College Educated Hispanics More Likely to Vote Romney

This isn’t as much of an aberration from the norm, as Romney actually narrowly won voters who held a four-year college degree, but the difference among Latino voters is more striking with 35 percent of Hispanic voters with a college degree voting for Romney over 24 percent non-degree holders.

Again this points to a potential directions for Republican looking to compete for the Latino vote that don’t involve legalizing mass numbers of illegal ‘welfare’ aliens.


  • κατεργάζομαι

    ~ I hate the Hegelian/Marxist concept of racial division…..

    America's largest internal contradictions and weaknesses that contribute to racial strife is the DNC!

    Some respected conservative blogs & "conservative" editorialists embrace Marxist/Hegel's lexicon.

    ~ They synthesize Hegel's dialectic and use Hegel & Marx's dialectical materialism against US!

    ~ This is NOT a LATINO/BLACK Republic. WISE UP! – JUST STOP IT! dang it!

    • pamdale

      Tell it to obama – the great divider.

      • κατεργάζομαι

        Replying to pamdale, (quote) "Tell it to obama – the great divider. "

        That is Obama's well-groomed Marxist dialectic, pamdale.

        Sometimes Obama's Division Gets a Bum Rap.

        Just iImagine for a minute if Mr. Obama were able to unite Americans behind his radical agenda.

        We wouldn't just have bank bailouts and auto industry takeovers and a pork-laden stimulus, but, in short order, we'd have Cap and Trade and healthcare reform, Obama-style.

        We'd have Card Check and a new Fairness Doctrine.

        Obama the Great Divider

        Without a partisan divide, without dissent, without Americans fervent for freedom, the needle on the liberty to tyranny meter would swing more decidedly toward tyranny.

  • TERossi

    Sorry but math is still failing you.

    35% for means that 65% oppose
    24% for means that 76% oppose

    There's no good news in those numbers. They haven't improved even when Ronald Reagan signed the biggest amnesty in American history. It did NOTHING but guarantee Cultural Marxism, Socialism, and Big Government, will win. When an entire group is able to throw a tantrum and demand entitlements against the law that becomes the basis of their political ideology.