence a year (he shut up about Treyvon, didn't he?).

    We all know know social breakdown is one late welfare payment away. Amazingly, ABC ran a story about the increase in racial tension during Obama. Most of the commentators were shocked the story was about the rise of white supremacists instead of the flash mob phenomena. ABC had to shut down the comments.

    • Toa

      I've noticed that in the "Gang" programs on cable TV, the only gangs who are referred to as "hate gangs" are white, despite the venomous racial hatred which has always been obvious in the black and hispanic gangs. Moreover, it seems that the non-white gangs are looked upon with awe, even admiration. But isn't this what "Liberal" elites have done since the late '60s anyway?

      You almost get the impression that "mainstream journalist" and "toadying coward" are synonomous.

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      You have to LOOK for black crime. If one is not up to speed, they have to search it out. The MSM goes to great lengths to hide this dirty little secret.

  • Drakken

    It is only going to take one of these black mobs to run into someone practicing the 2 nd Amendement and then watch all hell break lose.

  • weroinnm

    President and DOJ have contributed to the racial mess in our country! http://weroinnm.wordpress.com/2010/09/26/presiden
    “Food For Thought”
    Semper Fi!

  • grb

    ahh yes, deshawn–another black racist bigot who believes that black individuals are not responsible for their racist violence, they are mere puppets controlled by the evil white jews. Odd that jews–who were always prominent in the civil rights movement, who tend to be liberals who vote democratic–are now so hated by black bigots–al sharpton, jesse jackson, farakhan, etal.

    • DeShawn

      You jews AREN'T white, so stop trying fool us into thinking you are. You are of your father, the devil (John 8:44) and of the khazar race. I never said that black folks aren't responsible for our actions. What I SAID is that a jewish website is complaining about the media, which is CONTROLLED by jews. Get it, shylock?

      • Kufar Dawg

        So is Reverend Wright one of your heroes? Farrakhan? Or David Duke?

        • DeShawn

          I don't know much about Rev. Wright, but Minister Farrakhan and Dr. Duke are great men. Don't agree with them on everything but they are honest men who speak thruth about the jewish threat and jewish corruption.

          • Kufar Dawg

            You're twisted, and not in a good way either.

          • http://www.facebook.com/burkey.devitt Burkey Devitt

            Jews are not the oppressor.
            Blacks are not the oppressor.
            Whites are not the oppressor.
            Latinos are not the oppressor.

            Evil people oppress others. It exists across races. Condoleeza Rice. Clarence Thomas. Power is colorblind when it's down to the wire, and race is used to inflame people like yourself. You are wasting your time hating when you could join with your fellow man in your community and do some good for those who are in need. But whatever, man, whatever.

  • Ghostwriter

    Unfortunately,people like DeShawn aren't helping matters,they just make them worse. While the media seems to think that by covering this stuff up will stop racism from whites,it won't. It'll make it worse. While not all black and white people want anything to do with what's been going on,they're not helped by a media that covers this sort of violence up or attempts to explain it in a non-sensationalistic way. And you know that people like DeShawn are going to use this sort of thing as an excuse to bash Jews. They're not helping matters and I wish they'd stay home.

    • DeShawn

      Hey jew, stolen any organs lately? HAHAHA

    • Jane

      Black theology ,Supremacists and hate groups teach and commit violent acts without a qualm.I've experienced it for 30 years . The latest was a 10 year black boy that picked up a rock and bashed a 7 year old neighbo boy in the head.The child was a complete stranger to him.When the police asked him why he did it he replied "i hate whites." I could fill a notebook with these crimes,unfortunately reporters don't .

      The media ignores these crimes to avoid causing fear in whites.Which encourages more crimes.

      Our local media wouldn't put the mug shot of the black man on tv ,who beat my niece with a hammer and brutally raped her, because " it may cause discomfort and negative feeling in the black community ."

      But they did show the black woman who cut my grandmother's throat and walked through the spreading pool of blood as she bled out,to steal her tv and checkbook. They didn't show her 11 year old son who held my grandmother while she feebly fought to save her life because he was a minor.

  • DeShawn

    Yet another jew confirming that they're the most racist people on earth, with the most racist booked known as the talMUD.

    • mrbean

      KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – An elderly couple is recovering Tuesday after they were brutally beaten inside their south Kansas City home. The woman was also raped, according to a police report. Tony L. Putman, 18, of Kansas City was charged with six felonies Tuesday afternoon. The charges include one count of rape and two counts of robbery. The couple's ordeal began about 1:30 p.m. Monday when a man broke into their home near 73rd Street and Campbell Avenue. Entry was gained through a basement window, which was broken. The 93-year-old man was home alone when the suspect began to ransack the house and attacked him, police said. Putman hit the man in the face and bound him with belts, according to court documents. In the meantime, the man's 84-year-old wife came home. She had been at the bank where she had gotten $400. Police said the woman came into the house and heard her husband moaning. After forcing the woman upstairs, the man took $400 from her she had just received from the bank. He then raped her, according to court documents. Putman allegedly also stole jewelry from the home.

    • mrbean

      Is tony Putman any relation to you DeShawn? OOhhh sorry, I guess you wouldn't know as most of you bruthas don;t know who beez you daddy cause he beez a playa.. yassah!

      • http://www.facebook.com/burkey.devitt Burkey Devitt

        Applying more hate to hate is like "fighting fire with fire" as they say. Violence breeds violence.

        Creeps like this belong behind bars and hopefully that's where the creep is going, but white people are creeps too sometimes.

  • poetcomic1

    Yeah, turn these black teenagers out on the street and give jobs to illegal Mexicans – that will REALLY help calm things down.

    • mrbean

      Mexicans will work – the bucklets and sowlets say "Ah no gonna wawk fah dah chump change yassah! Anyways,.Momma dun gits dah welfare unter 3 diffawnt names fah us!

      • http://www.facebook.com/burkey.devitt Burkey Devitt

        You're disgusting.

  • Kufar Dawg

    It's weird that you say you're black yet you have some strange affinity for David Duke.


    Excuse Me !

    What is the reason that you have changed the title of the book from WhiTe Girl Bleeds A Lot to WhiLe Girl ….. ?

    I hope it is not a subtle form of censorship !

  • Jim

    Finally, I have found someone that agrees with something that I have been saying for years ……. thank-you

  • http://www.facebook.com/burkey.devitt Burkey Devitt

    In this day and age when both "liberal" and "conservative" are fightin' words, and cops and demonstrators can't communicate, I recommend an excellent book by former Seattle police chief and San Diego cop Norm Stamper called "Breaking Rank." It's like reading Joseph Wambaugh but it is nonfiction. A fascinating and funny book.
    Every peaceful protester should read it and understand how their groups are infiltrated by those who do violence.
    Every cop and city official should read it to understand how fear of protesters is drilled into cops……

    I wonder about the nature of denial as described here. Is the author trying to show that black people or black culture is inherently violent and everyone's in denial about it?
    I doubt it, because proportionally, it's those with dark skin who get locked up in this country. The prison population has tripled since 1980. I can't help but wonder if the author is looking for a high horse to ride his racism on into hearts and minds.
    This site says email is optional, but I cannot post without entering it. Might be nice to remove that (optional). ;)

  • John Dietrich

    Gorillas are violent. That's just the way it is.

    • https://www.facebook.com/charles.lewis.146 Charles R. Lewis

      well, you would know, now wouldn't you, John?

      • gordon kemp

        Allways have been violent, and yes, I would know mr. Lewis, my family have been victims of these low IQ savages,,,so get real…