Christopher Stevens Feeds the Crocodile

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Winston Churchill once said, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last.” On September 11, Christopher Stevens, a career diplomat, became one of the first Americans in Libya to feed the crocodile of Ansar Al-Sharia and learned too late that while appeasers may hope to be eaten last, they are often eaten first.

Christopher Stevens was a Middle Eastern diplomat who typified the new breed going from the University of Berkeley and the Peace Corps to desks in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria. He taught English to Moroccan children in the Peace Corps and helped Palestinian Arabs in the East Jerusalem Consulate, which has a firm policy of pretending that Israel does not exist.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said of Christopher Stevens that he “made other people’s hopes his own” and that may serve as a fitting eulogy both for Stevens and for the disastrous foreign policy of making “other people’s hopes” our own that brought on the Arab Spring.

Stevens, like Clinton and Obama, made the hopes of Islamists his own and they repaid him for it, just as Afghans repaid America for supporting them against the Soviet Union, as Lebanon and Somalia repaid America’s peacekeeping efforts by killing American troops and on down the litany of gratitude in bombs and bullets that have come America’s way from the Muslim world.

“He risked his life to stop a tyrant, then gave his life trying to build a better Libya,” Hillary Clinton said, but if anything his murder exposed the lie that there is a better Libya now than there was before Hillary and he intervened in Libya. Clinton’s eulogy comes perilously close to conceding Stevens’ real mission and the degree of American intervention in the overthrow of Gaddafi.

Stevens was the connection between the Islamist Benghazi rebels and the Obama administration’s illegal war to overthrow Gaddafi. His mission, like the true mission of the war, was secret, and the consulate, marginally fortified and devoid of Marines, reflected that secrecy. Stevens did not think that he had anything to fear from the Islamists because they were his friends.

In the Wikileaks cables, Stevens cheerfully described fighters who saw “resistance against coalition forces in Iraq” as “an important act of ‘jihad’” and local businessmen who took pride in the number of suicide bombers who had come out of the area. For years he had walked safely in their company without understanding that he was just as much of a target as a Marine in Baghdad, but without the training, the weapons or the survival skills.

The only reason Christopher Stevens had lasted this long is that the jihadist fighters had known a useful man when they met him. And Stevens proved to be very useful, but his usefulness ended with Gaddafi’s death. Once the US successfully overthrew Gaddafi and began focusing on stabilizing Libya, Stevens ceased to be a useful idiot and became a useless nuisance. Attacks soon followed on the Benghazi consulate and on other consulates as well, but the Marines were not brought in and Stevens continued relying on local goodwill to secure his offices. It was only a matter of time until the attackers got through.

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  • Rothschild

    Violence only creates more violence…I knew from day one, that nothing would change with a Arab spring, in Libya.

    Non-Violence is the most powerful force in the universe.


    • MarkRich

      Yea as long as its the British Government you are opposing. Replace it with Muslim fanatical regimes run by terrorists non violence= Sodomy/decapitation/planes rammed into buildings/cars blown up/suicide bombers …. but hey WE ALL GET TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT OURSELVES BEFORE WE BURN ALIVE INTO A CRISPY CORPSE!!!

      • Rothschild

        Actually, pacifism would be more effective in stopping militant Muslim terrorists…the British, Germans (Nazis) were far more dangerous because they were quite sane, and intelligent…but still pacifism was successful against them.

        • Kufar Dawg

          "Pacifism was successful" against Naizs? LOL, do you live under a rock?

          • Rothschild

            What about WWII? – pacifist considerations


            …The high generals who served under Hitler admitted, during the Nuremberg trials and in their own extant writings, that they were confounded by nonviolent resistance. They knew how to crush enemy armies, but the subterfuge of nonviolence couldn't be fought in any efficient way…

        • MarkRich

          If you believe that I have nothing more to say- as you are obviously seriously misguided or have a brain disorder.

  • MarkRich

    So as Jimmah Carter said in 1979 about the Soviet Union that they lied to him!!!!! Golly how could they do that! Obummer goes to Eygpt and bows and apologizes in 2009 and he allows Iranians to die in the streets. Churchill was right of course and liberals as usual live in a fantasy land of "changing hearts and minds by cozing up to terrorists". It would be like inviting an escaped murder into your home and treating him lovingly and awaking to the sounds of screams as your children were viciously murdered. See its like the old story of the animal who lies to get your attention and love and then eats you (the crocodile for example) and asked why it did it it says its what I do- its my nature. Liberals and marxists and lovers of the unlovable evil in their midst are always surprised and yet go immediately into denial and state "Gosh we probably werent nice enough!" The Jihadists are laughing their as-es off and our clown diplomats are busy preparing all of us as fatted calves for the feast.

  • Reacher

    Chris Stevens reminds me of the naive "outdoorsman" who went to live among the Grizzlies in Alaska, thinking if he fed them and was gentle, they would reciprocate in kind.

    When a reporter asked a Ranger why they killed him and
    devoured his body, he replied " 'cause that's what they do !"…

    Same situation here. Naivety and foolishness, over-riding common sense and self-preservation..

  • Martel Sobieskey

    A brilliant and insightful article revealing our government leaders penchant for supporting Islamofascism. “What goes around comes around.”

  • A. Keen Observer

    One day the US will finally have to come to the inevitable conclusion: Islam is incompatible with any free, innovative, moral society. We will have no choice but to either fight it or cut all contacts with Muslim countries. And we will have to deal with the Muslims here and it won't be easy.

  • jmz

    too bad it was only this dumbass and not more of these libturd morons. Im tired of morning our soldiers who die for aholes like this. Obaba, ths moron, the hillary, etc all think this is 1 big pr campaign. at best they are dupes with big hearts and small brains who think that a 'spoon full ' of western sugar and a few speeches will end something thats been going on over 1000 yrs. at wors they are willing accomplices who think they can use islamists like 'attack' dogs and weaken americas resolve until they can come to full power. and the worst part is we in the tea party/conservative community help as well by stupidly saying"its not all muslims"..YES IT IS! any man woman or child is a minni hitler with a bomb. nothing more. Muslims do not deserve respect, freedom or tolerance and they all should be wiped out. no more 'toleration' of my destruction. bomb the area..then sent in troops to clean the rest out. take all their gold, oil anything of value, burn the rest. make mecca a bbq rib joint and lets be done with this!


    This is a well written article, but this person (Stevens) was not 'making friends.'
    When are people going to GET that leftists are just detroyers no matter where they go.

  • Mark S. Devenow

    Granted this guy was an Arabist (a typical Arabist at that), someone who sympathized withterrorists and an appeaser. I shed no tears over the fact that he got his. It is still at best unseemly to be chortling over his murder. This entire piece is bad form. The contrast that SHOULD HAVE been put in sharpened relief is the State Department's perverse fixation with the idea that Arabs and Moslems are up to the task of modernizing and the delusion that if the US gets behind the right element there are friends to be made among them.

  • George

    This proves that Obama is an idiot and he has the blood of many innocents flowing between his nasty fingers .We were duped to elect such a ignorant . His Chickens have come home to roost .God Help America . As the Devil is in the White House.

  • Gabriel

    US should be energy independent , Oil, gas, coal, wind, atomic , all of them combined.

  • jtrolla

    There is a more profound lesson here: evil is all consuming. Stevens was innocent but naieve. His blood is on Obama's and Clinton's hands.

  • Drakken

    Ask your fellow 1.5 billion muslim that question, then get back to the rest of us infidels.

  • BcdErick

    A good essay. Thanks. As someone who has spent 23 years living in the southern Philippines (yes there are Muslims here — but common criminals are the real problem) I think what Stevens did was stupid. And his demise was entirely predictable. But we're all going to die some day. At least he went out while doing what he loved. That's the right way to go.

  • joesixpack31

    One less Berkely pinhead. Sad though about the navy seals that lost their lives.

  • Fred Dawes

    This guy was raped to death by the muslim monkeys what do you think the muslim monkeys would do to us or the jews? Fill it in_________________________________________________

  • Lady_Dr.

    Another good hearted fool. I assume he was well meaning, but he bought into the lies of the left and now he lies in a grave – another victim of his own foolishness and the evil of the left and their BFF, the Moslems.

  • Ghostwriter

    After your vile statement above,DeShawn,I hesitate to call you a "person" or a "human being." No thinking person or rational human being could write the statement you did and expect not to be called out for it. Go back to the ooze from which you were spawned. There's no place for you here.

  • bellwriter

    Thank you for sharing this article. It's appalling that our government and media are keeping the public unaware based on politics. Freedom of the press is more important than ever, Qualify that. Journalists must be braver than ever and return to presenting both sides.