Democrats Abusing the Elderly and Mentally Challenged to Vote for Obama

Stories like these are the tip of the iceberg. I have personally witnessed Alzheimers patients being led into booths and told who to vote for some years back. This kind of thing happens very often and it’s a reminder that Voter ID isn’t enough. Not when human evil is just this… evil.

The first story comes from Slate’s creepy Dear Prudence. Unlike most of her stories, this one doesn’t seem to be made up.

Dear Prudie,

I live in Ohio, the battleground state in this year’s presidential election. I have just learned that my mother, who is the caretaker of my aging and infirm grandparents, has filled out their absentee ballots for them, having them vote for my mother’s preferred party. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s and believes it’s 1989. She is unaware of a single issue being discussed in the election. Worse, my grandmother has been a life-long voter for a party that is not the one my mother supports. Should I attempt to intervene in some way?

—Feeling the Civil War in Ohio

The second one comes from North Carolina, and is even worse, but again the tip of the iceberg.

The father of a mentally handicapped woman claims his daughter and others were “carted off” to a North Carolina polling site last week and “coaxed” into voting for President Obama by workers of the group home where she stays — a claim the owner of the home disputes and that apparently has not yet triggered an investigation by election officials.

The father, Cecil Pearson, said his daughter – who is 40 but has the “mentality … of a 7-year-old” – was “brainwashed the night before” and then taken to a Roanoke Rapids polling site on Friday to vote. He said his daughter told him what happened when he picked her up on Sunday.

“They brought her a piece of paper and they indicated which block to check,” Pearson told “She voted for Barack Obama and was coaxed into doing that.” He claimed “more than four” people were brought to the site.

It’s not the first time such allegations have been made in the state. obtained a letter sent last month from Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions to the state Board of Elections claiming an internal review found several similar incidents between 2010 and 2012 by another company. Cardinal Innovations, which covers Medicaid and other benefits in North Carolina, reported in the Oct. 18 letter that “at least seven” of their enrollees at a behavioral health center called Elite Care Services were registered to vote over that period.

“The registration forms were filled out at the residential facility by Elite staff, using the facility address. Each of the seven enrollees was registered to the Democratic party,” the letter said, adding that a vote was recorded in the May 2012 Democratic primary in Stanly County for each.

Now remember that these employees are almost certainly members of health care unions. In some cases it might be done on their own initiative as members of a minority group which is rather invested in Obama, but for the most part these are directives from above. Most workers are not going to waste time, spend money and risk their jobs if they didn’t think that they had support from their union and the entire local political establishment for doing this. This isn’t their idea, this is how the Democratic Party does business.

Immigrants who don’t speak English and may not even be able to legally vote, the elderly who barely know what is going on and require caregivers, and the mentally challenged are routinely abused in this way. Taken together they help win elections.

  • Joey

    If this is the case can't these people ring the police? Isn't there some law against voter fraud? Is this all true or made up hyperbole? I want to see court cases and investigations otherwise this is baloney.

  • john spielman

    The father should file a criminal complaint. It would be very easy to find out if his daughter voted and charges should be laid if she did and the above is true.

  • Fred's daughter

    It's worth noting that these precious people who were abused in this manner, are the same ones who are targeted for the Obamacare death panels. As for the caretakers in group homes, particularly those who are racial minorities, like myself, responsible for this abuse, sees this as a way of "sticking it to The White Man". Have these people no shame?

  • Julia

    Well my mother lives in an assisted living in South Florida. I went to drop off some items for her one evening and the democratic party was having a "meeting" there. They do absentee voting now does that not strike you as odd. She also started telling me that she had to vote for Obama because the Republicans were going to cut medicare soooo low that she would not be able to afford living there. Now where would that idea come from???? I spoke with the administrator and he claimed that the meeting had been set up by the previous administrator. I asked if the Republican club has been invited. No. I told him I thought that was highly suspicious and told him that I really would hate to think there was any pressure put on there. But the telling thing were the politican signs that had been put out whilst they were at the alf…makes me crazy.

  • Mary Sue

    I know an elderly person who lives in assisted living who thank the stars isn't in the United States because if she was they'd bamboozle them into voting Obama.

  • jmz

    what happens when the police do not show up? is it still baloney. there are cases like that. in fact most voter fraud is discovered by outside forces not the police

  • jane r

    It hadn’t occured to me until after I left voting today that there were so many very old and infirm people brought to the voting area in wheel chairs and usually by a helper who was obviously not a relative. There is a caretaking home a block away and I wondered if that was the reason and why there was such a preponderance of these very old disabled people as well as how they might be able to vote by themselves by getting in the various lines, filling out the ballot with a pen and then moving to the line to have it scanned. Very curious.

  • Jane

    My daughter works in AR caring for mentally and handicapped challenged adults supported by the state in a facility and people came in Tuesday and had them pick a picture of either candidate and took them to vote. She was surprised to see this happen. I am to.

  • Randall Crawford

    I would be very surprised if all the guilt lies with the democrates, and to be honest this is the first voter fraud I have heard about the democrates, so I guess what I am saying is "is it TRUE and is it True what I read about the republicans doing the same thing??" Who knows what party was guilty and if we are really getting the truth. Oh and by the way, which guilty political party owns this newspaper?

  • Randall Crawford

    this is a single sided article, and is plain to see where the fraud is, more propaganda from the political machine, stuff like this is known to be true because it was witnessed by a very close friend of a distant cousin of my friends girlfriends step sister, but of course can't think of her name.

  • In home care

    Again proved the priority of elder by their voting right! Each elder have voting right what could change presidential election chair but anxious to read the report as they are forced by evil for their less awareness in their voting case. Should take proper step to reduce the problem!