CNN Founder, Jane Fonda Ex-Husband, Cheers Military Suicides

If you want to know why Ted Turner is Jane Fonda’s favorite ex-husband, look no further than statements like these.

As if anyone really needed a reminder, the man who helped found cable news is every bit as hostile to America as his traitorous ex-wife. And no the left does not support the troops. As one anti-war rally banner read, “We support the troops when they shoot their officers.” Now Ted Turner has added an addendum of his own. “We support the troops when they shoot themselves.”

And guess who Ted Turner is supporting in the 2012 election?

“I like Obama policies better because he’s more environmental. I think Romney has gotten too close to the coal and oil industry. And that’s basically and I think Obama is better on the environment and better as far as I think he truly wants to end the wars,” Turner said.

Ted Turner contemplated running for president, but his ex-wife (Jane Fonda) stated she would divorce him if he ran.

“We split up anyway. But you can’t, without a first lady you can’t run any way. When you’re getting a divorce you can’t run for president.”

Tragic. Just think of the kind of Commander-in-Chief that we missed out on.

  • popseal

    Oh Lord….please bring Mr. Turner acoss my path someday…You remember Lord I'm sure, I've been deployed twice against Communists back in 1966-7. Since then I've been deployed (a civilian) six times to Pakistan and Afghanistan in our efforts to defeat Islamists. It's certain that he and I would have a lively discussion. If Jane is with him, she can join in. Topic for considertion: My son's career in the Marines and his four trips down range.

  • riverboatbill

    Ted Turner talks treason.

  • Greg Lauren

    so an anti-semite and a hater of humanity. usually goes hand in hand.

  • JimPenn

    Ted Turner’s statement suggests what many believe and have always believed. We –humans- are not setup to end others lives. He wasn’t called “The Mouth of the South” for being soft spoken. He is and has always been a Ready – Fire – Aim sort of guy. When he said, “that’s good” I do believe he was meaning, “that shows these men have a conscience”. A conscience is good. Jane Fonda’s a mixed up Hollywood kid who saw the Vietnam War for the idiotic folly it was. She saw the war they way the Pentagon Papers presented it. See any parallels to any military action we’ve done in the past decade? The idiotic folly part I mean. Jane exhibited stupid judgment but we can’t expect deep thoughts from Hollywood all the time can we? I mean, most of the time, but not all the time, right?

    • Iron Yank

      Your kidding right? Otherwise this has to be on of the more ridiculous & ignorant statements made on this site. “Shows these men have a conscience” You make it sound as if all of these men committed suicide because they felt guilty about something they did over there, which is complete nonsense. Shame on you! You Liberal puke. With all the rules of engagement imposed on them, the fact that they have to watch there buddies get picked off one by one and cant respond they way they should. The fact that many of them have had to endure multiple tours and are now divorced because you cant maintain a reletionship and raise a family when you are gone all the time, has more to do with the suicides being high than the fantasy that they somehow feel guilty for killing a terrorist or two.

      • think more

        try actually listening to what is said and not just what the ignorant summary of what the interview included and you might find yourself having to argue a different view point, the real one.

  • JimPenn

    Oh and, this is the first time I have come across Daniel Greenfield but he is hearing that Ted "Cheers Military Suicides" but I don't hear that at all. Why would someone say that if someone wasn't actually cheering?
    I thought our job as reporters was to accurately summarize stuff.

    • NoahDavidSimon

      you sicken me

      • read more

        can u actually read between the lines or are your ignorant republican reporters your only source of information? try actually listening to what he said and not just taking the headliner as truth… btw u sicken me

  • Steve

    Seems to get worse every day!

  • BS77

    I think T Turner deserves to be given some slack. I remember reading somewhere he has some serious mental health issues…….

  • theotherrosie

    Well lets see besides having been married to HanoiJane, he's really contributed absolutely nothing to America. So there, I said it & it's true.

    • please enlighten us

      you are absolutely right, a billion dollar gift to the UN for international efforts at peace and preservation, helping the environment (but let me guess global warming isnt real right? just going to assume you believe that either bec of your republican sentiments or your lack of higher education…). So seeing how you obviously much more of a contributter please list your commitments to the planet theotherrosie, I am very curoiuse to hear.

  • Dino Brava

    Ted Turner is a great American ………jackass.

  • HighPressure

    Then again he probably mourned Abby Hoffman's suicide…

    Mr. Turner somehow believes that these suicides are caused by human guilt. He couldn’t be more wrong. These suicides were caused because soldiers did their job and were told when they got home that their acts of courage were in vain and their country didn’t care for them. The left did their job. The left has just as much blood on their hands today as in the Vietnam Era when they murdered soldiers in southern California or gave hope to an enemy that lengthened the Vietnam War by American 30,000 lives. Not to mentioned the genocide of 2 Million directly after the war.

    Is he a traitor to America like Clinton, Kerry, Ayers, Obama or Hoffman? Close.

  • tagalog

    Aside from his treasonous qualities, if we elected Ted Turner President, a guy who uses sentences like this to communicate: "And that’s basically and I think Obama is better on the environment and better as far as I think he truly wants to end the wars,” we deserve whatever we get.

  • David B Severy

    Turner and the elites are truly disconnected from reality, but then so are many regulars folks and poor folks. Reality is Jesus. Turner's mind and soul needs redemption, just as we all need redemption.
    Jeremiah 9:23-24
    23 Thus saith the Lord, Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches:
    24 But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the Lord which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the Lord.

    • Julia

      I fullyagree with you, David. We are saved, above all and need to act like it.

  • Mike

    Mr. Turner, your ultimate destination will be eternity in hell my friend.

    • envious of ignorance

      if so he will be joined along with all of the republicans that enjoy killing anyone that disagree with them, who deny that which science supports with empirical evidence, and curse that which is not concluded from versus in the bible (which btw is merely a manual to control the simpleton masses of the past, and apparently the future through blind faith in that which is preferable to the leaders of the world), get a life please, and if you have something to say, try something substantive, not just something as worthless as "ya, well your going to hell so nerrrrr."

  • Julia

    Granted, I am not in agreement with many of the elites and I find Romney an abomination because he belongs to a cult that believes Lucifer/Satan is Jesus Christ's brother, which is blasphemy to me. President Obama says he is a Christian. I find that there is a great deal of racism/bigotry in this election year and knowing how mormons feel about black people and others of different ethnicity, I am inclined to vote for the man who says he is a Christian because he is acting like a Christian. Now, I expect I will hear a ton of diatribe about what I have just written, but I stand on the Word of God to pray for the leaders of this country and will obey that command. I even prayed for Bush and almost vomited in the process because it was brought to my attention by Jan Markel who said I had the duty to do so. Let us hope that she feels the same about this president who is not inviting the satanist Ozzy Osborne to the white house and telling us his wife loves satanic music. Get a grip! What you are printing is inflammatory rhetoric and you should be ashamed to publish such drivel.

    • HighPressure


      It is good that you stand on the word of God. So what is worse… one who belongs to a cult or one that is obviously part of the apostate church. The apostate church will lie to you as a muslim will to justify his or her position and twist scripture to project his or her moral leanings. At least wth Mormonism, they do project the same ethics and morals as do a Biblical Christian or an Orthodox Jew.

      Mr Obama is a rabid Secular Religionist which beleives that select man is god, such as the Nazis or Communistists which wiped outhundreds of millions in the 20th century. As the Democrats at the end of the 1800s didn't support the 14th admendment, either does Obama. Romney has a better record on the 14th.

      So as a Biblical Christian we have to participate in a free society. We have to biblically. Romney is certainly not my first choice.As Bush an ecumenical Christian wasn't mine either. The reason we have to settle for "best of the two choices" rather then a "great choice" is because we don't participate during the process as Christians. We better start.

      Bless you lass.

      • read a book please

        Wow, you really must do your background research to make such intelligent and informed comme nts as these. Hmmm, dont really know where to start, I guess by stating my assumptions that you are from a racist part of the country, and probably support the idea of segregation and that people of other races (other that white) are innately inferior, probably bitter because a black person won the presidency (2x! must be hard to palate). And you blindly take that which is force fed to you from both the podium of church and the fox news network that probably tell you Mitt R. is here to protect you, trust me and the fact he would happily throw your blue collar ass to the curb and out source your job if he could put even an extra dollar in his pocket, and wouldn't think twice about your well being. And for Christ sakes Mormons don't eat babies or support satan as crazy lady Julia perceives only god could know why. IF we know for a fact obabma supports helping those in need and Romney cares only for those that can support his campaign and assure he pays lower taxes on his millions of dollars he launders to banks outside the country to avoid paying his share of taxes to the government he supposedly loves, why oh why would anyone with a logical analyzer in their brain possibly defend Romney? man I hope people like you secede from the the country and hopefully kill your selves off over some dispute about who's gun is bigger and can hold more bullets. Do us that favor.

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    • munchies fan

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  • bushisms rule

    your absolutely right he should probably take some linguistic lessons from our great president GW Bush. I believe it was he who spoke infallibly throughout his entire presidency if I am not mistaken. Retort?

    "I've abandoned free market principles to save the free market system"
    "I've been in the Bible every day since I've been the president."
    "And they have no disregard for human life."
    "Should the Iranian regime-do they have the sovereign right to have civilian nuclear power? So, like, if I were you, that's what I'd ask me. And the answer is, yes, they do."

    • tagalog

      Yes, Bush being a crappy speaker makes Ted Turner OK.

      I should have thought of that.