Christian Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for Insulting Muslim Brotherhood President

And he got off lucky. The next one will just get the axe.

Christians and moderate Muslims are concerned and shocked by the six-year sentence inflicted on Bishoy Kamel, a Christian teacher who posted online satirical cartoons on Islam on 30 July, and allegedly insulted Egypt’s president. In front of the courthouse where the trial was held, hundreds of Salafists gathered ready to lynch the offender. Sources close to Kamel’s family say that he was beaten in prison.

The last time someone got three years in jail for insulting the head of state, King Farouk was still in power. He was overthrown in 1952. During his 30 years of power, even Mubarak was more indulgent. In 2007, a young blogger, Kareem Amer, got only one year for insulting the president.

Mubarak was replaced with Morsi, a far worse tyrant than Mubarak ever worse. This same pattern will repeat itself whenever Islamists come to power.

  • Cuthbert

    And this is surprising, how? Welcome to the wonderful world of third world dictators. You elected one here in the US and now he is helping all his buddies 'get theirs'. Go ahead and vote for Comrade O again. This country really needs to be convinced that stupid people elect dictators and thus get the government they deserve. The latest revelation, that Muslim Brotherhood (that's Al Qaeda's ideological parent organization) was guarding Benghazi, is just lovely icing on the cake.

  • Tariq Al Munjar

    Allah is a dirty skitter and Mohammad is his catamite.
    Poopy be upon them both, and on the men in the dirty nightshirts.