Democrats Now the ‘Party of Hurricanes’

Nothing says fun and good times like campaigning during a hurricane

Leading fat liberal apparatchiks, Chris Matthews and Michael Moore have both cheered Hurricane Sandy for killing a bunch of Americans and giving Obama the perfect photo op on his quest for another four years of wrecking the country. The Democratic Party is now the Party of Hurricanes.

Whenever there’s a natural disaster, be it an earthquake, a hurricane, a tornado or a volcanic eruption, Air Force One will be used to transport Democratic candidates to the scene, to stare aimlessly at the victims and the rubble, and then fly off without offering the least bit of help, but a few choice soundbites.

Michael Moore had famously wondered why Al Qaeda chose New York City instead of a state that voted for Bush. This time around he did not seem at all upset that New York had been targeted. A 100 dead people, even in blue states, are just collateral damage for the political career of a party hack.

Obama didn’t just climb back into office over massive voter fraud, but over 100 dead bodies that he and his obese governor friend used as a campaign prop in their own elections.

Considering FEMA’s failures, it is doubly obscene that Obama exploited the devastation of Hurricane Sandy while not giving a damn about the people affected by it. But that’s par for the course in the ‘Party of Hurricanes’ where, if you can use a corpse as a prop to get back into the Oval Office you do it and then you send a ‘thank you’ letter to the hurricane.

  • Mary Sue

    I know people (who aren't exactly fond of Republicans, let alone romney) who are FURIOUS with Obama because of the length of time it's taking for FEMA to act.

    Earth to Obama: A bear hug is not policy.

  • Thomas Wells

    FEMA is a farce. The Caliph-in-Chief is a clear and present danger to America.

  • proof reader

    "obese" ???? no a fat pig of a man… with no principles.

  • Chezwick

    I have no problem with Christie welcoming the President and thanking him for his help. It was the effusiveness of his praise that troubles me…so close to such an historic election. I guess Christie is not known for his circumspection.

    As for conservatives blaming the storm on Romney's loss, let's grow up. It wasn't Sandy…and it wasn't Romney's message being too conservative or not conservative enough, it was demographics, pure and simple: Minorities, women and the youth vote.

    Bozos like Aikens and Murdoch were lightning rods for galvanized opposition, particularly for women. Social issues may be utterly irrelevant as the USA descends into systemic failure and insolvency, but they still resonate loudly at the ballot box….particularly to vapid, distracted voters.

  • Mary Sue

    Seems to me like neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor extreme flooding kept the democrats of either NY or NJ from the polls?

    • Jim_C

      That's love, baby!

      • Mary Sue

        I'm just wondering how they even got there, given the massive destruction and flooding and people losing cars and things.

  • Jim_C

    Like I said before: First, Katrina made for bad p.r. for Pres. Bush. Then, hurricanes scuttled some of the speakers at the 2008 GOP convention. Then, a hurricane delayed the 2012 GOP convention.

    Undeniable conclusions:
    1. God votes Democratic
    2. Global warming is real!

  • Guest

    Obama is not the problem. The 57+ million morally bankrupt Americans who knowingly voted for a crooked, twisted, law breaker are the problem and they will be around a lot longer than BO's stench. These are Americans who want a free ride in life, angry at successful law abiding citizens, and are so stupid they are capable of believing any lie no matter how obviously ridiculous. Right now they are looting their neighbor's homes in the storm ravaged areas in NY, happy that gun control laws make their crimes safer for them. BO did not make these people the filth they are – they made him their Chief Looter. Soon the time will come when the nations debt must be paid: it can't be honestly done. So either the US will default; the dollar be massively devalued; the individual retirement accounts and Social Security accounts of those who have them will be confiscated; some of all 3. Their will be utter chaos. We were warned that the greatest risk to a free people was their own government and we did not listen, and our government has utterly bankrupted us. The other risk we were not warned of was that citizens who do not share our values, who do not value honor, integrity, or justice, were the enemies of freedom everywhere, and a cancer within our nation. I greatly fear our nation cannot survive the coming storm and feel sick that I will be unable to protect my family.

  • Free

    Thats a stretch , any president visiting a disaster will arrive in Air Force 1 .Aside from Matthews imbecilic remark , which was only a matter of time , the situation demonstrated that FEMA is necessarry and rather than a comparison to Katrina in which logistics were totally different and Bush did his best ,[ the Mayor of New Orleans actually dropped the ball ] that there is no good reaon to dismantle it .
    Where Michael Moore and Al-Queda come in , is irrelevant .

  • Free

    To Guest , the Government allowed and even emboldened Wall Street to throw the dice wth private equity,and in an utterly non-fiduciary way , is what caused the recession . Your fears are unfounded unless our legislators fail to reach an agreement on a solution for our present situation . I wouldn't be so quick to write off 57 million fellow Americans ,and judging them in such an unfair manner , for if they were as you claim , we would indeed be in chaos .

  • @Kriskxx

    I'm lost for words, can't get by that picture. Governor Christie you have a full rounded curves of a female. BTW anyone can shout and pound the table – So Long – stay in New Jersey

  • Link

    This has reminded me of the hurrican Sandy that devastating most of our lives.