“Death to America” Protests Spread to Birthplace of Arab Spring: Gaza

Protester holds sign reading, "The prophet is dearer to me than my father and mother."

Gaza was arguably the prototype of the Arab Spring where open elections brought the local Muslim Brotherhood terrorist affiliate Hamas to power. The Palestinian elections told us what would happen with Muslim democracy and no one listened. So naturally Gaza axemen showed up to remind us that they hate America too… even if they don’t have an embassy to trash.

In Gaza City, dozens of protesters carrying swords, axes and black flags chanted “Shame on everyone who insults the prophet.” The rally was organized by supporters of a militant group aligned with the ruling Hamas movement.

About 100 members of the militant group Popular Resistance Committees chanted anti-American slogans and called for the death of the California filmmaker behind the movie.

“We call upon Arab and Islamic countries to expel American ambassadors until Obama administration apologizes to Muslims around the world,” said one protester, who would only identify himself as Abu Mussab.

Leaders of Hamas, which controls Gaza Strip, called for more protest on Friday.

Hamas is just doing what the Muslim Brotherhood is doing across the border in Egypt, trying to distract Egyptians and Gazans from the bad economic situation by directing their anger at America.