Chris Christie, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

There has been a round of speculation about Governor Chris Christie’s behavior. The speculation is mostly unproductive and smacks of a preemptive circular firing squad. And there’s no reason to think that Christie’s level of enthusiasm for Obama has made any impact on the election.

As the governor of a disaster-stricken state, it wasn’t unreasonable for him to put on a show with Obama. He could have toned it down a bit, but Christie is a blue state governor who has played the Obama card before… as Conservative New Jersey reminds us. (And if you have any special affection for Christie, you might want to skip these videos.)

That was 2009 and this kind of synergy seemed like a smart sell. But Christie is still running for office in a state where Obama is likely to win and a chunk of the population would vote for Obama even if he drowned them like kittens.

Out-of-area conservatives think that Chris Christie is a conservative because he shouts a lot about teachers’ unions. But policywise, Christie is not that easy to tell apart from Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The difference is Christie’s propensity for making viral web videos which emphasize attitude over policy and are popular with bloggers looking for something to run on a long weekend.

Chris Christie is a Republican. So is Michael Bloomberg. Of the two of them, Christie is more conservative, but both men are basically insurgent political candidates who couldn’t get a foothold in the Democratic machine and have run as alternative post-partisan candidates. Neither of them are conservative in any real sense of the word. They just look that way because they present themselves as competent problem solvers. And in today’s degraded political climate, competence and problem solving are coded as conservative.

  • Mary Sue

    What is it about New Jersey and New York that draw in the leftists like magnets so that it's stacked? Or the rest of the Northeast, for that matter? It's getting to be like so only a RINO can get elected over there.

    • fightwarnotwars

      It’s because people in cities like NY and NJ are better educated, not tied down by the superstitions of orthodox religion and not easily absorbed by the false narratives of the Far Right and it’s destructive economic policies which deteriorate education, infrastructure and civility. Here, people of both parties work together all the time and get good things done.

      • Mary Sue

        you mean better brainwashed.

        In case you hadn't noticed, the WORST schools are in districts that are stacked with Democrats and the dems have been ruling said areas for over 40 years.

        What about the false narratives of the Far Left?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "And in today’s degraded political climate, competence and problem solving are coded as conservative."

    That made me laugh even though it's truly sad and sadly true. All of the others just make promises that are so far out there as to be classified as totally delusional…healing oceans and so forth.

  • Edward Cline

    I was initially impressed by Christie because of his apparent talent for challenging the status quo and being able to shout down moronic critics. But, I realized later that his persona was just show-biz, and that he isn't any better than your average liberal, left-leaning politician. He sucks up to the Muslim voting bloc in New Jersey and without apology defended his appointment of a Muslim judge. He is no more "conservative" than is Bill Clinton or George Bush. When I hear someone condemning or defending someone for being "conservative," I always ask, "What is it that he wants to conserve?" Is it "traditional" values, the political status quo, or life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness without government assistance? That's when I leave detractors or boosters behind, because most of them have never bothered to parse or define the meaning of the term "conservative."

  • john spielman

    Christie is nothing but a political whore who was beholding to his muslim backers. Now he has destroyed his chances of ever being a Republican nominee for president by his recent Obama lovefest.

  • Tommy Jonq

    Oh, the circular firing squad has started, all right. Rupert Murdoch ordered Christie to campaign for mittwit, and Chritie said, "no." Tonight, Pailn will pile on Christie. Tonight, Limbaugh will pile on Christie. Tonight, Cheny will pile on mittwit for not inviting Dubya (and Cheney) to the convo. Tonight, Santorum will pile on Billy Graham for waiting too long to endorse mittwit. The blood bath has begun. Enjoy!

  • scallywagy

    Which is to say if Obama ends up winning, Governor Christie may end up getting a phone call from Mitt wondering out aloud if it was really necessary for the Governor to go out and be so chummy with his opponents? Well yes cause he’s a politician too who’s also thinking about his own political aspirations and the next plump slice of fruitcake to dabble in….