Dem Congresswoman Who Diverted Money to Husband’s Bank Now Ranking Member on Financial Services Committee

We’re talking about Maxine “Diaper Looters” Waters of course. But let’s be fair here, it’s not like there were many other options.

Sure Maxine Waters diverted TARP money to a bank that her husband had been a director of, but she’s replacing Barney Frank whose picture is in the dictionary under “ethically challenged.” And Waters has paid for the job fair and square.

Rep. Maxine Waters has given approximately $207,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in recent weeks, bringing her total contribution this cycle up to $250,000 — the latest sign that the California Democrat is gearing up to assume a leadership position on the House Financial Services Committee.

The $250,000 figure doesn’t include some $11,000 that Waters has also handed out to Democratic candidates in California

Maxine Waters is the most senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus which means the Democratic Party is obligated to give her a plum seat. And the alternatives to her on the House Committee on Financial Services aren’t all that appealing either.

We’re talking Keith Ellison and Andre Carson here. We’re talking Nydia M. Velasquez and Luis Gutierrez here. We’re talking Emmanuel Cleaver who was sued by the Bank of America for non-repayment of a 1.5 million dollar loan. We’re talking Gregory Meeks who was named one of the most corrupt members of congress for his loan shenanigans.

We’re talking Joe Baca who was named one of the 10 worst congressman by right-wing magazine Esquire, for well this, “As chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Baca steered CHC funds to the campaigns of his two sons. When Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez called him on it, he did the mature thing and called her a ‘whore.””

So Maxine Waters will be the ranking Democrats because all the other Democrats on the committee are just as bad.

  • BLJ

    Maxine Waters is a thief, liar, racist and an idiot. She is a blight on the human race.

    • Silverfinger

      In other words, a good Democrat

  • Questions

    Rep. Waters long has been one of the most corrupt lawmakers on Capitol Hill. And blackness always has been her cause. Back in the spring of 1992, she openly praised South Central Los Angeles black rioters as heroic fighters for justice.

  • Arlie

    the CBC are all corrupt progressive communist. This cannot be good.

  • Rosalyn

    Why the heck is she still in Congress. Are her constituents really that ignorant??? Come on!!

    • pagegl

      Could be.

    • HighPressure

      Not ignorant… ethically challenged…. Sort of like Massaxhusettes electing a murderer in Ted Kennedy

      • Mary Sue

        most of the people that elected Teddy were doing so out of nostalgia for anything called "Kennedy". Then they got so brainwashed that leftism pervaded Taxachussetts so they became ethically challenged so they didn't care what Kennedy did as long as he kept trying to ban guns and keep abortion legal.

        • kafir4life

          Ted Kennedy has a confirmed "kill" in the war on women.

    • BS77

      Ignorant is an understatement. The sheeple have voted and they are getting what they deserve.

    • Mary Sue

      yes, yes they are.

      Plus I bet there's a boatload of voter fraud.

  • pinnie99

    Id give her a seat in Rikers!! She has abused her authority…purgered herself (she took an oath) She should be expelled immediately. Ill pack her stinking office, and drive her to Police headquarters.

    • kafir4life

      Isn't Rikers in NY? There's gotta be someplace closer. Aren't there rules about transporting human waste across state lines.

  • Neils60

    She appears to have the correct credentials to be our next Treasury Secretary, when Mr. Geithner leaves that office.

  • pinnie99

    Where did the Con, get all that money to by the chair position?????They dont use their moneyfor anything.

  • Mary Sue

    Maxine Waters is the kind of person that if she worked with Chris Rock's girlfriend, he'd say to his girlfriend, "I tole you that b____ crazy."

  • Lee

    10 bucks she doesn’t give money to charity.

  • Brujo Blanco

    If was running a business I would hire someone that stole someone else's money. There is a big time problem in that conservatives are held to a high standard and the people on the left are held to no standard at all.