Creation of Bosnian Muslim State Led to Ethnic Cleansing of 440,000 Catholics

In the late 90s the trendy thing to do was to agonize over the fate of Bosnian Muslims and all the terrible horrors that the PoorMuslims (TM) were experiencing in Sarajevo. Ethnic cleansing was the word of the day and the Serbs were the new villains of the hour.

Steven Spielberg even managed to make the ultimate liberal thriller, The Peacemaker, starring  George Clooney racing against the clock to stop a Serb terrorist from launching a nuclear attack on New York City. (This proved to be a very timely film to make in 1997. Four years before Muslim terrorists (Shhh they don’t exist) launched a real attack against New York)

NATO carved out a Bosnian Muslim state by bombing a bunch of Serbian Christians, civilians and non-civilians, Billy Clinton didn’t really care. And ethnic cleansing became an actual thing… just not ethnic cleansing of Muslims. Mohammed’s last command to his followers was to drive the Jews and Christians out of Arabia. And as Muslims have expanded their reach, they have religiously been keeping their unholy prophet’s command.

Christians are massively leaving post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina amid mounting discrimination and Islamization, according to a new report released Friday, October 12.

There are just 440,000 Catholics left in the Balkan nation, half the prewar figure, the group said.

Puljic reportedly complained that while dozens of mosques were build in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo, no building permissions were given for Christian churches.

“The cardinal already waits 13 years on permission to build just a small church,” Church in Need said.  Authorities so far refused to return hundreds of nationalized church buildings, despite a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights to do so, according to Christian officials.

But that is what you get when you create another “moderate” Muslim state. Muslims may demand the right to build mega-mosques in London, Tennessee and right next to Ground Zero, but they don’t reciprocate. Islam has no notion of human rights… only Muslim rights.  Or rather the rights of Muslim men over all sorts of inferior types like women and non-Muslims. Create a Muslim state and you get discrimination against non-Muslims. It’s how the religion works.

In published remarks, Van Rompuy made clear that giving Bosnia-Herzegovina a “European perspective”, the code word for eventual European Union membership, “is the only way to overcome the crisis”.

How has the European perspective worked out for the millions of Muslims in France, Germany and the UK?

Are Muslims getting a European Perspective or are Europeans getting a Muslim Perspective?

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  • John W

    too bad you are not intelligent enough to do your research before posting such lies and fantasies.

  • Laura

    The media is not remotely interested in actual ethnic cleansing or any other atrocities perpetrated by muslims against non-muslims. Instead we have been told lies and fantasies about Serbian atrocities against muslims. The question is why are western governments and the media furthering the global agenda of jihadists?

    • Goemon

      That is the big mystery of the universe.

    • bosman

      What are u talking about, what ethnic cleansing by muslims. You give me one example i will give you 10 ethnic cleansing done by christians on muslims. How dare you say that serbian attrocities against muslims are lie. Iam from bosnia and over 40 members of my family were burned by serbs. 95 percent of my male neighbors were killed and burried in mass graveyards. This has been recorded by higest courts in world and by every country. U come here from your little nice couzy house telling me what i experienced and lived through is not true, how dare u ignorant bitch. I bet you think that hallocoust never happened either. Do ur research and stop reading propaganda articles.

      • @undefined

        Clean out those skeletons in your closet, before you go cleaning out others.

      • JC Warren

        You are a liar. You and your sick cult may be able to fool the moronic liberal minded fools in the west, but not the rest of us. Islam has a proven record of over 1300 years of continous deceit, mass murder, and profound evil and wickedness. Your prophet was a nothing more than a filthy thug. Only fiiting that most muslims cultists continue his legacy.

        Sooner or later one of your cult caliphates going to use a nuclear weapon against a western nation and in the name of your allah. You do realize what will happen after.

        • waris

          Islam is spreading very fast all over …..which is d biggest problem for christians ….

        • wha?????

          and what relevance of what just you said to the his original argument?

        • TheWatchman

          …. and Christianity has a proven record of 2,000 years of continuous deceit, mass murder and profound evil and wickedness. Don't believe me? Ask the Native Americans, the people of Palestine in the 11th-12th century, and the original inhabitants of Africa and Australia. So please, Christianity has as much guilt as any other major world religion.

          And BTW, you DO know which country is the only one to deploy a nuclear weapon, right? If you don't know, I'm sure the inhabitants of Hiroshima and Nagasaki could remind you.

  • thefreecountry

    This is a pretty ugly piece of work. The Christian (!) West has eventually come to terms with the nature of these crimes and condemned the Serb policy of "ethnic cleansing" – BTW this term was coined by Karadzic and has since then become a part of the political vocabulary. This does not mean that there should not be clamping down on the Wahabists and other extremist and (potential) trouble makers. It also doe not exonerate Izetbegovic of the responsibility for the crimes perpetrated against his own other ethnic groups. It does not mean that todays Bosnia does not need political changes. On the contrary. BUT the nature of the crimes became so abundantly clear that the , well Christian, West changed its policies toward Serbia in the wake of the atrocities of th 90s, and that even an instance of genocide was found tho have taken place by the International Tribunal in the Hague. If you understand how narrow this definition actually is, and that it indeed matches the war crimes committed in Srebrenica, then you might begin to understand the full scale of the atrocities. That said the radical influences coming from Saudi Arabia and other golf states has to be curbed, if necessary by force against the perpetrators. It cannot be used as some kind of excuse for the atrocities in the 90's, committed against innocent people.

  • mah29001

    And yet, the same Islamic supremacists got away with it in Iraq by stating we were "imperialists" even though we helped them gain Iraq via through Iran.

  • zionit



    only those unschooled in Western history, art, philosophy, indeed education period, can deny the Christian West without blushing.

  • bosman

    This article is absurd and incorrect. First i am from bosnia and lived there my whole life. This article is propaganda by uneducated, uninformed authour who is trying to create fear of islamization. Do ur research and you will see that majority of killing were commited by catholic croats and orthodox serbs during the war. The reason why some catholics are leaving bosnia is because of bad economy not religeous freedom. During the war catholics and orthodox christians burned over 400 mosques and tried to ethnically cleans population of bosnia. Muslims lived in bosnia over 400 years and survived over 10 genocides commited by catholics and christians, it is absurd to say that they might be hurting catholics and others.please do ur reasearch with real sources and not absurd article like this whose only goal is to spread haterade, propaganda andfear in people.

    • @undefined

      Right! so all those Serbs living in bosnia for more than 600yrs, were just interlopers?? At least when the turks conquered the the balkans the Serbs didn't sell themselves out to islam, like the "bosnians"..

      • TheWatchman

        Yeah, those Serbs and Croats were weak to sell out and convert to Christianity. Had they had any balls, they would have tenaciously clung to the Slavic Paganism they practiced before they entered the Balkans in the 6th-7th century and not "sell themselves out" to Christianity. Obviously, converting to another religion for any reason is selling out, am I right? ALL HAIL SVAROG!

  • Rohas

    Notorious lie. The West carved up christian Republic of Srpska out of Bosnia where 3 constituent people lived. Serbs cleansed 98% of Christian Croats and 95% of Muslims from their homes in the territory of so-called Republic of Srpska though Croats and Serbs were allies during most of the 1992-1995 war. Both Croats and Muslims cannot return to their homes because the Christian Orthodox Serbs are preventing it. Both Christian Croats and Muslims, even Serbs from Republic of Srpska are leaving Bosnia. However, I wonder how could author write such a shameful article without giving a fact where islamisation happened, what town, village in Bosnia, instead just general lie.

    • @undefined

      The Serbs have always been in that part of the Balkans before it was muslim, and do you know that the Serbs is bosnia made up almost more than 50% of the population.

      • TheWatchman

        Wrong. Do your homework. Serbs made up around 31% of the pre-war population. Croats made up about 17%, and Bosniaks made up 44%.

        The Bosniaks were in BiH at the same time as the Serbs or Croats. There's evidence that suggests that the Muslims were part of a Bogomil/heretical sect called the Bosnian Church prior to the Ottoman conquest. Genetically, Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats are nearly identical. And before the 20th century, religion in Bosnia was much more fluid in nature. It was not uncommon for a member of one religion to have siblings who had converted to another. In fact, a former vizier of the Ottoman Empire from Bosnia (Sokollu Mehmed Pasha) had a brother who was the Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople.

        Do yourself a favor, and don't read the claptrap you see at this site. Go read for yourself. Maybe you'll even learn a thing or two.

  • Edwin

    This article is pure rubbish. Too bad it didn't come in print so it could at least be useful as toilet paper.

    The facts remain that there was ethnic cleansing that was mostly (notice I did not say always) done by the Serbs against non-Serb populations (including Catholics). Yes, in some areas there was ethnic cleansing (real term should be murder, extermination, rape, pillaging, etc.) by Croats against Serbs and Muslims and by Muslims against Croats and Serbs. Look at Banja Luka for what a orthodox christian city looks like, it has been cleansed of its Croats and Muslims. Look at Livno to see what a catholic dominated city looks like where Serbs were wiped out completely.

    Bosnia was predominantly Muslim before the war and is predominantly Muslim afterwards. Croats are leaving the country not because they are being forced out, but rather because of a lack of economic opportunity. Croatia has granted Bosnian Croats dual citizenship, not for asylum reasons, but so that they would vote for the ruling party at the time in Croatia. Given the choice Bosnian Croats decided to leave for more prosperous Croatia rather than stay in 40% unemployed Bosnia. "It is the economy stupid" is not just a line from an American political campaign.

    • @undefined

      Bosnia was predominantly Muslim?? The Serbs made up more than 50% of the Bosnia population!!! get your facts straight.

  • LindaRivera

    US/NATO constantly go to war for their BIG favorites – Muslims.

  • Joe33

    What planet are some of the white liberals on here who bend over backwards not to upset islam ???, you sicken me with your crap, the war is coming and even then you will try your best to back them. There cult has spread to everywhere in the world, then as soon as there numbers rise they start every time to cause trouble, then when they make up 30 % or so, they stop demanding and begin to attack and kill

  • Tom

    We pray that the bosnians who turned to the dark satanic cult of Mohamed will return to the faith and love of Lord Jesus.

    • khan

      Lord Jesus also believes in Allah…..

  • Pavlos Christos

    Turks have occupied my country of northern Cyprus illegally since July 1974-where is our justice?.The only divided country in Europe,we suffered as virtual slaves to the Turkish muslims for 500 years until we were freed from their tyranny in 1922-then they returned 52 years later.You Bosnian muslims (Christian traitors) think you have a sob story?,i wished our western muslim loving governments(they dont really like muslims-they like Saudi's cash & oil) would have allowed the Serbs to wipe every one of you off the map in the 90's.NIKE

  • Teena

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  • jordan

    wow! what a christian site! i can see the love of jesus being spread all over here like fertilizer. it is our christian duty to hate all non-christians & spread hatred for them so that they can b saved, even if it means spreading lies & 1/2 truths & ignoring all the atrocities that christians have commited, to git 'er done! god bless this site & people like the reverend phelps & pat robertson, etc. & after we're thru w/the muslims, we can go after all non-whites. next we need to stop the gays. have u seen how fast they multiply?!!!! they're a threat to human survival. heck, we need to overpopulate the earth. it's not like we have hunger & homelessness in this great big world. & let's support our big polluting corporations & factories, our brothers & sisters in the spread of the gospel. who needs clean air & water anyway? thank god for this god fearing site. THANK U JESUS, THANK U LORD!

  • SamsJams

    The BIG question is WHY Muslim people continue to spread to European and Western nations. There seems to be so much ambiguity surrounding this huge 500 pound gorilla sitting in the room. Their agenda is clear (to proselytize and take over the entire planet) and it is hidden in the corner and disguised as aid to refugees and legal immigration. For whatever ignorant reason that Libs can come up with, the final result is that they have allowed millions of human viruses (freedom hating muslims) to infiltrate a Christian loving, Democratic societies that are destroying a way of life that has existed in a forward developing and mostly peaceful world for centuries. Yes we have had our tyrants rise, only to fall at the hands of those willing to overcome tyranny. Muslims (like many other bastard nations) have perfected the art of slow insertion into free communities and then inject their Sharia Law and use the Democratic court systems to work against Democratic people. It's a horrible irony that is destroying Europe and has a huge foothold in America, Canada, & even Austrailia. Has anyone noticed that the Chinese don't put up with this BS??? Hmmmm What do they know that we don't ????

  • submitter

    forcing them with democratic regime. forcing them with a false religion that said God has a son. and you expect them not to retaliate?

    history shown with tons of referral facts, it was the Muslims Europeans persecuted not the other way round.

  • sparky24w

    Bill Clinton is guilty of genocide of Christians. the united nations along with Hollywood pleaded to president bill Clinton on bombing the Christians..

  • Que?

    You conveniently forget that before this it was the Serbs who were driving out the Catholic Croats from Bosnia – and Milosevic was bragging about what a great buddy he was of Muslim Izetbegovic.

    • Jacob R.

      Yes that really is a new one to me, actually.

  • Suada

    What a stupid article. For all the article’s sneering; it was undeniable that Muslims in Bosnia were subjected to systematic atrocities that it was entirely legitimate to report and engender sympathy around. Furthermore, it would have been difficult to represent the events of 1992-1995 in anything other than terms derogatory to Serbia and RS.

    Besides the false headline refuted in the article itself, the article simply repeats the typical complaints of Herzegovinian Croatian nationalists in BiH- who it must be said have been the ones who have opposed all attempts at ethnic reintegration in Mostar and the former parts of the self-declared HR Herzeg-Bosna. Bosnian Croat nationalists cannot really complain about the hand they have been dealt. They rolled the dice in 1993 and lost, Croatia was not going to pick up the tab for either their failure, or ambition. Neither Hercegovina nor Srpska Bosna will progress until they realise that the future they chose is off the cards and they have to deal with reality. I’m certainly not under the illusion that Croats always get an easy time in Sarajevo or SDA controlled municipalities, but let’s put it this way; I’d much rather be a Croat or Serb in Sarajevo than a non-Croat in Mostar or pretty much any HDZ controlled canton.

    • Jacob R.

      “Neither Hercegovina nor Srpska Bosna will progress until they realise that the future they chose is off the cards and they have to deal with reality.”

      Translation: 50% of the population will not progress until they realize that they must bow down to the desires of the other 50% of the population, because they say so. Supremacy at its finest! Fortunately, the trend is going in the opposite direction with a 3rd, Croat-majority entity in Bosnia more likely than Bosnian Muslim centralization from Sarajevo!

      • Suada

        Heh they can certainly try – we all remember what happened remember the last time they tried that :)