China Dramatically Increasing its Nuclear Capacity

So much for Obama’s non-nuclear world. It’s a world that no other country seems to be interested in.

China is now going even further hard line and its nuclear capacity continues to grow. A Russian general who led his country’s strategic forces estimates China’s nuclear capacity as beginning to approach Russian capacities.

China has nearly 750 theater and tactical nuclear warheads in addition to more than 200 strategic missile warheads, a stockpile far larger than U.S. estimates

Yesin for the first time disclosed details on China’s theater and tactical nuclear warheads showing a total of 719 to 749 warheads used on bombers, short- and medium-range missiles, and a new land-attack cruise missile

Yesin first revealed higher estimates of the Chinese warhead stockpile last spring that he says contain as many as 1,800 warheads, including up to 900 warheads deployed and ready for use.

China still has some ways to go before it comes close to Russia, but it means to do it and it means to surpass the United States as well.

Arms control estimates routinely overcount America nuclear capacity and undercount foreign nuclear capacity (except for Israel). So Russian warheads that are supposedly designated to be dismantled don’t get counted and Chinese nuclear capacity gets undercounted.

Russia, of course, has its own motives for overcounting Chinese nuclear capacity to justify further expansion of its own nuclear capacity. But that’s somewhat sensible. America’s counterparts however undercount Chinese nuclear capacity to justify further reduction of America’s nuclear capacity and it’s not hard to see which behavior is more destructive.

It’s not just the developing nuclear capabilities of Islamic terror states such as Iran which are routinely minimized and whitewashed, but even the nuclear capacities of existing enemy nuclear states such as Russia and China that are as well.

  • Mary Sue

    How much do you want to bet they'll never decrease their nukes like Obama thinks he can talk them into like some kind of naive peace moron? Then when Obama gets rid of all your nukes they'll have you by the short hairs. :(