Checkpointgate: Meet the Pregnant Israeli Woman Killed by Obama’s Appeasement

Edward Olshaker at American Thinker reminds us that the deadly toll of Obama’s appeasement didn’t begin in Benghazi.

As Reuters reported in June 2009, “Israel lifted restrictions at two checkpoints in the West Bank after U.S. President Barack Obama urged Israel to take concrete steps to improve the lives of Palestinians in occupied territory. Washington wants Israel to lift army roadblocks and checkpoints and to freeze settlement building as part of a policy that would lead to establishing a Palestinian state.”

At least nineteen anti-terror checkpoints were lifted by mid-2010.  The results of yielding to Obama’s pressure were predictably tragic.  In June 2010, an Israeli policeman was shot to death and two civilians wounded; two months later, four Israelis, including a pregnant woman, were murdered.  All of the killings occurred on the West Bank’s Route 60, where all checkpoints had been lifted.  As Aaron Klein reported, “[t]he checkpoints were dismantled in line with demands from the Palestinian Authority that were passed on to Israel by the Obama administration.”

This is what took place in August 2010 due to Obama’s checkpoint pressure.

A couple and two additional people hitching a ride were driving on Route 60 close to the settlement of Kiryat Arba. Near the entrance of the settlement, Hamas gunman began firing on the vehicle, killing the driver and forcing the car off the road. According to witnesses, the attackers then “approached the car” and shot the occupants in their seats at “close range.”

The police believe that gunmen in the Palestinian drive-by shooting opened fire from a vehicle driving alongside the victim’s car. A paramedic with Magen David Adom described the scene to a journalist, saying that he saw “a car that was pierced with dozens of bullets and inside there were four bodies. There was absolutely no chance of helping.”

Hamas declared the arrest of the attackers by the Palestinian Authority “treason.”All of the arrested suspects were “quickly” released,

And these were the victims of Obama’s appeasement.

Kochava Even Chaim, a teacher in Efrat with an eight-year-old daughter, was killed. Her husband, was among the paramedics who responded to the shooting, to discover that his wife was among the victims

And then there was Yitzhak and Talia Imas. Tali was 9 months pregnant. Both Talia and Yitzhak were murdered leaving behind 6 children. Talia was a blogger and this was one of her final posts.

In the Arabic language and Arab-Muslim mentality the word “peace” doesn’t exist in its European sense. There is peace among Muslims. There is peace when the infidels are subjugated and beg for mercy– then they can be granted peace. And there is Hudna, when the infidel enemy is strong and his destruction is postponed for a time. Hudna, the long-term truce, that is the best we can get– and only if we are strong.

Obama forced the false Hudna on Israel. He forced it on the Imas family and their blood is on his hands.

  • Georga Collins

    How truly sad and evil. Talia left words which need to be heard around the world….Hudna, but from Israel in Israel’s way…not Obama’s. Will Israel return to sound practices for their own well being? I hope so.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Checkpoints? What? How outrageous!!!

    They act like there's a war going on!!!

    Oh, really?

    Never mind….

  • PaulRevereNow

    Barack Obama to American Jews: "We have Israel's back." Barack Obama to Israel: "Give yourselves up to be slaughtered. There are a number of ways to do that." Barack Obama's ring: "There is no God but Allah."

    • IsraelFirster

      Of course Obozo has Israel's back. That's where he knows he can stick the knife in.

  • Spider

    Obama has nobodys back but his own backside..

  • Ar'nun

    Sickening. When he is no longer POTUS, Obama needs to be investigated. Something tells me Huma Abedin isn't the highest ranking US official also working for the Ikwan.

  • bootoObamahaters

    really sad, but I dont see how any of this is Obamas fault; If the people that live there cannot handle the killings, then why blame Obama who doesnt even live there/ Everyone is so eager to blame Obama for something instead of looking at their ownselves.

    • Mary Sue

      um, we can blame him for insisting on ridiculous stipulations like going back to 1949 armstice lines (that's what people really mean when they say "1967 borders" and kowtowing to the Palestinian Terrorists and coddling them and not calling them out on their terrorism, all while chastizing Israel for defending itself.

      What's this about can't handle the killings? They COULD, if Obama and the UN would sit down and STFU and let them do their job.