China Overtakes US in Global Trade Under Obama

In one of his interminable State of the Union addresses, Obama prattled on endlessly about defeating China and winning the future. Good luck with that when you’re borrowing money from China to buy Green Tech from China that doesn’t work, forcing you to buy more oil from Saudi Arabia. As Charlie Sheen and Barack Obama call it, “Winning.” Which is cokehead-speak for losing. A drug that both men have in common.

In just five years, China has surpassed the United States as a trading partner for much of the world, including U.S. allies such as South Korea and Australia, according to an Associated Press analysis of trade data. As recently as 2006, the U.S. was the larger trading partner for 127 countries, versus just 70 for China. By last year the two had clearly traded places: 124 countries for China, 76 for the U.S.

I blame Bush, except for the part where the US still had its position under Bush, but lost it under Obama.

In 2002, trade with China was 3 percent of a country’s GDP on average, compared with 8.7 percent with the U.S. But China caught up, and surged ahead in 2008. Last year, trade with China averaged 12.4 percent of GDP for other countries, higher than that with America at any time in the last 30 years.

If the trend continues, China will push past the U.S. this year, a remarkable feat for a country so poor 30 years ago that the average person had never talked on a telephone.

Clearly we need to raise taxes, spend more money on education and do all the other things that have made Europe so successful. Or, you know, we could start making things again and create real jobs, instead of government jobs.

It’s either that or start trying to tax China.

  • AdinaK

    The Radical-in-Chief must destroy the economy – via the fiscal cliff – and eviscerate the 2nd Amendment. At this juncture he will have achieved his basic goal – the deconstruction/destruction of the US –….

    Mission accomplished.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • κατεργάζομαι

    "China Overtakes US in Global Trade Under Obama…."

    CHICAGO Chinese water torture.

    I would trade one ton of Chinese Green Tea …..

    ………for Ten Tons of Obama's Green B.S.stimulus-backed Solar panel Energy Programs.

  • Mary Sue

    No no no Obama it's "chinese bow" FIRST. THEN shake hands.

  • cynthia curran

    Well,, its kinda funny since Obama went for a few anti-free trade polcies but also gave green energy a lot of loans that did things overseas, he won OH, Wi, and PA since they thought he would save their old smoke stack jobs.

  • mah29001

    As much as I have no love for the Red Chinese government, the Red Chinese know exceptionalism involves getting wealth….and they don't mind to laugh at how dumb Obama is.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      It's so much worse than that. Other than Islam, the ideology of the Chinese leaders is the most dangerous because they're oppressing so many of their own citizens and those in dependent countries of the region. It just sucks.

      Liberal fantasies are destroying this country (the USA that is). Sigh. Keep fighting them.

  • broken arrow

    While true , the blame should be spread evenly .The trade deficit existing between the US and China has been there for decades ,and never addresed properly either now or then . The fact that China has or will surpass the US was inevitable , and merely reaches that status at this point in time .How bad is it ? Very bad , just go to any retail outlet and read the labels .This didn't happen over night , it took years .The US can never compete will Chinese labor , so tariffs should have been placed to level the playing field .Goods that are made in China yield profits of 400% to beliveve it or not almost 1000% yet these same goods are sold here for about 20-50% less than US made items .Americans will have to decide the futures of manufacturing in this country.


    Second, main goal of finances is much wider then "fulfillment of the state functions and obligations and provision of conditions


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