Death of a Muslim Honor Killer

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In 1992, Abdul Awkal, a Lebanese Muslim, met up with his wife and her brother at the Family Conciliation Office in the sprawling Lakeside Courthouse. Awkal’s wife had filed for divorce after years of physical abuse and a sexually transmitted disease that she contracted from him. In response, Awkal had bought a gun and threatened to shoot her if she didn’t come back to him.

On the day of the shooting, Awkal, who would base his entire twenty year defense on an insanity claim, wrote a check for most of his assets to his brother, and arrived at the courthouse with the stroller, child seat and baby food that he would need once he abducted his daughter. He met up with his wife and her brother inside the courthouse and killed them. Then he tried to use his 15 month old daughter as a human shield before being shot in the back by law enforcement.

Awkal told police that he had ordered his brother-in-law to “profess that Allah was the only God.” And he had only killed him after he refused to do so.  The divorce had been preceded by mutual accusations of heresy and Awkal’s letters were full of technical disputes between his Shafi’I school and his brother-in-law’s Hanafi school. Similarly his lawsuit against the Ohio State correctional system was rooted in complaints about the prison Imam’s Hanbali allegiance.

Awkal’s marriage was a bizarre Islamic soap opera. At one point he divorced his wife by repeating “You are divorced three times”, which constitutes a divorce under Islamic law, because she kept talking during a TV show that he was trying to watch. After that she had to go out and have a quickie marriage with another man in order to be able to remarry him. According to him these rapid divorces and remarriages occurred several times over the course of their marriage.

In his defense, Awkal claimed that he had been psychologically traumatized by the Lebanon War and that he was the victim of Islamophobia, which he proved with a dose of racism and religious bigotry.

“The judge who was presiding over my trial, Honorable Stuart A. Friedman, was Jewish-American. The prosecutor assistant, who was eager to send me to death, was Lebanese-Christian. And moreover to all this, the TV medium depicts the Arab-American and the Muslim-American very badly… because they tend to kill their wives and then kidnapped their children from America to Middle-East.”

Awkal had managed to live out a sizable chunk of this stereotype. But while he did succeed in killing his wife, he only managed to kidnap his daughter as far as the courthouse basement. To some of his defenders, statements like these are proof that he is mentally ill. But if this is mental illness, then much of the Muslim world appears to have come down with it.

Eleven years ago he wrote that he wanted an end to the appeals. “I want the State of Ohio to kill me.” But the State of Ohio has yet to oblige. Instead Governor Kasich gave Awkal another extension which allowed a hearing to be held on whether he was mentally competent to be executed. And Judge Stuart Friedman, the same evil “Jewish-American” who presided over his trial and whom Awkal had accused of being racially prejudiced against him, ruled that he “lacks the capacity to form a rational understanding as to the reason the state intends to execute him.”

If Judge Friedman is waiting around for Awkal to stop believing that the State of Ohio wants to execute him because of a Jewish-Christian CIA conspiracy, he’s going to be waiting for a long time. But Awkal is fully aware of what he did. He can describe in detail how he pointed a gun at his brother-in-law, how his brother-in-law batted it away with a magazine, how he chased him into a room, shot him, and then killed his wife.

What Awkal refuses to accept is that he was sentenced to death because he killed two people and not because he is the victim of a vast conspiracy to humiliate and discredit him. But in this he is no different than the majority of the Muslim world which continues to believe that America’s War on Terror has nothing to do with September 11.

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  • realist

    Shows that muslims have learnt the loop holes in the leftist US justice system. Crime does pay in this part of the world.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Just wait until the court-martial of jihadi mass murderer Nidal Malik Hasan finally kicks off. His third or fourth court-appointed defense team will use Islam as an insanity plea! Even though what he did & why he did it, is pure cold rationality to any devout Muslim. As in,

      "Slay the infidels wherever ye may find them!"

      As for this convicted wife killer, what he did is in perfect conformity with the teaching of the Koran. In both cases the defendants are decrying the supreme injustice of Incarceration & trial of Muslims by the hated Kuffar.

      Nuke Mecca now!

      • Supreme_Galooty

        As you well know, the Fort Hood event was merely "workplace violence," and had NOTHING TO DO with Islam.

        • Abelard

          NOTHING could be more of a complete LIE!!!

          By rights, NO Moslems should be allowed in the West for ANY reason whatsoever – unless they publicly renounce Islâm and blaspheme it so as to guarantee their being killed if EVER they fall into Moslem hands, in addition to practising a profession that's 'haram' {forbidden} in Islâm. With that SOLE exception, every last Moslem man, woman and child should be arrested, disenfranchised (of ANY Western citizenship) and deported for life to "dar al-Islâm" (the Islâmic world). [Likewise, ALL Westerners should flee the Moslem world as fast as possible… Only TOTAL segregation between Islâm and the West can allow the two to live in SOME measure of peace…]

          • Tommy

            I agree.

          • Dan Fagan

            The more you know, the more you will loath Islam. Ignorance and hate are the allies of Islam, knowledge is it's greatest enemy. Read the Koran.

  • davarino

    Blah, that evil, vile, POS, soros. Shouldnt he be dead already? What a miserable waste of space. The same goes for this guy who should have been vaporized 20 years ago. What do I care about his religious proclivities.

    • jacob

      Tell it to organizations full of you-know-what like the rotten ACLU….

      Our justice system allows murderers to live at taxpayers expense, moreover if they were affiliated to
      terroistv organizations such as this cop killer MUMMA I don't what more or CHARLES MANSON and
      now this "Jewel" who has evaded execution for te last 20 years…

      I wonder what will be the outcome of the FORT HOOD Muslim murderer's suit…..
      Is he going to claim insanity as well ???

      I guess OBAMA could pardon both but never POLLARD…..
      RIGHT ???

    • Questions

      The problem with George Soros is that his net worth, according to Forbes, is now $22 billion. You can buy a lot of safety with that kind of money.

      • johnnywoods

        Yes, but when he dies he will finally receive the justice he deserves and all his money times ten won`t help him. Maybe he will croak on the same day they put this moon god worshiper to death. That it will be double "good riddance".

    • mlcblog

      Worse than a waste of space! a purveyor of evil.

  • StephenD

    He has done what he was supposed to after being dishonored by a foolish woman. Why, he showed restraint since he took her back many times before. Just look how he intended to care for his child, knowing the mother would be no more. He is a perfect example of a devout Muslim. Now then, wouldn't you like to have them living in your neighborhood too?

    As far as the Ft. hood "incident" you have to remember that officially it is classified as "Workplace Violence" and not terrorism. You bunch of Islamaphobes think that just because he was yelling AIlah Snakbar you think he was taking a religious mandated demand seriously. So what that his "holy books" (excuse me while I throw up in my throat a little) the Quran tells him to kill non-believers; that was just coincidental. This is clearly a case of him reacting to being isolated and ostracized because he is Muslim. He is a victim damn it!

    • johnnywoods

      Hey Stephen, Don`t your gums just bleed for those two saps?

    • StevenA

      You were just being sarcastic towards islam, weren't you. LOL!

    • mlcblog

      You are hilarious, though it's hard to laugh about this insanity sometimes.

  • mrbean

    Muck all the Fuzzlims! Muslims don't want to be tolerant, they don't want allies, they don't want to assimilate, they want to change the west to conform to Islam and Sharia law. They all are the enemy. It is time to kill 'em all, wrap 'em in their prayer rugs soaked in pig fat, put 'em all in piles and burn 'em all using Qu'ans for kindling scatter the ashes over the excrement ponds on a pig factory farm, and let Allah sort 'em out. OOoooh I am soooo awful!!!

    • Roger

      Anyone that wants to understand islam's treatment of the west needs to read surah 9.

    • Danny

      Y'know, one of these days you really will have to tear yourself away from sitting in front of the laptop in your parents' basement, put some clothes on, and go outside to kill some Muslims.

      Or not.

      • mrbean

        Been there and done that with NVA gooks when I was a jolly green giant roaming the rice paddies in the I Corps Area in Nam in 65 and 66 with my fireteam and a bad attitude. As for you, take a big one and sit in it.

        • KarshiKhanabad

          Thank you for your Vietnam service! I flew Hueys in 1971-72 & carried lots of you wonderful `grunts’, you were the NVA’s worst nightmare in III Corps. At least the North Vietnamese weren’t settling in America & demanding special treatment along with surrender to their ideology like today’s muzzies.

          Or maybe they were. Known as “liberals”, they are a continued scourge to this nation.

    • curmudgeon

      actually, you are way moderate. theydont deserve such good treatment. i would treat muslims exactly as they have treated every defeated people. jizra. humiliation. kidnap their sons, and propagandize them, and send them back to murder their families. kidnap their daughters and place them in the harems of the rich and powerful. enslave them, humiliate them, then finally, murder them. that is what islam holds for us. why should we not learn from them, and give them the same treatment they always give others?

  • Indioviejo

    This POS Muslim murderer has many defenders and supporters, yet an innocent man defending his life, George Zimmerman, is judged and trashed by the MSM and racist like Al. Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan, who are continuously agitating the Lynch Mobs out to get him. Some Justice in America !

  • AntiSharia

    The wheels of justice turn slowly in this country. Texas seems to be the one exception and even in the lone star state an execution can take years. Ohio should put this monster in the ground. The law is supreme here not Islam.

  • Youssef

    More than 120,000 of you have signed our petition to the U.S. Senate asking for unanimous approval of S.Res. 385. This resolution calls for the exoneration of Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, and demands his immediate and unconditional release. Remember, Pastor Youcef’s only crime is his faith in Jesus Christ.

    Read more:


  • marios

    To change all this horror we need at least and at the first Mitt Romney elected as next Pres. We should act: financialy, talking with all who knows less than we do, … BHO is Hamas proxy. I came accross some muslim web site and some comment was " thank you Obama for doing a good job for us".

    • woreti

      Why don't you post what you have seen for all to see? Unless there is a miraculous change in the Arab/Muslim countries, the majority of the followers of Islam within these countries and others will continue to suffer.

    • mlcblog

      Electing Romney will be a step in the right direction but we need to get tough.

  • Ghostwriter

    What a lowlife. This guy deserves the death penalty. It's a shame that they no longer have the electric chair. This slimeball would be a perfect candidate for it.

    • johnnywoods

      A firing squad would be cheap and efficient and would not use so much electricity:)

      • gray man

        see, even firing squads can be "green"

  • tagalog

    "…the TV medium depicts the Arab-American and the Muslim-American very badly… because they tend to kill their wives and then kidnapped their children from America to Middle-East.”

    Well Jeez, what could possibly possess the TV medium to do that?

  • Apalled historian

    "To some of his defenders, statements like these are proof that he is mentally ill. But if this is mental illness, then much of the Muslim world appears to have come down with it."


  • mrbean

    Here is what he needs. The Mr Creasy treatment. Watch the video.

  • guest

    I thought Eric Holder got him released?

  • Mark

    In addition to wasting loads of public $$ on this and similar scumbags, they probably went the extra mile and fed him halal food those past 20 years. Disgaceful how criminals can make such demands.
    One thing about conspiracy theories in the Middle East. No love lost on this guy, but it is too simplistic to say Saddam was simply just invading another country. He foolishly invaded Kuwait only because he was given a deceiving green light by the US administration, who then later used his invasion as a pretext to put him down. The US wasn't that blameless in the lead-up to the 1st Gulf War. Although unquestionably a moderately evil dictator, you can't totally blame Saddam for holding a grudge and resorting to conspiracy theories.

    • Mike Giles

      Uh no. What Saddam did was interpret an ambiguous statement by a foreign service employee, and in his crazed mind that was "the US giving permission". If the Foreign Service employee had said "nice day out today", Saddam would have interpreted that as "giving permission".

  • Schlomotion

    Daniel Greenfield has an error in his article which I will correct.

    Mr. Greenfield said: "Awkal is no crazier than Saddam Hussein, who refused to understand that America was attacking him because he had invaded another country, and not because of a conspiracy against him."

    This is the correction:

    Saddam Hussein was given permission to invade Kuwait.

    Mr. Greenfield also says: "He is no crazier than Al-Bashir, the Butcher of Sudan, who called the International Criminal Court’s indictment of him on war crimes charges a conspiracy."

    Let me correct this as well: Mr. Greenfield is writing on behalf of Israel, and Israel also has claimed that The ICC's indictment of them is a conspiracy. By Mr. Greenfield's argument, both Israel and he are also crazy.

    • Kerry


      A dictator was given permission???? You have lost it!

  • mlcblog

    …normal in his religious culture.

    Many Americans don't get this.

  • john in cheshire

    He is a fine example of the muslim mentality; ie. they are mentally unstable. God help anyone foolish enough to be associated with a muslim. For God's sake, Christians and Jews, keep away from them. It's like living with the devil's disciples.

  • curmudgeon

    ohio. please do not execute that monster. that will make him a martyr, and a saint of evil. instead, amputate his hands and feet, cut out his tongue, blind him, then deport him to somolia. that will be a far more appropriate punishment. if we did that to every islamic monster, the rest would start to get it.

  • Dan Fagan

    I know that Texas has the reputation for executing scum like this, but in reality simple murder does not carry the death sentence here. Perhaps if he had taken the child we could convict him of capital murder(kidnapping), or if he had shot at a cop (assault on a law endorsement officer), and we do have a provision for multiple murder- serial killers, (added after Henry Lee Lucas).

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