David Brock: Media Matters Madman

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David Brock is a member of an exclusive club of fake conservatives like Arianna Huffington who, when the winds turned blustery and the money looked better on the other side, crossed the Iron Curtain going the other way and headed to Moscow.

There is something to be said for the right, which has attracted its defectors from the best of the left. And there is something to be said for the left, which has attracted defectors from the worst of the right. While the right has gotten men like Irving Kristol and David Horowitz, the left has gotten a mentally unstable gay man and a woman who married a gay man for the money.

Since joining up with Team Soros, Brock has not engaged in journalism so much as become the head apparatchik of a propaganda corps, the officially unofficial smear corps for the left. Media Matters’ official mission is to correct misinformation. Its actual operation is to conduct character assassinations on behalf of the left. Its operating principle is a paranoid obsession with a vast right-wing conspiracy which justifies the creation of a vast left-wing conspiracy to counter it.

As David Horowitz has pointed out in his pamphlet, “Sex Lies and Vast Conspiracies,” on his entry to the ranks of the left, Brock’s new mentor was none other than Sidney Blumenthal, the originator of the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” meme.

Media Matters operates by targeting prominent conservatives. The more prominent the public figure, the more attention Media Matters dedicates to the task of destroying him or her. To visit Media Matters is to enter a parallel universe where the world revolves around FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly. Like a black hole, Media Matters forms a completely negative space that contributes nothing to the national dialogue except a mouth breathing obsession with the conservative media it hates so much, yet cannot stay away from.

An organization is a reflection of its leader, and Media Matters is a reflection of David Brock. Its paranoia, its dishonesty and its negative energy all emanate from its founder. A recent Daily Caller expose paints a picture of an organization run by a man with delusions of grandeur who is operating under the belief that he might be assassinated at any moment. A man whose organization not only distributes the most outlandish conspiracy theories about conservatives imaginable, but whose leader actually appears to believe them.

Brock began his career as an attack dog and is ending it as an attack dog, but his attacks are not motivated by principles. Principles are positive things and the only thing that Brock has ever offered is the ability to defame and attack the principles of others. There is no light side to David Brock. Only the darkness of endless paranoia, the fear and hatred of others, which makes him a willing weapon in the arsenal of political vendettas.

It was appropriate enough, then, that Media Matters came into being as part of the apparatus of the Soros Shadow Party. As the Shadow Party obscures transparency and good government, so too Media Matters obscures the truth. That is indeed its only function. It traffics in conspiracy theories about the pernicious power of conservative media in order to justify its own abuses of power. It maintains the myth that it is the only thing standing in the way of conservative media dominance to justify the progressive dominance of the press.

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  • kafir4life

    Davie fits right in with the BO (Stinky) white house. There's been rumors for years about B-Rock snorting cocaine off of the "Tony Ds" of some fellows on the "down low" during his days at Harvard. I would suspect that the B-man also likes Dave's soft lips, and I understand that Princess Moochella likes to watch. It's a liberal thing.

    • dmzrn

      ouch–put the knife in and twist

    • SoulStraw

      Thanks for proving my point, that you ARE a lying racist bigot! What kind of a man uses this term?

      I think people that end up using racist terms are, for the most part, uneducated and ignorant…aside from the obvious, racists.
      They are usually close-minded.
      They inherited this mindset from their uneducated, unenlightened parents.
      Kind of hypocritical that that Obama’s leadership is demonize, Ok…but should people who voted for Bush twice *really* consider themselves credible judges of effective leadership?
      Obvious, they just want a racist, bigoted white president who is a hard-core Christian who spews hate about religions NOT dominated by bigots like him and start wars like a crazy….Wait, even though he wasn’t a racist, bigot; we already had a president like that
      They do not have the ability to feel empathy or sympathy…essentially sociopaths.

      And show some respect to President Barack Hussein Obama…he is the PRESIDENT OF THE U. S. and A.

      how many times have you been told that you are the personification of racism and bigotry and when will it sink in?
      Yes, you should be, you traitor. Show some respect, you racist, bigot scum!

      • retired

        Mr Straw,you are an unmitigated mad-man!
        Why don't you just be a nice boy,pick up your juju dolls,& go home!

      • Indioviejo

        Well now, all of that fake indignation in defense of a substandard racist who complains about people holding on to their guns and their Bibles, pals around for twenty years with a Rev. Wright who calls white America, the KKK, and how about his friend Louis Farrakhan, the most racist man in America? The man is absolutely flawed and so are you.

  • Steve Chavez

    If Obama is aiding in Media Matters conspiracy, isn't he then spitting on yet another clause in the Constitution: Freedom of the Press. His aiding in taking down Fox and silencing "Freedom of Speech" is yet another.

    Is he using the White House and sympathetic FBI agents to investigate and dig up dirt on high level Right-wingers including PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES AND THEIR FAMILY?

    IS BROCK also responsible for JourNolists?

    "The Freedom's in the Constitution to OVERTHROW the Constitution!" Steve Chavez

    • kafirman

      Steve, I think you needed some punctuation between "… Constitution!" and "Steve Chavez"

      Something like

      "[Obama views] the Freedom's in the Constitution [as the justification] to OVERTHROW the Constitution!"

      Regards, Steve Chavez

      would, I think, grammatically convey your intended meaning. No?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Media matters has no credibility with anyone that thinks, it is there for the brainwashed ideologues from
    our propaganda system called public education. The left rules in control and the destruction of freedom
    of thought, it is amazing to live in a Nation of growing masses of brain dead zombies. Exposing the
    falsehood of Media Matters and their crew of liars is very important……………………….William

    • Willie

      All you have to do is prove what he says is wrong, if you can. Why is he not invited to debate on Fox New? Maybe because they don't want to prove what they are saying is the truth. I think that Media Maters goes a little to far sometimes but I think he makes good points most of the time.

  • Bob

    If you want Media Matters to stop calling you out, you first must stop spreading misinformation.

    • KarshiKhanabad


      • dmzrn

        he can't

      • alan g

        Bob can’t explain. He could only lob scuds and hope that it hits something.

        • MrRoboto

          Well for all of the attacks leveled against MMFA in the past few weeks, I haven't seen a whole lot of evidence about what they've gotten wrong. People on the right are just upset because they've been successful at what they set out to do.

          • Red

            Exactly. No examples given anywhere of something MMfA got wrong. Even with all of Fox's resources they can only come up with nonsense like, "they are Soros funded."

            It's classic Karl Rove stuff. They cannot deny the message so they go after the messenger.

          • Maxie

            "They cannot deny the message so they go after the messenger."
            Of course, you're referring to what MMfA does, right?

    • kafirman

      I sleep better at night knowing that Media Matters has a smear article on yours truly.

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      You didnt read the post.
      No, sir, Brock is not right and everyone else is wrong.
      Why do I even bother…
      The left is holier than thou and never wrong.

  • howdeeho

    If anyone at FP spent some time actually debunking what Media Matters claim are falsehoods coming from FOX News and conservative radio, then maybe this attack on Media Matters would have some substance.

    • ASG

      Reality debunks Media Matters, why would FP waste it's time. Put down the bong and blotter acid and you'll see it like the rest of us.

      • MrRoboto

        Sounds like a man who has no evidence of falsehoods to show against MMFA. Your response is simply a cop out.

        I'm not saying they haven't gotten some things wrong over the years, but for all the complaining about mainstream news outlets using their material, I haven't heard a peep about what they got wrong.

        • reader

          How about they violate the law by claiming non-profit non-partisan tax exempt status? Year after year.

          • trickyblain

            Hmm. What other partisan Webiote does that? Oh yeah! FPM — the one we are reading now.

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      MMFA has a staff that is 24/7 'attack watch'.
      Conservative people work.
      Leftists collect our money in tax dollars while defaming us.
      Thanks a lot–snot.

  • kblink45

    Brock's guiding principle is revenge. He is an empty shell of hate.

  • ISAIAH5417

    David Brock & the anonymous hive-mind Left worship the evil lies of a godless Marxist utopia ruled by science, technology, terror, and death. Anarchy is their idol. Violence is their sacrifice. JournOlisters are their priests. The Left is the heart of darkness.

  • Gylippus

    Repeat after me Daniel: “2+2=5″

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      Repeat after me.
      You are a -0-

  • cali59

    Clearly, this is a guy with a broken spirit rather than soul; the consequences of such being is confusion, hate, inability to differentiate between good and evil, devoid of conscience.The end result of such an individual is 'mental derangement', a dangerous course to be on.

    • Questions

      Has it occurred to you that David Brock, rightly or wrongly, moved from Left to Right not because of the money — he was paid exceedingly well during his days as an investigative reporter with The American Spectator — but because he had Second Thoughts? News flash: People evolve in their thinking. And sometimes the journey runs from Right to Left rather than vice versa. Projecting motive is a risky enterprise.

      • johnnywoods

        Brock is what he always was which is a congenital liar and a leftist. Probably why George Schwartz/Soros ( who is as much a Nazi as any German ever was),likes him.

  • myhemen

    Liberals are bunch of paranoid and gullible idiots. Arianna enslaved everyone else while she keeps the money.

  • Paul B.

    A excellent case study in how satan deceives and misdirects, spreading the poison. This, writ large, is exactly what is happening at the societal level in the US. And the only ultimate answer still is Jesus.

    • Questions

      I thought Front Page was for conservatives who think. I guess I was wrong.

  • mrbean

    Media Matters is run by a David Brock, a homosexual activist who hates anybody in the media who does not kowtow to the homosexual agenda. Media Matters is not an independent watchdog agency. In fact, it's a propoganda organization funded by George Soros for the reelection of the clandestine Muslim Marxist, Obama.

  • SGT Ted

    Brock is a high functioning leftwing lunatic, much like Assange of wikileaks fame. Delusions of assassination conspiracies against them ("I'm SO important people want me dead!") allows them to justify their vileness and their lies, since to the left, everything is a lie, which jusifies their own lies in service to The Revolution.

  • Isherwood

    I have rarely read such a fact free screed. I have read Brock's book and found it to be a well-substantiated indictment of the right. It sounds to me like that is what the right doesn't like about the man.

    Please apply some facts and case studies instead of ad hominem phrases like "mouthbreather."

    Politics should be more than word games. I wish Horowitz would apply some of his corporate money to paying for a good shrink rather than wasting everyone's time with his tired tirades.

    • Maxie

      So why are you wasting your time at FPM?
      "The ends justify the means" remains the Left's vile operational credo; not the Right's. As long as you're here I urge you to buy and read "The Politics of Bad Faith" by Horowitz. Read it and get back to me.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Speaking of fact free screeds, there's your comment.

    • cali59

      You, my friend,lack critical thinking skills, and reason!

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      Horowitz scares you and you spread this junk b/c you are a Bolshevik.

  • Questions

    Sounds like your typical church congregation where the preacher keeps the money.

  • Flowerknife_us

    David vs. FOX-has a sort of Biblical ring to it. Too bad there is little chance that the worlds faithfull will be recounting this little tail to future grandchildren.

    • Guest


  • http://www.whycanadamustend.com Tony Kondaks

    Look again,Mr。Greenfield,at Arianna‘s Huffingtonpost,at least in Canada。

    The Canadian version just published the latest of many blogs by conservative Lord Conrad Black。No less than two blogs supporting Alberta's tar sands were published this week。Editor Danielle Crittenden is the wife of David Frum,former speech writer for Bush 43…would Arianna have appointed Crittenden and given her the quite obvious "middle ground" mandate if she were a raging Leftie? Please look again.

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      Everyday AOL Huff po goes a little more broke and I laugh :D

    • Western Canadian

      Just a little more attention to detail would be nice. Canada does not have tar sands, and do not produce tar from what are actually oil sands, which produce oil.

  • The Great Felix

    this is another ridiculous argument from the right. There isn't a single example in this article of MMfA doing anything wrong. Yet, if you look at MMfA's website, all it is is one example after another of how Fox and it's Ilk continuously lie to you sheep out there.

    MMfA provide the entire clips and transcripts of outright lies and bias. What's wrong with that? Where are the examples of MMfA's mistakes or lies or anything wrong? There are none, anywhere, including on Fox. They can only attack the messenger, because the message is solid.

    • Maxie

      How about a few examples of these "one-after-another" continuous {sic} lies? Make sure they are mis-statements of fact not just opinions that you don't like. Most Lefties don't know the difference. Quote the lie; then give the fact(s).

    • jerry

      I agree Felix. The article should have given an example of a smear job by David Brock.

      One example is the "phony soldiers" smear job where Media Matters doubled down on a smear job of Rush Limbaugh, claiming Rush called soldiers who disagreed with the Iraq War "phony soliders." It was obvious Rush was referring to actual "phony soliders" that made false claims about the war and were promoted by the Left.

  • Red

    Right!? David Brock is a tool of the left. Except that everything he says must be true, because I never hear any of you rightwingers tell about something he said that was wrong. You present an article like this bashing the man and his work and you give no examples? None? That's not right.

    • reader

      Is Media Matters non-profit and non-partisan outfit? Obviously not. So, by claiming their tax exempt status, they lie and swindle the tax payers of this country. Is this example good enough for you?

      • trickyblain

        FPM is 501(c)3 as well. Where is your outrage there?

  • maria

    Under this WH administration our wonderful country almost became 3rd world one. The socialists in WH and mainstream media supporting them brought us on the edge of alike Greece situation. BHO said that he visited 57 US states and media just ignored it. If any conservatives did it , ooh it will be subject for year. Media concocted and falsified any slightes mistake or slip of the toung any conservative but deaf and blind to bigotry and deception of cosialists/Leftists. How about obvious double standard mainstream Media? Brook is just one of them.
    Thank you D. Horovitz and thank you "Fox news" for revealing the Truth.

  • http://safelibraries.blogspot.com/ SafeLibraries

    By the way, MMfA has a massive number of people, relatively speaking, inserting MMfA articles as supposed reliable sources on hundreds of Wikipedia articles. I began removing them systematically if they were not being used in accordance with the rules, and almost all were not. I met HUGE resistance from MMfA supporters that couldn't believe Wikipedia rules apply to them and that someone would challenge their insertion of MMfA links. That ended up in my being allowed to continue to remove the MMfA references under certain reasonable circumstances, like using the talk page better to discuss the MMfA reference removals. But I simply moved on by that time and so hundreds of MMfA links remain or have been reinserted. I encourage Wikipedians here to hunt down the propagandistic insertion of MMfA against Wikipedia rules and remove them forthwith. If you want my guidance, let me know.

  • truebearing

    Greenfield's article was excellent, but he avoided bluntly stating the key moral truth about Brock: he is evil, and so is his megalomaniacal boss, George Soros. Any person or group that spends its entire waking existence plotting and scheming to deprive people of freedom by destroying the free press is nothing less than evil. That is what Brock lives for and that is the pivotal objective of Soros and the Left. If they control the media, they control the outcome of elections and prevent investigations into their sedition. Brock is an insidious, mortal enemy to this nation, and so are the rest of the cabal that uses his fanatical devotion to mindless nihilism.

  • Anamah

    Daniel dear! It's a relief to let out the purulence. The purification of journalism seems unstoppable.

    • truebearing

      Well, it seems Brock has been lanced vigorously, but never too much. Now if only we can turn the Soros teflon to tar. It is long since the time he should have been reduced to pacing a room without a view.

  • Len_Powder

    "The progressive movement’s utopian roots are escapist. And escapism is another form of a lie. Who better to represent a movement of liars than a liar?" Well said! Unable to deal with reality and with the true conditions of human existence, the Left escapes into its utopian fantasies and, ignoring human nature, religion, morality, pretends that heaven on earth can be achieved if only the conservatives and God could be abolished from our consciousness. In their black despair they find no relief or wisdom but they think the problem is not themselves but all those who refuse their vision. Those who are sick cannot cure themselves, let alone tell others how to live.

  • jerry

    Frontpagemag can do better than this post. I'm not saying it is unaccurate, but there were no facts to back it up. For example, I would love to see the actual quote and context where David Brock says he is a smear artist. A couple good examples of smears would be helpful.

    For example, Brock participated in the smear of Rush Limbaugh with the claim that Rush was calling soldiers who disagreed with the Iraq war "phony soldiers." Op-eds like this should give this and other concrete examples to remind conservatives and instruct liberals who come to this site. Without knowing the underlying facts, a reader could conclude this op-ed was just a smear job on David Brock.

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      Boo-hoo, whahhhh, smear job on Brock.
      What a baby.
      Brock is 24/7 character assassination, video EDITOR – the 'smearer' here IS Brock.

      Why no outrage of Lou Dobbs being fired and MMFA taking responsibility for his firing?
      Ya all are Commu-Nazis, you are 100% INTOLERANT of anyones opinions that does not goose-step with yours.
      You preach this 'tolerance', yet possess NONE.

  • Maxie

    There's more than one way to smear a cat as this example illustrates. No "quotes" just an intentional distortion of facts. Media Matters is a Soros-funded smear machine which exists for that purpose and that purpose only. We're dealinig with a messianic personality who has enough $$$ to destroy anything that gets in his way.

    • jerry

      Thanks for another example. I wish Greenfield would have put more of these in his article.

  • Glennd1

    Nicely done Mr. Greenfield. There is (and has always been) and always has been an unhinged part of the mainstream progressive movement which somehow or another don't get revealed in the way that the pecadilloes of those on the right do. It's just a sin that people think they are getting "facts" from media matters

  • Joseph

    Those who defend Media Matters with the same mantra, "You don't post any proof of their lies," only need to know that Media Matters does not go after MSNBC (total crap) and other heavy left wing media arms. That's proof enough. But if you want specifics, then log onto Media Busters and big journalism, or just get your head out of your______ and do some intelligent homework.

  • Joseph

    "Media Busters" as in Media Research Center. http://www.mrc.org/