CNN Poll Says Romney Wins 58-40 on Economy, 51-44 on Taxes and 49-46 on Health Care

Not to mention 59-36 on the deficit. Again snap polls are roughly unscientific. The CNN polls assign a narrow victory to Obama within the margin of error, but I wouldn’t pay too much attention to it.

The overall narrative is that Obama’s failure in the previous debate was oversold. Polls are showing that Obama exceeded expectations for most people, while Romney performed as expected. That created the perception that Obama did well, because he was less laid back.

But on the bread and butter issues, the economy and taxes, Romney wins. Obama still has an edge on class warfare, but ObamaCare is so deeply unpopular that he narrowly loses on healthcare.

And when it comes to translating that vision thing into the practical…

Did Obama offer a clear plan for solving the country’s problems?
38% Yes, 61% No

Did Romney offer a clear plan for solving the country’s problems?
49% Yes, 50% No

One way to read this is that the public still has no idea what Obama is proposing.

And when it comes to who appeared more presidential…


  • clb2012now

    Well, it wasn't hard for Obama to do better this time. Last time, he did not want to be there. What happens if he has a meeting with PUTIN on a bad day?

    Croiwley was horrible. 4 minutes more for Obama than Mitt that is 10% more time. Crowley intervened when she should have kept her mouth shut and let us decide for our selves. Time for debate ran over as well. What do we need her for, just put questions on screen and a timer on the microphone.

    It didn't move the needle on who they would vote for but it did on who could better handle the issues.

  • FiggNuts

    As an independent my vote is going to family and I just can't take another four years of nothing.

  • Chezwick

    Two used-car salesmen promising us the moon…insisting that balancing the budget and debt reduction will be painless. And the fault lies not just with the candidates….the falsehoods they are peddling are precisely what a self-centered electorate wants to hear. Can you imagine the outcry if Romney suggested that steep spending cuts are necessary to keep America solvent…and then proceeded to spell them out?….(the way Ryan did 2 years ago). It would surely cost him the election.

    As for Obama, one can't even pretend just for the sake of argument that he would advocate meaningful entitlement reform. Doing so requires too mind-boggling an effort in the suspension of disbelief.

    We're screwed, folks.

  • tagalog

    A debate that is 50-50 or near 50-50 in this case is effectively a win for Romney. I watched the entire debate and in my untutored lay person's opinion, thought it was pretty close to a draw. Romney won on some points, Obama on some. Obama gained some ground that he had lost in the first debate, but taken overall, it ended pretty evenly for both. An even ending isn't good enough to give Obama any push.

    Sadly, both Obama and Romney spent a lot of time ducking the issues raised by the questions. That was unfortunate. At least it was in Romney's case, but I have to remember, he was in New York, enemy territory, where an undecided voter is one who isn't quite fully convinced to cast his vote for Obama. It was lucky that Obama was just as obfuscatory.

  • Barry Soetoro

    Obama's weapon is the lie, Lie, LIE. It works wonders on the stupid and uninformed.