Democracy’s Demons

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When the 2006 Palestinian Arab elections resulted in a decisive victory for Hamas, the advocates of democracy as the solution for all regional ills blamed Israel’s undermining of the Palestinian Authority. In the aftermath of the Arab Spring when the Al-Nahda Islamists swept to power in Tunisia and the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists captured a majority in Egypt, some of the same people blamed the United States for enabling dictators.

The excuses were an attempt to place the blame somewhere other than the electorate which had cast their ballots for theocracies, or rather more extreme versions of the existing theocratic elements in the legal and political system. The most convenient target for blame was the scapegoat of Western foreign policy.

If only the United States and Israel had not undermined the “liberal” alternative to the hard core Islamists then the results would have been different, went the refrain. But the United States had done everything possible to back the “liberal” opposition in Egypt, despite it being fueled by a raging hatred of the United States. During the shakedown in Egypt, Western nations had all but ordered the Egyptian military to cede power to El Baradei.

The Palestinian Authority was fed by Israeli and American money and protected by their armed forces. It was the United States that encouraged the PA’s showdown with Hamas after its election losses and it was Israel that bailed out the PA’s cowardly militias when Hamas began throwing them off buildings. American weapons, training and money, not to mention funding of social services and all the other vaunted elements of soft power did not salvage the Palestinian Authority which has learned its lesson and has repeatedly ducked out of holding elections since.

The advocates of democracy have been unable to admit that Hamas, Al-Nahda, the Brotherhood and the Salafis are the people’s choice because they represent their values and ideals. The Salafist victory in Egypt cannot be put down to an effective organization, to a moderate veneer or even the ability to engage voters on economic issues. Nevertheless they surprised everyone with a popularity that was not based on any external factor or political cunning, but on their core message of hate for non-Muslims, repression for women and Islamist tyranny for Egypt.

The trouble with democracy is that it is representative. It is representative in Egypt, in Tunisia, in the West Bank, in Iraq and beyond. The rise of Islamist groups is a symptom of the mindset throughout the Muslim world. But democracy has not worked all that well throughout the rest of the world either.

After all the efforts made to keep the Sandanistas out of power, El Salvador’s supreme leftist pedophile Daniel Ortega is back in the Presidential Palace in Nicaragua. In Venezuela, Hugo Chavez is polling well ahead of his left-wing opposition rival. In Brazil, former leftist terrorist Dilma Rousseff boasts even higher approval ratings.

Twenty years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the second largest party in the Russian Duma is the Communist Party. Its actual vote totals are probably higher due to the fraudulent nature of the elections under the control of Putin’s United Russia Party. This roster is rounded out by the Liberal Democratic Party, which is run by a career lunatic who has proposed conquering Alaska, dumping nuclear waste on nearby nations and rounding up the Jews into camps.

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  • Yeshayahu Goldfeld

    Which only proves that we , the West , should leave these people decide their future by themselves. Neither should we offer any economic assistance to people who know best for themselves.Dear Western Utopians of Democracy : Theocracies , dictatorships and
    cleptocracies don't need or deserve our advice !

  • Alvaro

    The goal of foreign policy should be to further national security and trade. Allowing hostile governments to pop up everywhere is neglect. Applauding it is treason.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Actually, we can't stop the rise of hostile Islamic governments from popping up everywhere unless we eradicated all of the Muslims and somehow at the same time managed to leave behind only all of the non-Muslims.

      However, instead we could eradicate the nuclear weapons program of Iran and confiscate the Saudi owned nuclear weapons arsenal of Pakistan and at the same time destroy their nuclear weapons program, seize and occupy the Mideast oilfields, confiscate the enormous unearned oil wealth of the Saudis and the Gulf States, outlaw Islam and ban and reverse mass Muslim immigration to the West, and then finally isolate the Islamic world for a few generations until the supremacist theo-political totalitarian ideology of Islam became discredited and destroyed.

  • Maher

    In order to win the election one must be a good Muslim, the best of all, the Muslimiest among the Muslims. Be you the worst thug this planet has ever seen. Then, to balance the executive, there is no free judiciary, free press, etc… Only the clerics control the executive.

  • Maher

    The Arabo-Muslims are then lecturing us. About what? About the Arab springs for example! The Arab world is a huge cloaca, an all-seasons one!

  • Flipside

    You are wrong. I am an “advocate of democracy” AND READILY “admit that Hamas, Al-Nahda, the Brotherhood and the Salafis are the people’s choice because they represent their values and ideals.”

    You, on the other hand, are an advocate of assassination, dictatorship, and puppet governments. You belong under one.

    • Maher

      You are a democrat standing for more obscurantism and thugocracy. That's why the Arab world is a cloaca!

      • Flipside

        I’m an Independent.

        • Maher

          Well, you are whatever you wish, "advocate of democracy" AND READILY " standing for more obscurantism and thugocracy. And you know what, Flopside? You'll get'em. For sure.

          • Flipside

            I would define as thugocracy a nation in which police forces buy Brinks trucks and use them to violently oppress people who try to close their bank accounts.

  • Ano

    While people are watching their tv's, listening to Hollywood, playing with their ipods the 800lb, gorilla in the room is NOW up to an 800 ton gorilla. Agenda 21, that is the enemy of ALL Americans. If you are not informed on this subject, get on it. I've researched it in detail, read the book published and handed out to the UN members and folks it is here and now. It s throughout our government down to your local gorernment. America, if you have not educated yourself on this subject, please do. It is the doom of this country as we know it and time is running out. AGENDA 21 people is our enemy. The move to fulfill this is well under way and we see it throughout our area. Please help warn the American people.

    • aspacia

      Ah, exactly what is it?

  • mrbean

    Our Founders understood that the Rule of Law enshrined in our Constitution was the fundamental guarantee to protecting and sustaining Liberty for their, and our, posterity. Consequently, they prescribed that all elected officials shall be bound by making a Sacred Oath to "support and defend" our Constitution. However, in the current political era, the vast majority of those elected to national office have abandoned their oaths completely in deference to political expediency and constituency. For this they should be duly prosecuted, removed from office, and jailed, one and all, for breach of oath and trust.

    • Flipside

      We haven’t had a President who supported and defended the Constitution since Eisenhower.

      • RonL

        Eisenhower accepted the New Deal and undermined the Bricker Amendment. The Constitution had no meaning to him

  • ObamaYoMoma

    …but on their core message of hate for non-Muslims, repression for women and Islamist tyranny for Egypt.

    Islamist tyranny implies a radical agenda as opposed to a moderate agenda or a freedom agenda, which is ludicrous since the normal state of affairs in Islam is totalitarianism. Indeed, totalitarianism is the perfectly normal state of affairs in Islam with respect to all mainstream orthodox Muslims.

    In fact, it is the will of Allah and since in Islam Allah is God, his will is perfectly just and totally infallible, as only God and God alone is perfect. Meanwhile, Western democracy, on the other hand, is unjust and fallible by definition, since it emanates from the inferiority of man as opposed to the will of an infallible and perfect God.

    Not to mention that the first and foremost requirement in becoming a Muslim is total, complete, and unconditional submission and surrender to the will of Allah, where the freedom of conscience is forbidden and where blasphemy and apostasy are capital offenses. By the way, can anyone point to a faith-based religion that similarly forbids the freedom of conscience and likewise punishes blasphemy and apostasy under the pain of death?

    Hence, the West is insane to try to push Western liberal democracy on Muslims since it is in direct opposition to everything that Islam stands for and means. Islam is a supremacist theo-political totalitarian ideology as opposed to a faith-based religion and the only way to destroy it is to render it into abject poverty and to isolate it until eventually the ideology of Islam becomes discredited and destroyed.

    All that attempting to impose democracy on the Islamic world will ever accomplish is more and more jihad. It is a recipe for disaster and one of the reasons why Iraq and Afghanistan have inevitably turned into the two biggest strategic blunders ever in American history.

    Not only that but pursuing counterproductive fantasy based nation-building missions in Iraq and Afghanistan is analogous to rebuilding Hitler's Third Reich and lifting up Nazis after WWII, as all mainstream orthodox Muslims on earth are the eternal and perpetual enemies of all non-Muslim unbelievers in the world.

    Indeed, GWB was wrong and extremely derelict in his duties when he came out immediately after the 9/11 jihad attacks and proclaimed Islam to be a so-called “Religion of Peace™” being hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists, even before the bodies of the 3,000 dead innocent Americans murdered at the hands of violent jihadists had time to cool off yet. One of these days GWB will be recognized as one of the most incompetent presidents to ever grace the White House.

    The rise of Islamist groups is a symptom of the mindset throughout the Muslim world.

    The rise of Islamic groups as opposed to so-called “Islamist groups” is either to defend Islam from the imposition of democracy, which is completely antithetical to everything Islam stands for, or for the purpose of conducting offensive jihad against non-Muslim unbelievers to make Islam supreme, and the existence of so-called “Islamist groups” as opposed to Islamic groups is a false PC multicultural myth created by moronic Western academics, most of which are on the payroll of the oil rich Saudis, and incompetent political correct Western journalist.

    Indeed, do we divide other groups of people in the world into specific and convenient political correct categories per the dictates of PC multiculturalism such as so-called moderates, radicals, and extremists? For instance, are their moderate Chinese, radical Chinese, and extremist Chinese? Hell no!

    Only with respect to Islam do we create this whole entire new class of very specific PC multicultural terminology, and that new entire class of specific PC multicultural terminology is used not to reveal the truth, but instead to conceal and deny the truth about Islam per the dictates of PC multiculturalism, which hold that all groups, i.e., all civilizations, cultures, and societies, are equal and the same when they obviously are not all equal and the same. It is a very sick and absurd manifestation that has taken hold of the West.

  • Gamma

    There is a theory that if freedom is spread war will be no more. The problem as the author pointed out who are you freeing? We don't release everyone from our jails because on some level we recognize that freedom isn't always good. We know that our democracy has elected people who have done damage to the welfare of the United States and that many people vote for those who give them more and more entitlements that will bring economic disaster to the United States that dwarfs what we are going through now. We have a president who borrows more and more money and a Federal reserve that prints more and more of it. We are heading toward the fate of the Weimar Republic because we vote for these people or the people who appoint them.
    After World War II we occupied Japan and Germany before liberating them and made sure that the bad elements were controlled. With Islamic countries the radical preachers which unfortunately is probably 99% of them have to be locked up. Than media incitement has to be stopped. In other words totalitarianism has to be temporarily enforced until you have a population that is not full of madmen. Than you can have democracy.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Now that we know they are not our "friends" anymore-can we stop giving them our Money and Visa's?

  • tagalog

    The elections of Hamas and the Salafists illustrate one of the advantages of republicanism against democracy.

    Democracy follows the temper of the moment. Republicanism has the advantage (perhaps unavailing, but nevertheless present and potentially acting against poor choice) of putting elected representatives in the position of mediating between the people's direct will and prudence and right reason.

  • NotaBene

    It's true, some people are worthy of democracy and some are not. i was just reading about a country which, after it overthrow it's 'colonialist' rulers, wrote a constitution in which women were not allowed to vote and slavery was actually codified! That country should have been kept under a foreign-backed military dictatorship.

  • popseal

    A people will get the government it deserves. A moral and well informed nation would not likely vote immoral people into office. That's why the Ivy League schools were all Christian seminaries when they were founded. It was rightly believed that an educated and moral clergy was necessary for the strength of the American system. "Our Constitution was made for a religious and moral people and is not fit for any other" said John Adams, POTUS and head of the American Bible Society! Now Biblically illiterate and immoral, America has the government it deserves!!!!!!!

  • Ball and buck

    Democracy is really a gift. It is not so easy to maintain.A lot of countries now a days are facing democracy problem.Ball and buck