Chair Lynching is America’s Newest Racist Sensation

When the Hope and Change Revolution is finally complete, Mitt Romney is in a reeducation camp and all Americans are obligated to pay double for their mandatory daily ration of broccoli, then the First Amendment of  the Constitution will read, “Thou shalt make no graven images of Obama as they are all considered racist.”

Take poor Bud Johnson, America’s latest racist sensation in the hit liberal game show, “Everything is Racist Now, Especially You.”

A Texas man who hung a chair from a tree on his front lawn — in an apparent rebuff of President Obama and nod to Clint Eastwood — has taken down the display after offended locals associated it with the lynching of blacks.

Austin homeowner Bud Johnson, 73, said he removed the stupefying sight Thursday because of a misconception. “I decided to make the change because some people are stupid,” Johnson told an Austin American-Statesman columnist.

There’s a difference between stupid and deliberately obtuse. Also see, “Making stuff up”.

Some of you ignorant racists will probably wonder how one goes about lynching a chair. After contacting several Chairologists, we learned that chairs do not have spinal columns or lungs and cannot be lynched. But after consulting several Critical Race Theorists, we learned that all the Chairologists were guilty of human privilege for denying the inherent biological properties of chairs, especially brown chairs.

Area resident Robert Stephenson told CBS affiliate KEYE TV the display appears “pretty racist” and there’s “no way you can take that the wrong way.”

How could you take an empty chair the wrong way? It’s not possible. It’s the most blatantly racist thing since peanut butter and jelly or calling Obama a socialist.

The real problem here is the color of the chair. Offhand the chair appears to be metallic gray, rather than black or brown, but this may have been Bud Johnson’s fiendishly racist way of disguising the true race of the chair.

Also we don’t know the national origin of the chair. It probably did not come from Africa. The White House claims it was manufactured in Hawaii, but there are no ownership details to establish that. Some speculate that it’s actually a Manchurian chair from China.

“No, it has no other meaning!” Bud Johnson told KEYE, explaining why he hung the folding chair and a small American flag from the tree. “It’s not a lynch. … It’s the only place I had to put the goddamn thing!” he said.

Sure Johnson claims he had no other place to put the chair, but did he consider donating it to the Obama reelection campaign as reparations for the slavery that Obama’s white ancestors practiced on Michelle Obama’s black ancestors?

That would be a meaningful disavowal of his white privilege in thinking that he can hang things up without triggering memories of lynchings and water hoses and slave ships and merit based hiring practices.

Local county Dems are condemning the display as a “hateful act.”

“I’m sure he’ll argue that it’s freedom of expression … but to me what he did does not enlighten me to his side at all,” Andy Brown, chairman of the Travis County Democratic Party, told the Daily News. “It says nothing on the issues.”

I don’t know about Andy, but it says a lot to me. It says that we live in a country where a man can’t hang a chair in front of his own house without the police showing up and the media accusing him of racism.

That says a lot about the issues right there.

Bud Johnson said,”No, it has no other meaning. I’m not a racist. I don’t dislike any race.”

Could there be a more racist statement than that? He might as well lynch a whole dining room set next or maybe a sofa.

Meanwhile Burnt Orange, the local lefty blog that broke the story is hot on the trail of a very racist man walking a Portuguese water dog on a leash in what is already being called a hateful lynching that brings back the worst days of the Civil Rights Movement.

  • pagegl

    The people who call silliness like this racist or call Israel apartheid are doing a great injustice to the civil rights movements of the USA and South Africa. Then again, they probably don't really give a rat's patoot about either.

    • Omar

      Those same people who falsely accuse Israel of practicing "apartheid" also ignore real apartheid going on in Islamist countries like Sudan, whose racist, sexist, Islamist jihadist government is worse than South Africa during the apartheid era.

  • stuart williamson

    Bud should just use two ropes and then it is just a swing or our friendly, people-loving Prez. if he drops by for a beer.

    Id hanging a chair by a rope a dog whistle?

  • Diann

    Are you seriously referring back to SLAVERY today!!!!????????? If you do not stop feeling sorry for yourself you are going to be in a whole different kind of slavery! This is America and we are all supposed to UNITE for FREEDOM! Stop it with the race wars. WE are all different colors these days and in 50 years we will all be even more different colors….Probably light brown………………….

  • FPF

    Equate Obama to a brown chair? Isn't Obama black? Oh, they are racists by comparing brown to black! Or the lefts are finally telling the truth about Obama? Good job people!
    After the leftists finished promoting the believe (isn't that a religion? ) of animal and plant right to be equal to that of human beings, a brown chair will be the next in line to have rights.

  • amused

    Uh , let's see , a senile Eastwood , does an improv at the RNC and uses an empty chair as a metaphor for Obama ……everyone gets a good laugh , Eastwood makes a fool of himself, but establishes himself as a conservative hero …lol…even though ideologically opposed to about half of the Conservative platform .
    Now the whole country knows the meaning of Clint's "shining moment " conversation with the chair and it's more than obvious representation of Obama . So here you have an obvious RACIST in Austin Texas puts on his little show of an "empty chair " hung from a tree . Gee didn't that happen to hundreds of blackmen in this country when we weren't so nice and Constitution abiding Americans ? So ANOTHER METAPHOR is proudly displayed by an Austin Racist , making him a "folk hero " , which only accentuates the REAL reason for the unmitigated hatred of Obama since election night 2008 when it became FACT , that a blackman was now POTUS . But Greenfield as well as all the sycophants on this blog know damn well it's a racist expression .

  • amused

    LOL….what the matter Admin ? Can't take the truth ?

  • amused

    Only IDIOTS would not consider the jerk in Austin's " chair-hanging " not to be a racist gesture . By approving this act , defending it , or making up pathetic excuses , Greenfield and all the sycophants on this thread prove themselves tio be what they truly are – RACISTS .

  • amused

    Who are you people trying to kid ? Yourselves ?And it looks like the Administrators are racists also nsince they deleted my criticism , making it necessarry to break up bthe post into several parts ,

    • lcdlover

      Hello. Mine got cut off too, and it was a conservative-type entry (see below). I think there is a character limit – a certain number of letters tops per camment. That said, about your posts, is it necessary to rant on like you do: racist this, racist that, calling people names? We are all Americans and we should have toleration for one another's opinions. Good luck.

  • amused

    But Greenfield himself a racist blows the dog whistle / and they come a runnin ' shameless racists claiming they're not ….to those ignorant enough to believe them .


    • wsg

      I'm of mixed race Amused, so if I think you are a ranting MORON and BHO is a FACIST Radical bent on destroying the Republic what am I ? Ans: A Constitutional Conservative Christian whom I'm sure you would call "white."
      Which part of BHO was this guy hanging ? The Facist or the self indulgent ,entitled, elitist brat ? Or was it BHO's white half this guy was protesting ?

      • @waitingforshoet

        Hooray for wsg! A truly independent thinker!

    • @waitingforshoet

      he's only half black…Wanda Sykes said if he screws up, she disowns him as half white…that means if he doesn't dance to everyone's tune, he's out> you all have delusions of godhood!

  • lcdlover

    Hello. The issue has little to due with the man and his chair. It is all about a slimy but effective psychological campaign to associate the word "Republican" with extremism in the mind of the country's citizens. The Huff Post first put this "story" up with the headline "Republican Creates Frightening Racist Display" since modified a bit to"Empty Chair 'Lynched' By Anti-Obama Texas Republican Bud Johnson " Others followed quickly with shockers such as "Republican Takes Down Lynched Chair, Claims Symbol Wasn't Racist"(burntorangereport) or the Daily Kos: Republican Lynches Empty Chair in Racist Presidential Effigy in Austin UPDATE: Adds American Flag" (Whoa, An American flag! how low can you go?)

    • lcdlover

      This part of my comment got cut off:
      Nowhere in these "articles" does it say how or why the guy got so prominent labeled a Republican one would think he is a former RNC chair-man. The pieces do note that the story has "gone viral". Thius is how ideas and association Republican = Racist are sustained

  • culturalhonesty

    "Anti-Racists" make excuse after excuse to turn every White country into a non-White country – Genocide.

    "Anti-Racists" rationalize and justify White children living as minorities in their own homes – Genocide.

    "Anti-Racists" justify a future without White children. – Genocide.

    When "anti-racists" are exposed for the genocide they support, they call us names, send us death threats, and get us fired from our jobs.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • Tony

    Bud Johnson might as well have donned the white hood I'm sure he owns and lit up a big ole cross. I defy anyone with any common sense to give any logical explanation besides racism for this shameful display.